Ha Ji Won Considering Korean-Chinese Movie with Leading Man Bolin Chen

I had one of the most “did I just read that right?” double take reactions to the latest casting news, a combination of totally unexpected mixed with serendipitous coincidence that these two particular names would be linked together. The casting world hasn’t stopped buzzing about Ha Ji Won being offered the leading lady role in the K-remake of In Time With You, an offer that she’s currently still considering, but that hasn’t stopped the other projects clamoring for her involvement to keep rolling in.

The entertainment portals are reporting today that Ha Ji Won is also considering a joint Korean-Chinese movie tentatively called Risking Life to Love (there are various Chinese titles floating around including 赌命去爱, 生命是恋爱, 宿命的恋爱). Ji Won considering a cross-border project is no surprise since everyone is heading to China, what makes this a total kicker is that the leading man for that movie is already confirmed as Bolin Chen. Ahahahahaha, the maybe K-version of Cheng Yo Qing is doing a movie with the TW-original Li Da Ren? This will be so epic if it gets confirmed!

The movie is described as a romance with elements of comedy and horror infused and will be directed by Song Min Kyu who was one of the producers on the K-movie My Way. If Ha Ji Won is confirmed, she’ll be the second Korean goddess level leading lady for Bolin as he’s heading into filming a joint Korean-Chinese rom-com movie set in Jejudo with leading lady Son Ye Jin. He’s becoming the male equivalent of Crystal Liu and one wonders who’ll rack up more shiny Korean costars as this joint production mania shows no sign of abating. On a side note, Ha Ji Won’s agency expressed that she could do both this movie and the K-version of In Time With You as this movie doesn’t go into production until the latter half of the year so there isn’t a scheduling conflict. For now the only confirmation is that Ha Ji Won is hot property with plenty of buzzy acting offers to sift through.


Ha Ji Won Considering Korean-Chinese Movie with Leading Man Bolin Chen — 20 Comments

      • A Season of Good Rain (with Jung Woo-sung and Gao Yuanyuan, and a Korean director) is quite enjoyable.

        I also love Late Autumn (Hyun Bin and Tang Wei, directed by Kim Tae-yong), but this might be a too arthouse/slow movie for some.

        I can think of more Chinese-Japanese or Japanese-Korean films though… I think for the most part you have to look at who is directing and what kind of project it is (domestic to please fans, or more internationally oriented for film festivals – you’ll find the truly good projects in the latter bunch.).

  1. oooh….this is exiting
    but what language will they use?
    mandarin? korean? english?
    I hope they can executed it well…

      • yeah, me too
        I hope the language part can do well,
        sometimes when watching k-drama/j-drama I get more feel from the language than the subtitle
        the subs is good but the feeling is different

  2. im okay..

    i read in other site that bolin and ariel lin would meet again in a movie, with vic chou.. wow.. just wow..
    and now with this news, count me in! definitely watch those movies with my fave actors play together..

  3. For an actress who looks younger than her age, this is certainly a great news.I like HJW a lot.I still want a HJW and HB reunion.I still think they were the best OTP ever but then I’ve watched the Taiwanese drama with Bolin and I have a feeling that their chemistry will be on the roof.OMG can’ t wait.

  4. Oooh, it’ll be interesting how this project would turn out. I love Bolin and although I’m not a huge fan of Ha Ji Won, I know for a fact that she’s an excellent actress so I won’t miss this for the world.

  5. I am excited if this if going to be happen. That said… is the movie going to be in Chinese or Korean? As much as I love HJW, I might not be able to watch her dubbed into Chinese.:(

    In any case, my bigger hopes are of HJW being cast in the drama. That sounds like material that she could do really well.

  6. Hahaha @ the In Time With You reference. Anyways I’m so thrilled for this! I don’t even watch Chinese movies but I’ll keep an eye for this. I love Chen Bolin and this pairing is totally awesome, imo. 😀

  7. Whoa! Does Bolin Chen have the gift of bilocation? A movie with Son Ye Jin; a movie with Ariel Lin and Vic Chou and now a movie with Ha Ji Won?

    For the record, he stole my heart as Li Da Ren!

  8. First thought: Oh my God, YES. I’m so excited two of my favorite actors working together. I only belated realize that it’s quite an unexpected pairing, of all stars! ]

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