Yoon Eun Hye is a French Country Sprite for Vogue Korea

Yoon Eun Hye’s latest pictorial for Vogue Koreaย is so beautiful I gasped out loud when I saw the full spread. Love this muted soft red hair color on her, paired with the latest spring fashions against a French countryside backdrop, the result is like a visual daydream. Sadly the feeling of delight hasn’t happened in a long time when it comes to her acting projects in the last few years. I wish the dichotomy wasn’t becoming so vast, there is only so much one can discuss how pretty she is (still a fact) whenย the meat of her memorable acting roles require stretching so far back to have a meaningful discussion of her performances.

She can still coast on the Coffee Prince success or the Goong breakout, but the better question is why does she want to do that if she could have any pick of acting roles yet keeps picking stinker projects. If she’s picking her own roles in recent years since she runs her own agency, my advice is to actually hire a veteran agent to guide her career towards another upswing. I don’t just want her back on the small screen, it has to be something good otherwise don’t even bother. I just can’t shake this sense of watching the best years of her acting career go by with one disappointing acting project after another when she has soooo much talent and potential.


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  1. She’s definitely beautiful! I actually really liked her in the drama I Miss You with Yuchun. I thought that drama was well written and the angst felt so good! Lol.

    • She is so incredibly photogenic and takes some of the best pictorials/photoshoots ever. I liked her in “Missing You” as well, and she and Yoochun actually matched well together.

      But, ockoala is right as well, she has had a series of stinkers, which is more glaring because they have been so close to each other. I think she suffers from being self managed, because she can’t command the combo packages that seems prevalent in K-casting lately. She also doesn’t have the bargaining chip of guaranteed ratings like she did in the past.

      I would suggest that she looks into a company like C-JeS Entertainment (top movie actors, JYJ, plus Hwang Jung Eum just switched to them as well), which follows an American style management system, rather than the usual employee style of management popular in Korean entertainment. That way she retains her autonomy, but gains more bargaining power.

      • That sounds like a great idea…Self management is not easy at all…She still has it all and it’s a pity to see so many good projects pass her by.

  2. Gorgeous as always but you’re right about her poor choice in acting roles. I would love to see her on the screen again as there is only so many times one can re-watch Coffee Prince! She has so much raw talent and is so likeable that it’s a shame she hasn’t been able to showcase it effectively through any medium.

  3. woah pretty!!!! and yea her recent projects are blah! not to mention MHIYD…. so come one girl you can do so much better!!! hoping she can turn around and score big in the future!

  4. I miss her on screen too.

    I also think that maybe choosing her own projects since having her own agency has not been very fruitful to her…Sometimes you just need the professional input of an expert.

    I hope we can see her soon in a good project.

  5. I think this is just a short setback in her acting career as she is now in her late 20’s – very seldom that it will be easy to move from cute roles to mature roles. I still believe in her. She will find her own niche somehow – there is always the “one” role that she will shine again. At least, she is not giving up.Fighting!!! YEH. Thank you, Koala.

      • If she was born in 1984, her Korean age is 32 regardless of day or month of her birth. In Korean system everyone is already 1 year old when they are born and their age changes every 1st of January. For example if a child is born on 31th of December, the very next day he/she is 2 years old in Korean count. Sorry if I’m explaining what is obvious to you, but many people seem to be confused about it.

  6. There’s one pic missing…. my favorite pic… the one with the side braid….. But this photo shoot is amazing… and she looks amazing.

    Anywayzzz, it definitely is a disadvantage self-managing her own agency… but I can’t blame everything on her for the dramas that are less than stellar… I mean, her last two dramas where chosen by her with faith on the writers who had successful dramas before… (I liked Missing You) and she did act well in the dramas…

    But I really do miss watching her in dramas!! T^T

    • Are you talking about the second proposal scene in Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie where Elizabeth was looking at Darcy as he was walking towards her in that misty morning scene? Just wondering ’cause I loved that scene from the P&P movie and now that you’ve mentioned it, YEH does have that similar EB pose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I think DramaFan meant the part where Lizzie confronted Darcy about breaking up her sister’s relationship.

      • I mean when she came with her uncle and aunt and saw him with his sister at his house then she ran away but he followed her and offered a walk but she refused saying she loves walking. Though I can see the scene you’re talking about and Kitai’s scene too

        Sorry for the off topic

    • YES! Totally stole my thoughts! Omg the first thing that came in my head was holy, she looks so much like Kiera Knightley!

      • Only P&P movie fans would know, be reminded of, and would compare a random (but similar in pose) photo to a particular scene in P&P movie, lol… ๐Ÿ˜€

        @DramaFan – Oh, now I see what you meant, the Pemberley scene where Lizzie was caught peeking at the Darcy siblings, by Darcy, haha! ๐Ÿ˜€ Didn’t think of that before, but that also works with that YEH pic you were talking about. Still, I think the second proposal scene with Lizzie looking at Darcy walking towards her is more similar to YEH’s pose or the way her head was position and looking to her left. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You know I didn’t want to be the first to say it here, so I am glad someone brought it up first. I would not say she is mediocre. That is too strong, but she is not quite really good. I would say she an OK actress.

      Please don’t hurt me Internet.

    • There are really overrated actresses in Korea that are older or younger than Yoon Eun Hye and that win achievement awards so easily. But before saying so did you watch Coffee Prince or I Miss You ?

      • Yes i actually watched them. Pkus i watched lady castle,goong and vineyard man!! Based on all those dramas i still think she is nothing special..

      • That is your opinion, I watched all her movies and dramas so far and appreciated each of them.

      • Yes its my opinion, i didn’t say otherwise!! There are a lot of people that agree with me and a lot that disagree, like you!! So to each his own!!

      • Well, only checking if before our “mediocre and overrated” statement, you have tried hard to know Yoon Eun Hye’s works, before judging! Good for you

    • @ramona – so you say, YEH is “mediocre,” but that’s your opinion, of course. It’s not a fact that she is though because other people (like myself think she is a very good actress and multi-talented…) see different things. To each his/her own. But to say say, she’s “overrated,” I disagree. She hasn’t been seen acting on screen since her last TV drama (2013) and she’s barely in movies (or hardly on the big screen…but she finally have a new one soon with After Love movie). Sure, she can be seen lately through her recent Vogue magazine pictorial spread (but then again, that’s only her first one this year, so far) and a few brands she’s endorsed through their adverts, but she’s not everywhere and in your face to annoy you every second as to make you say she’s “overrated.” In the past when she was at the peak of her successes with her Goong and Coffee Prince dramas (as I’m sure she was everywhere and all over the place, which was great for her fans and not so great with those anti-fans), I might have agreed with your saying she’s overrated…but not these days where she’s been in low profile in acting for the last two years. If anything, compared to current K-actresses who are either closer to her age or younger, some of them (not all) can’t act, yet they’re getting more projects (not their fault as they have good agencies) and everywhere (on TV, films, and CFs) than YEH (while she manages her own, she takes her time to pick her roles/dramas good or not so good) …and yet I don’t hear people commenting and saying they’re overrated, when they actually are. YEH, on the other hand, is an easy target for naysayers just because she’s actually underrated as an actress (and I know I’m not the only one who think so), humble, kind, multi-talented and gorgeous (a rarity in K-Ent), intelligent, and just a wonderful person (though I’ve never meet her in person, but she seems like it through her interviews and the people she had previously worked with). But, of course, you are free to disagree with me in saying she’s rather underrated than overrated. Even those who are not fans of her are missing her drama land these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

      P.S. Sorry for the long post… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Being overrated has nothing to do whith whether an actress is always in the spotlight or as you said in your face all the time. It has to do about her acting only and the fact that she is considered an A list actress when in my opinion she is mediocre. And i don’t compare her with anyone else since we are talking about her in this post alone, i know that there are worse actresses than her that are considered Alisters as well but since we are refering to her i won’t talk about other actresses. Also this has nothing to do about whether she iss a good human being, i don’t know her personally so can’t judge on that, but i can judge her for her acting since I’ve seen 6 of her dramas plus a movie..and she is not tgat good, I’m sorry!

    • It probably implied that being overrated also depends on excessive media coverage adding the judgements of value on complete or main works!

    • Her pronunciation keeps improving, but Yoon Eun Hye mentionned in an interview that because of pronunciation matters they will never offer her a doctor’s role. Yoon Eun Hye KEEP IMPROVING!

    • Really?!! How did you know, did all Koreans (or one “Korean” person) really say that? Do you have documents of them saying so? Hmm, you don’t speak for all Koreans to say what they think of YEH. Perhaps you think so, but please don’t include or generalized Koreans just because maybe it’s “you who don’t consider her talented, just moderate, and can’t stand the way she speaks.”

  7. Great photo spread! She looks gorgeous in each photo. Love YEH and I too miss her in dramaland. I can only watch so much of her dramas such as (my top 3 favorite of hers) Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, and Lie To Me. I hope to see her in something new soon. Also, looking forward to seeing her After Love movie. I wish her all the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Marry Him if you Dare lacked of real romance but this is a drama about choosing a better road, a better self : a story not too common or not too nonsensical in the dramaland! Lie to me was about losing oneself in a huge lie and than refind one’s love. Yoon Eun Hye kept on challenging herself through the years, so there is no disappointment at all!
    Being an actress is not about ALWAYS playing in hit productions but too keep moving forward in acting and to appreciate what you do, this is what Yoon Eun Hye does! She is also one of those rare actresses in Korea that epitomize real women’s power, prooving through her roles that any lady can succeed and find herself. I definitely wish her all the best! Just wait and see!

  9. Her pronunciation keeps improving but I remember that she said in an interview that because of pronunciation matters, they will never give her a doctor’s role. Just hoping she can do what she wants that’s all.

  10. aww looks beautiful as a fairy tale, I hope you keep your promise to appear in a drama soon, because I really miss her a lot.

  11. She does look great in the above photoshoots. However, just average from normal photos and on screen. Her acting is just passable for me. Everyone is entitle to their opinions, I just never feel she has that much potential or talents. I think she’s overrated and she can only act on certain type of roles. But then, there are many actresses who are similar too.

  12. She has never looked better in my opinion. It’s the very casual yet dreamy look, she’s rocking this! I hope we get a melo from her with the same feel because I think that’s what she does best.

    YEH is what I’d call an overrated actress with most of her fans claiming there’s no one better. But she’s decent enough though it feels she nitpicks horrible dramas as a hobby. She needs to get on a female-centric sageuk train pronto.

    • “YEH is what Iโ€™d call an overrated actress with most of her fans claiming thereโ€™s no one better”

      You must be mistaken YEH’s fans for some other K actresses fans. YEH’s fans, especially the long time fans, never claimed that she’s the best or a more better actress than the others (the more established actresses). What I always see IS that she’s the one who’s always being compared to the other actresses (in negative way) whenever those actresses fans want to praise their bias (and in return bashing YEH). And by your saying that “she’s nitpicks horrible drama as a hobby”, isn’t that another kind of bashing her ??

      For an actresses who’s always staying low lately (rarely on the news) calling her as an overrated actress is beyond me. But I think some people seems not satisfied by her being low key. Maybe they want her to quit altogether from showbiz lol

    • Fandom can be composed of some fanatics but most of fandom are composed of real supporters and there is a hierarchy in everything as in acting. So, yes there are actresses above and below Yoon Eun Hye like for any South Korean actress.
      Yoon Eun Hye is a multiple talented actress, precisely an artist who choose sometimes design others acting others management : she can not stitck to only one activity.

      • I have no problem with fanatics fans who “always” praise their bias, my problem begin when they’re also bashing other actors/actresses to “uplift” their own idol. I don’t know about the other fandom but I always told my fellow fans to not resort to such tactic since fans is the representative of the actors/actresses they’re idolized. Bad fans make bad idol’s image…

        As for YEH’s multiple talents, why I sensed that’s the reason YEH’s reluctant to join a big agency co. (although I heard there’re some offers) Maybe she’s afraid they will “restrict” her “other” activities ? Or because she’s traumatized with her previous agency ?

  13. “If sheโ€™s picking her own roles in recent years since she runs her own agency, my advice is to actually hire a veteran agent to guide her career towards another upswing”

    You’re on point with this statement Mrs Koala. I think most her fans can figure out what’s going on with her choice of her latest dramas (having low rating & weak plot) and some of them even have the same thought with you. But the problem is YEH has her own thought & her own reason for every choice she takes. It’s become a common knowledge (among her fans) that they can’t influence her to (at least) change her decision (unlike some other actors/actresses fans), so it’s better to support her decision instead.
    It’s too bad since I think she’s a good actress (has raw talent) and can be a great actress if she’s focusing more on acting (like HJW) instead of distracted by other things (although that’s not a bad thing)

    • I won’t be surprised if he did… ๐Ÿ˜‰ speaking of KJH, I’d love to see YEH reunite with him in a new drama or movie (or in real-life as couple, lol). I just loved them as a couple in LTM. If not him, I’d love to see her reunite with Gong Yoo in either a new drama or movie sometime this year. A dream casting would be to see YEH reunite with both KJH and GY in one drama or movie. That would be hotness overload with the trio of them in the same room. ๐Ÿ˜€


    LOL. You discuss so much about her acting career and some even feel sorry for her… Some are so eager to see her succeed, some pitty her… but i don’t think she care that much about her acting career so those who are cheering on her and the opposite of the cheerers should stop caring about her career too. You care, she doesn’t really …. You know what this girl care for? Not success, money (NOW that she’s already very rich) or anything…. She just want to do the things she wants to do… This girl just wants to do the things she’s passionate with and she’s passionate with a lot of things… A LOT. Acting is only one of them and i don’t think acting is her main passion, all this time Arts is her main passion. IMO

    I got tired caring so much about her career because it feels like she doesn’t care as much as I do lol. You know how stupid that is? How stupid it is to want things she doesn’t want for herself? I’m not saying she doesn’t want acting, I’m just saying she doesn’t have that hunger for success. She simply just wanna act and if it gets rewarded then good.

    One last thing, I wish that it’s not her that I like. I hate that I love her. Being a fangirl of this amazing woman is definitely not easy. One because she doesn’t care about fans like most celebrities do. Two, she is so low key!!!

    • Yoon Eun Hye is an artist but do not forget that a few months ago some fake fans came to her fancafe, from then huge disappointment and betrayal are probably why she keeps such a low profile! Do not forget also that acting is her main activity, there was this interview in High Cut where she said that after Lady Castle critics she tought of becoming mainly an artist but acting seems to be her main hobby. She is still studying movie directing. In another interview she mentionned how harsh it is for her to deceive in a certain way viewers with not so good dramas. As a multiple talented artist with so many activities she needs support, true fans can offer some kind of support. Let’s be patient and accept what she wants, growing as an actress is not easy! Her managers and fans want the best, she probably take this in account in her own decisions : trying to do what she likes and to as best as she thinks.

  15. She is definitely wasting her talent on crappy projects. And it’s sad! I still remember her when she was a member of Baby V.O.X and I could watch her mature from the point she left the group. So it’s sad to see her star stop rising. ๐Ÿ™ I hope she will pick a project soon that actually interests me.

    The photo spread is gorgeous though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Her popularity worldwide has not wane. She is still the number 1 famous korean actress no matter how her tv series faired. I am still her loyal fan. She is so beautiful by the with her vogue photo shoots. Nothing compares with her just like the song lyrics go.

  17. Mediocre and overrated reminds me of my favorite Sandra Bullock keke if those also describe YEH, well, I guess I really can’t help but love to be biased with all that is mediocre and overrated. I thank you! And oh Eun Hye Yoon is not over 40 yet if you get what I mean

  18. i dont like your lips but i like your acting . i watched your dramas goong,coffee prince,missing you,marry him if you dare. and i think you look a like with park shin hye

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