FNC to Produce School 2015 and Kang Min Hyuk in Talks for the Male Lead

This is good drama casting news for me but I totally get if some viewers are more apprehensive about it. There’s movement on the producing and casting front for upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Who Are You: School 2015. One of the leading lady roles has been offered to Lee Yoo Bi already and is still waiting for her confirmation, with the story being a mystery of sorts about two twin girls who have their fates switched up, whatever that means. In the meantime, it’s been revealed that entertainment agency FNC is taking a page from the SM and KeyEast playbook and will be producing this drama.

When I heard that news I was so worried FNC would stick Jung Yong Hwa in as the male lead and tank any interest I have in this drama. I have no problems with idol-actors or production companies sticking its own entertainers in a show, that stuff is part and parcel of all behind-the-scenes workings. All I ask is that the stars cast be able to act, and if not then at least have some discernible onscreen charisma. Thankfully FNC reached into its idol-actor ranks and came up with a casting I can get behind – Kang Min Hyuk of CNBLUE has been offered the role as the student male lead of School 2015.

Kang Min Hyuk‘s role is described as a high school sports star on campus, which sounds a lot more athletic than his last high school role as the smarty pants in Heirs. He’s growing up nicely and I still remember when his whole image was the cute non-threatening little boy, and those were the roles he was getting when he first dipped a toe into acting. Now he’s bulking up and much more suited to play manlier roles so I can totally see him as the school jock. I can also see him with Lee Yoo Bi so here’s to hoping both confirm their casting for this drama soon.


FNC to Produce School 2015 and Kang Min Hyuk in Talks for the Male Lead — 30 Comments

  1. ugh FNC and their package deals…I like Minhyuk but he’s not really done anything other than be cute in his small roles, unlike Lee Yoo Bi he isn’t leading man material.

    now I just hope they don’t stick one of their useless female idols as the other female lead in the drama too, or try to bump Lee Yoo Bi down to second lead.

    Already this drama doesn’t have the writer and PD of the earlier series and now an idol company wants to use the School name to promote its idols and ditch the find-the-next-generation of actors that the franchise was famous for…..

    • oops that should read ‘unlike Lee Yoobi he isn’t leading material’, obviously LYB can’t be leading MAN material lol.

      I’m prepared to be attacked by CNBlue fans for this but I stand by my opinion that Minhyuk is just not leading man material. The best idol actor FNC has is Lee Hong Ki, who I suppose would be considered too old and established for a role in School.

      • Lee Hong Ki is only one year older than KMH, but he doesn’t have a baby face like KMH and he has that deep, raspy voice that just makes him appear older than he is. Plus, like you said, he’s too famous for this.

    • I like some FNC artists but I hate the whole package deal thing. I bet that there will be a bevy of FNC people in this – that’s the way they way they always do things. I expect there will definitely be someone unqualified from AOA as second female lead in this, if not the lead.

      • Seriously, if FNC etc want acting projects for their idols, then have the decency to produce a web drama or something. Not sick them in a franchise as famous as School.

        by the time they’re done casting they should just name it FNC 2015, School’s casting has always been famous for finding new talent and launching unknowns, NOT for being promo for useless idols.

    • minhyuk is the beset.his acting is really good in all of his drama & recieved many prize for it. if you dont like him just be quiet &dont watch this film.
      not writting false comment

      • It’s an opinion based on seeing him, take your butthurt elsewhere if you can’t deal. I’m sick of idols taking up all the roles and he is not leading man material, sorry not sorry.

    • minhyuk is the best.his acting is really good in all of his drama & recieved many prize for it.his acting judgment by famouse actors & directors not by jealous people. if you dont like him just be quiet &dont watch this film instead of writting false comment

    • I think he improved a lot in TTM. But to be honest he’s bland in Heartstring although I’m a fan of CNBlue. Also it’s a bit hard for Ockoala to change her biasd opinion once the impression has previously rooted in her mind that an actor/actress is lacking in acting. She’s got a black list of those actors/actresses. Unfortunately Yong Hwa is in her black list.

  2. I don’t mind the guy, but FNC is turning the School franchise into a joke. They are simply using the name for their own benefit. They’ll cast all sorts of people from their agency I’m sure.

  3. Kang Min Hyuk would be good
    … I’m still waiting on a day where I can see Kang Min Hyuk and Yoo Seung Ho act along as siblings because I swear to me they look so much alike that they can pass as brothers along with So Ji Sub

  4. OMG! That’s exactly who I was thinking for this casting! For once my mind and Kdramaland are in sync on casting! Yeah. Fingers crossed.

  5. He’s actually surprisingly decent better then Yong Hwa by miles.
    I still hope for many young actors that haven’t been seen in many projects.

    • Nooooo waaaaay better…it’s just that JYH is so unlucky in his projects that he probably needs an exorcist to remove the drama “curse”!

    • I love kang minhyuk so so much. He is such an adorable puppy and reminds me so much of yoo seungho and additionally ive loved him in all the dramas ive seen him in so i really have no complains of him in this drama. But as lead, i dont think he has the acting chops yet.
      I do wish that FNC picks Kwak Dong Yeon, he is in FNC too and he can surely carry this role better with closed eyes. KDY needs to be the lead for real. he is one of the child actors that needs some more popular gigs..
      Next to yeo jin goo as the perfect lead for this drama, my vote goes to kwak dong yeon!!!

  6. Oh, I like him. He has gotten progressively stronger as a presence on screen.

    She was a little too cute in P&P, hopefully that was the role and not the actress!

  7. I think he’s adorable but I don’t know if he can carry a drama … I’m just imagining him in Lee Jong Seok’s role (though I know the role will be different and all) and I’m not sure if he’s a good lead actor or not.

  8. sorry for my bad english.
    I remembered many negetive comment about him when he chose for the heair.but after finishing that he is one of favourate caractor in that film.
    if you watch my hasbound got a family he was a playboy in that film & recieved rising star becouse of his diffrent role.
    minhyuk is the best. minhyuk negetive comment is just comment.no problem. fighting

  9. I’m a huge fan of CNBlue which is my first love of Kpop. I adore all the four CNBlue members music wise. All of them already have had rookie experiences in acting. Min Hyuk looked so bland and boring in Heir perhaps because the drama itself is pretty boring and bland already. Yong Hwa was charming in some way in “You’re beautiful” but his charm went nowhere in Heartstring. As for the bizarre drama “Marry Me If You Dare”, there’s nothing much to say about his role because the story line is a train wreck in my opinions. But he improved a lot in “The Three Musketeers” in my opinion. Therefore to be fair as a fan of CNBlue, I don’t see anywhere in the drama land that Min Hyuk beats Yong Hwa in terms of acting. But Yong Hwa definitely doesn’t look fit in the school role anyway. There’s no way for me to be convinced of his looks as a shcooler regardless of his acting skills. Just look at how ridiculous Lee Min Ho played a High Schooler along with other older-looking folks in Heirs that the entire drama just looked like a children make-believe.

  10. I think Kang Min Hyuk is one of the better acting idols out there. He’s not in the ranks of Im Siwan or lee Joon, but he’s been solid in all of his projects. He’s definitely the best in CN Blue for me. I hope Lee Yoo Bi sticks with it, i’m looking forward to see the dram (hope the story’s solid too). A lot of school dramas now a days…

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