Spate of High Profile Star Couple Breakups Hit the Chinese Entertainment Industry

It’s been a bad last few weeks for the dating star couples in Chinese entertainment. These things typically come in waves, with the dating news bundled up followed later with a spate of breakups. The biggest breakup news lighting up the Chinese language entertainment portals is the purported messy end to the 8-year long relationship of Taiwanese model-actor Ethan Ruan with fellow model-actress Tiffany Hsu.

The gossip mills are running wild with rumors that Ethan cheated on Tiffany with his last movie costar Zhou Dong Yu, plus Tiffany got fed up with all of Ethan’s wandering ways from the past, so she finally pulled the plug on him and called it quits. Ethan is lashing back at the break up rumors, insisting Tiffany is still his girlfriend and nothing happened with Zhou Dong Yu, but Tiff has been noticeably quiet on speaking up for her man or quieting the breakup rumors. I’m sad these two didn’t work out but hopefully things will simmer down soon so they can go on with their careers and lives whether apart or still together.

Also hitting the skids are Chinese acting couple actress Jiang Xin and her younger boyfriend actor Ye Zhu Xin (10th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin). She confirmed the breakup a few weeks ago and stood up for her now ex-boyfriend by refuting rumors that he cheated on her, insisting that the breakup was amicable and they are still good friends. Also mired in a rough patch and dealing with break up rumors is long time Taiwanese acting couple Amber Kuo and Tony Yang.

These two are either broken up or taking a break, with Amber and Tony putting out confusing commentary on the state of their relationship, but both admitted something is wrong and they are dealing with it personally. Amber has reportedly been crying at events and can’t even pretend everything is fine, so whatever it is these two doesn’t appear to be able to go all the way either. This is sad news all around but less stressful then hearing about star marriages falling apart. At least a breakup, however bad, means less problems down the road and more opportunity to find a better fit significant other.


Spate of High Profile Star Couple Breakups Hit the Chinese Entertainment Industry — 14 Comments

  1. OMG, I’m so sad about Tiffany and Ethan! They always seemed like the couple who’d last, get married and make pretty babies. I hope it’s all just rumors and they’re still together since looked really happy together.

  2. Seriously though, what’s with the cheating become the trend there? If you like other people, have courtesy to break with your gf/bf first and then date other people. Don’t confuse the order. :/

  3. wow breaking up after 8 years of dating is no joke, they were like practically married. Thank god no children involved and they can move on in peace.

  4. Woah that’s a lot of possible breakups to take in. We will never know the truth behind closed doors but i wish them all well if they reallyhave broken up. 8 yrs is a long time but if it’s not working out, it’s best to cut your losses now. I.e. like bosco and myolie

    • ok ethan ruan lol sorry for misspell. i really like him in fated to love you, but yet it’s hard to remember his name lol xD

  5. Gosh I am sooooo surprised with Jiang Xin news ! I mean last time I read they sounded so in love ! Qu’est ce qui n’a pas marché ? 😮

  6. Dating for 8 years already? No surprise! It’s either end up marriage or breakup. I can’t imagine what romantic passion there would be in a relationship at the end of 8 years.

  7. OMG If Ethan really cheated on Tiffany with Zhou Dong Yu I sincerely wonder what his requirements are. She is perfect stayed with him through out his military service and what not. I mean it’s sad they were like the perfect couple to me. But I guess there is more to life than meets the eye

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