Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye Banter Adorably in KBS Entertainment Interview

Yoo Seung Ho‘s first sit down interview since he was discharged from the military three months ago is tailor made for a super fangirl like me. KBS Entertainment caught up with him during a photoshoot with Park Shin Hye (I’ll be on that pictorial like cat on cream when it’s released) and the two cuties set down for a giggled filled chat. It’s been exactly two years since the two last worked together on an extended music video for So Ji Sub‘s last mini-album, and Park Shin Hye has the distinction of being the last K-actress Yoo Seung Ho worked with right before he went off to the army.

It’s only fitting that Seung Ho and Shin Hye are paired back together so quickly after his discharge, they have mmmmnnnn levels of chemistry and look insanely good together. This interview is ridiculously adorable from beginning to end, with the biggest talking point being Yoo Seung Ho sending ladies everywhere scrambling to find a black dress, a book, a cross bag, and a dog in order to dress up like the very specific ideal girl he described. Either my boy has a girlfriend who looks exactly like that, or….can’t really come up with a second reason for the detailed description LOL. Check out the interview below and my quickie recap.

Yoo Seung Ho admits he’s settled back into civilian life but feels bad he’s left so many of his army buddies behind who are still serving. He was apparently reknowned for being a demon drill sargeant who got the soldiers up even before gathering time. He admits that the K-pop girl groups were beloved by all the soldiers and helped the men unwind after a long day. When asked who his ideal girl is like, Shin Hye teases that she thinks Seung Ho’s ideal is IU while Seung Ho sasses back that his ideal is Shin Hye, to which she screeches at him to stop messing with her LOL.

He then launches into his incredibly specific image of his ideal girl wearing a dark dress, holding a book, walking a dog, and having a bag slung across her chest. Yoo Seung Ho admits he could imagine an alternate reality where being a soldier is his job, but for this real life career he’s back hard at work and wants to do his best to continue to entertain audiences. Both now grown up former child actors are asked about the next generation of talented child actors, with Shin Hye bringing up Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun while Seung Ho names Yeo Jin Gu as someone he sees walking in his own footsteps.

KBS Entertainment Interview with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye:


Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye Banter Adorably in KBS Entertainment Interview — 32 Comments

  1. They are cute together especially shinhye patting his head at the end of the interview… I hope they can have a drama together next year or in a few years

  2. He definitely has a girlfriend but I find Shin Hye mentioning IU to be amusing because I do believe that’s his former ideal type

    They named the up and comers we all expected.

  3. He is so beautiful it hurts.
    I cannot wait until his next project. I am sure he will pick something good.
    But, man, wouldn’t it be newsa if PSH were his girl? It didn’t feel like that thought, bc they seemed very at ease with each other.

    They are both survivors after all their years in such a cut-throat industry.

  4. Either he has a girlfriend or he has a crush on someone! My guess is that it’s a non-celebrity. At the Korean fanmeeting he said he would announce it to the fans if he was dating so…

    • If he’s not dating, it’s probably a woman he saw recently that he was very attracted to and was wearing that exact outfit at the time.

      It’s why it’s kind of smart to look good everytime you go out, especially if you are looking for a man. I should be doing that but I’m too lazy half the time haha.

    • or is it because she is talented pretty and have a great popularity on at the young age that bounce to work with all the popular guys in her generation?

      • Nope she definitely saved an entire nation in her previous life! It’s a scientific fact!

      • @Deb sure because she is a girl that’s why she is lucky to work with all the hot guys right? -_-;;

      • @lol Aww, you betray your fun username at the moment. They are all lucky to be where they are, better?

      • @Deb I just got annoyed at one point when whoever guy she work with people keep saying her lucky even the guy isn’t as popular, act as well etc as her… Just because we are girls and they are guys we call her lucky. The feminist in me doesn’t like that

  5. Aww. YSH and PSH are both my favorite childhood star actors, with the latter being my ultimate girl bias. They have a great noona-dongsang relationship and it reflects in the interview video we have here. Both are loved by S.Korea and I wish to see them in a drama or a movie one day. Probably not now, but definitely one day with a good plot, good writer, and good director/producer to help the production flow in success!

    For now, I can’t wait for the Lotte Duty Department CF that’s going to be released on April 2!!! =D

  6. YSH baby… that is a very specific description. LOL Actually, that’s probably a good idea haha. Although I bet people would take it very seriously and actually dress like that right?

    I hope he comes back to the small screen soon. I do watch movies but I also like to be invested in characters for a longer period of time than movies allow. Best of luck on his new movie!

    PSH and him are really adorable.

  7. Now why was I smiling throughout their interview even though I did not understand a single word???
    They are really such likeable people! Interview ended too soon…..:(

  8. Awww….their camaraderie is really evident. YSH got out of the army a fine young man and their banter made me wish for more collaboration between the two.

  9. Awww.. These two are so adorable beyond words. Its like two puppies talking. Shin hye is seriously still a kid. Haha.. In this video, i really felt Seung ho was trying to show himself as a man but shin hye really treated him like a kid. haha. Wae shin hye? The guy has even picked you as his ideal type twice already. lol. At the end, when seung ho suddenly being shy and shin hye patting his head like a noona was too cute. My goodness..

  10. hahaha he TOTALLy has someone he likes! Even if he’s not dating and he just saw the girl in passing or whatever, I predict black dresses + cross-body bag + dog are going to become a trend in Seoul very soon!

  11. And here I thought they’ve already worked together in a drama/movie before. I hope they get to star in a project together. I’d totally watch it (although I feel weird whenever I see PSH act sometimes.)

  12. They are look so adorable and cute together. Make a couple tandem in drama pleaseee . Thanks to so ji sub to let them in his MV. God that’s beautiful

  13. Aigoo these two too cute like puppies. Beautiful and adorable! Looks like YSH has crush on PSH since before his military service

  14. Yes, I’ll be delighted to see YSH & PSH in any project. They look so charming! Counting down to seeing them in Lotte Duty Free cf soon.

  15. It would be a smart move by KES if she secured PSH with YSH (check out so ji sub mv) or PSH with Kim Woo Bin (especially the pool scene in Heirs)as guests roles for 2-3 episodes in her upcoming drama “Descendants the Sun”. I am pretty sure the ratings will shoot up even higher with their presence. Just in case YSH could not make it because of his coming drama as lead role then there is Woo Bin. .. They have screen chemistry…including Ha Ji Won are really good actress/actors and can really convey any type of emotions just by their facial expression without saying a single word (to make you laugh or cry or both), just be sure to give them a solid scrip and they will deliver a solid performance!!!

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