Kim Soo Hyun Brings Back the Cute Cheekiness at Recent Beanpole Event

Wah, kyeopta my boy! Finally. As Kim Soo Hyun finishes up what is his best career year with awards aplenty and the most buzzed about K-drama of the year, I’m just happy that he appears to have emerged unscathed from all the heightened scrutiny. He looked waifish thin to play Do Min Joon in You From Another Star, and months later the media went berserk when he put on a few healthy pounds. Now he looks just right, IMO, and hopefully the adorable cheek and playful glint in his eye is back to stay.

I swear this look at the recent Beanpole fan signing event conjures up all my happy memories of Song Sam Dong in Dream High. Too bad his DH costar Suzy no longer reps the brand with him. I hope he picks his next project soon, and its confirmed not going to be the multiple personality K-drama Dr. Frankenstein and that’s fine with me. He just has to pick something since he can’t rest on his laurels much longer as Do Min Joon will soon become Do Min Yesterday with the way the next big thing is just waiting to come along.

I must be blind or never paid attention, but who knew Kim Soo Hyun was a lefty? And also why did he have to wear that ginormous winter jacket to the event? That thing is for Everest expeditions, not the streets of Seoul. It just brings back annoying memories of K-drama PPL on outerwear when the leads waddle around in giant coats and jackets from the brands that they are repping.


Kim Soo Hyun Brings Back the Cute Cheekiness at Recent Beanpole Event — 25 Comments

  1. Finally it seems like Ockoala is letting go little bit of her hatred towards KSH but LMH is still the devil on this blog..

    By the way I really enjoy how LMH is hated on this blog and even KSH use to get bashed in here but things are changing which is good.. kekekekek

    • If there is a devil on this blog, it’s bad acting, bad dramas/projects, and bad behavior, not actors/actresses who are critiqued for subpar performance.

      I think LMHot is gorgeous as can be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t critique his skills (which is not the same as labeling him a devil).

      Which is to say, chill and stan your bias without bashing others please~

      • Lol, to some fangirls, criticism of less than awesome acting or less than perfect good looks of their idol = hatred/hater/anti-fan.

      • Go to the search section on this blog and write his name on it then read thru the history posts of him and then you will understand what I’m talking about. Hilarious articles without intention and you won’t find another actor/actress bashed in any other blogs. I would even go as far to say no other actor have been bashed online like that ever. but I would say it comes with the territory

    • on a little note though as i’ve been following koala since the era of dream high i’ve never ever read a post in which she expressed her hatred towards KSH though in fact I think he adores him. it just that all those awards and recognition overdose doesnt seem to befitting his acting efforts that koala talked about. so I dont know where did you get the idea of koala hating on KSH. just my 2cents though.

  2. I read that he is indeed a lefty but for the filming of You From Another Star, he had to train to be right handed too so now, he can write and eat with both hands which is pretty amazing 🙂 (Do I need more reasons to love this man ? GOSH)

    I am also waiting for his next project. The problem with his popularity and his streak of hit works is the pressure. Imagine a drama/movie not doing so well, he wouldn’t be knowh as some kind of Midas with golden touch. Plus, there is his army enlistement too. Well, he still got two years (1988 right ?) so I am pretty sure that if he keeps his status, he would have nothing to worry about with two years absense except if he is causing troubles/scandals of course.
    Whatever, I wish him the best <3

    • actually he only has 1 year as he was born early in 1988, which is counted as 1987 in Korea. So to Koreans, he is 87er and not 88er

  3. Ahhh~~how I missed seeing him with suzy…they make such a cute little pairing onscreen. I mean just look at how cute they were in all those bunch of beanpole cf they did together.hope they do another project together be it cf or drama I dont care just as long as I see them together..heehee~

    • I didn’t realised she no longer reps them. That’s sad. So no more couple melodrama to look at. Next year won’t be the same without Dream High feels to look forward too.

      I guess since both takes a high fee it might have been feasible for them to keep them both.

      • Suzy no longer reps Beanpole outdoor collection, but the accessories instead (handbags). She just attended fansign yesterday.

  4. I remember wondering if he was lefty or not. Because in Will it snow in Christmas, he wrote with the right hand (he was the young hero) and in Dream High with the left hand.

  5. Wow, KSH looks great. It’s amazing that he does not look a day older than when he was in Dream High, which was 3/4? years ago. Love the short sides of his hairstyle (much nicer than the previous hairstyle at the China event)though not a fan of the slightly messy side parting. I think he looks good in modern attire, so hope his next project is set in modern & not historical times. And I guess his jacket is appropriate since this is an event for Beanpole outdoor wear?

  6. Wait…I just read that Suzy when to a Bean Pole fan signing yesterday for Bean Pole Accessories…so does that mean she longer models for their Outdoor stuff and only their Accessories? So confused…

    Don’t hurt my Dream High heart!

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