Yeon Woo Jin and Jo Yeo Jung in Talks for SBS Weekend Rom-com About Divorce Lawyers

SBS may be lopping off one hour of drama airing on the weekend slot but the remaining hour remains to be filled with successive new fare. This past weekend premiered The Family is Coming in the time slot formerly occupied by Modern Farmer. Since it’s just a short for weekend 20 episodes, SBS has already confirmed the follow up drama as Divorce Lawyer in Love. Just like the title sounds it’ll be a wacky bickering rom-com with a slice of family warmth, just the way weekend ahjummas and family viewers like it.

The network hasn’t done well in the weekend category in recent years, trailing behind both MBC and KBS, but I often prefer the SBS shorter weekend dramas that feel more like prime time quality. The cast for Divorce Lawyer is shaping up to be right up my alley – Yeon Woo Jin gets his first major network leading man gig as he’s currently in discussions for the male lead while mostly movie actress Jo Yeo Jung has been in talks since last December to be the leading lady. I’m way over Yeon Woo Jin’s last drama Marriage Not Dating and his pairing with Han Groo, bringing some fresh blood is all good with me!

The drama is scheduled to start filming at the end of January so the leads should be confirmed in the next few weeks. I hope they both take it, I adore Yeon Woo Jin and Jo Yeo Jung hasn’t been on the small screen since Haeundae Lovers in 2011. She’s warm and funny in her recent dramas contrary to her intense seductress image on the big screen. She’s also totally not adverse to major make out scenes as all my I Need Romance memories come flooding back, and neither is Yeon Woo Jin which will make for a potential great sizzling coupling.


Yeon Woo Jin and Jo Yeo Jung in Talks for SBS Weekend Rom-com About Divorce Lawyers — 5 Comments

  1. The pairing looks great! Fingers crossed hoping they will have great chemistry together. The story line sounds so so, but I’ll give it a try when it comes out just because I like him. I still can’t get over Gong Gi Tae and Joo Jang Mi! MND was an easy to watch drama, but towards the end of the drama, it kind of killed it for me because it got boring.

  2. Yay! I really like both of them, so I hope that the story delivers. Too bad weekend dramas and hot kisses rarely mix.

    LOL no but for real, I am not over Marriage Not Dating. Well, it’s not like I think about the OTP every freakin day but y’know, when I think about it, I would have prefered the drama to be longer even though it was just perfect the way it was XD.
    When am I going to have such a wonderful romcom ? For real, the storyline seemed unoriginal and boring but the writer succeeded at adding witty scenes/dialogues/plotlines. Gosh’, I miss it so much.

    And yeap’, SBS weekend dramas are really behind MBC’s and KBS’s ones. It seems that KBS’s weekend dramas are always a hit. Well, they are “certified” to have more than 15-20% at least. It is weird but I feel that way too. I am more interested in watching KBS than MBC/SBS when it comes to family weekend dramas except for Jang Bori is Here and Mama though. I guess it has to do with the concept/format which is really family/ahjumma like ? Don’t know.

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