InStyle Captures the Romantic Warmth of Lee Jong Seok with Park Shin Hye in London

Now this is more like it! After sportswear brand Millet seriously botched the first post-Pinocchio reunion photo spread between Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye, it’s up to InStyle Korea to correctly capture the chemistry and sizzle between the two pretty stars. The magazine flew my two babies to London earlier this month for a photo shoot that is billed as Pinocchio-themed, whatever that means. I guess it’s safe to extrapolate that Ha Myung and In Ha took a working trip to London that also doubled as their honeymoon? The magazine only released four pictures so far, with plenty more coming inside the April edition, but four is more than enough to dazzle me with love.


InStyle Captures the Romantic Warmth of Lee Jong Seok with Park Shin Hye in London — 38 Comments

  1. Chemistry wise i think they are the couple to beat among the 20’s actors-actresses… They look so good together 😉

  2. Since pinocchio finished, I’ve seen this couple in same places these days. In millet, MVIO- RAPIDO, this instyle photo shoot and even in KWB movie Twenty VIP premiere. They’re so hot. They keep doing works together. Best couple!

  3. Omg! My ultimate favorite couple! They both look amazing in this photoshoot! Their chemistry is extraordinary! And not to mention, they are extremely gorgeous together and individually as well! Definitely agree they are the couple to beat! Love them!

  4. Hot damn.. Shin hye.. Sexy. Freaking beautiful. They look so gorgeous together. That last one..That is the first daring one from shin hye..shows how much comfortable and at ease they are with each other.

    My girl Shin hye is seriously keeping up with her word that she said after sbs awards 2013. That from now on, she will start to show the matured side of her. Its hard to break that image,when she is their beloved child actress who has that innocent image.. Slowly and steadily she is working her way through it. Kudos for that.

    And the chemistry between these two is undeniable. One thing i have noticed is that, these two have so many collabrations even after the drama ended. Haha.

  5. Awesome bosom! The last pic made me scream right away! They look hot, gorgeous, sexy and amazingly beautiful together. Their individual pics are freaking fabulous!!!
    Definitely my ultimate couple!

  6. whoa……they really do have excellent chemistry. And that last shot makes me want to lock them together in a room somewhere, haha, they’re too sexy for words.

    (also Park Shin Hye’s fringed hairstyle really suits her. I’m glad to see her with LJS with the new hairstyle!)

  7. Wow, so happy to see ha myung and in ha get their honeymoon, hoping for cute little baby for them, dad and grand pa must be sooo proud of them

  8. I recognise the neighbourhood – that’s in East London, specifically around Regent’s canal, close to Broadway Market. (I live pretty close by. I cycle along this canal to uni/work too.)

    A bit of a pity though – it’s such a colourful area, full of murals and markets and lots of interesting cafés (independent, no chains like in central or west London). They picked dreary looking parts and drained all the colour out.

  9. They look absolutely stunning! Somehow the pictorial is giving me the idea that they’re a very sexy power couple on a heist mission!

  10. The smoky makeup makes them look like vampires in love. LOL…Are they actually dating in real life? PSH always had some chemistry issues with her onscreen male costars, but not LJS. Just look at the last pic in Koala’s post! She looks really audacious and aggressive when she’s with LJS…..

  11. Whoa! Gorgeous couple with perfect chemistry! Jong Seok and Shin Hye portrayed trust, comfort and affection in these pix. Instyle Korea’s ability to transform her from innocent girl to stunning and seductive lady. This is testimony to the fact that she is very versatile and can go with any style. Can’t take my eyes off them.

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