Marie Claire Korea Doubles Up Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang for Hawaii Pictorial

Real life good friends Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang have basically the exact same career trajectory. Both are models turned actors and currently reside comfortably in second lead territory in dramas and supporting roles in movies. That’s not a bad place to be, but if they aspire to reach higher then both need to look no further than to catch up to Kim Woo Bin, who owns the pinnacle of model-turned-actor success stories, and probably is the tallest and oddest looking one out of the lot.

I’ve watched enough Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang roles to find both talented enough to merit continued acting roles, but neither has the “It” factor that made me gaga over Kim Woo Bin. With that said, all talented actors and actresses are forever one breakout role away from vaulting to the next level so who’s to say 2015 or beyond won’t be their year. Marie Claire Korea kindly sent the buddies off to Hawaii for a vacation/photo shoot that doubles the eye candy and makes good use of the pretty locale. I think I hear Hawaii calling me this summer, heh.

What makes any model truly earn their modeling stripes is wearing even the weirdest fashion threads and making it look effortlessly cool in a “whatever” sort of way. Like these two guys pull off with ease and aplomb.


Marie Claire Korea Doubles Up Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang for Hawaii Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. This makes me remember the friend adventure episode of Style Log (Hong Jonghyun and Soo Hyuk’s fashion show) where Sung Joon, Woo Bin, and Young Kwang appeared

  2. Haven’t seen Kim Young Kwang in a drama, but Lee Soo Hyuk’s acting is not that bad. I’ve seen him in Shark as a side character, and in King of High School as the second leading man.

  3. Kim Woo Bin owns the pinnacle of model turned actor success stories? What about Lee Jong Suk? He’s a model turned actor too, his movie career may not be as red hot as Kim Kim Woo Bin’s right now, but he has successfully headlined a few dramas in a lead role and has more longetivity than Woo Bin as he started acting earlier.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love them both and think they are both talented and awesome actors, but I think claiming that Woo Bin is at the pinnacle is debatable, and until he has successfully been able to thrive as a lead in a drama, I’ll still question his skills. Because it takes a certain level of talent to shine in a live shoot system where the script can change at the last minute, conditions for shooting is grueling and any number of things could go wrong without enough time to fix it.

    • I know LJS and KWB are selected as the top model turned actors of this generation. They are really lucky to compare with LSH,KYK,SJ,and HJH who are still as the second leads. I don’t say who is better than whom. I know KWB movies were hit but they are not that success. Because foreign countries know kdramas more than kmovies. People know him as a baddy guy and second lead of LMH in the heirs. If he will keep doing movies, people will forget him. KWB needs to do a drama. We don’t know his acting. In Con artists, his acting is improved but not that good. But I am sure LJS will end up as a good actor and one of most popular hallyu star.

      • LJS IS a good actor and one of he most popular.
        I dont know about these two guys, they are hot no doubt but I cant see them as leading men material.

    • Well. Kim Woo Bin is in their circle friend (with Sung Joon and Hong JongHyun) when Lee Jong Suk is only friend with Kim Woo Bin I think. So if they want to reach success isn’t it better to ask their friend first?

    • Ugh, i have a question. Why on the earth every time when someone talks about KWB’s popularity or success LJS fans just need to be here to say how everyone wrong and LJS more successful and popular (’cause he is doing dramas *sarcasm*). wth? 1. Are this comments really necessary? Like really-really necessary? LSH and KYK best friends with KWB (not LJS) if koala wanted to compare them to anyone, more logical choose definitely is KWB not LJS. And not only ’cause (like you that or not) KWB is really a successful story of turning from model to actor, but also all of them started in the same drama called White Christmas. 2. KWB also best friend with LJS and to compare them as a rivals or trying to put down other… doesn’t seem right to me. You don’t need to like both of them, but I as well see no reason to be competitive (as a fans). It’s immature and childish (also, when people say that LJS better actor, ’cause he acted in more dramas as a lead… uhh. He was actually a little bit stiff in IHYV and DC. He was better in Pin. But, he still need to learn more as well as KWB. Both of them far from being great actors. And both of them still learning how to be a leads.). 3. About KWB not doing dramas. i understand when people insist him to do them ’cause they miss him, but other thing when the want him to do them only ’cause he needs to prove someone something and/or only to gain more success as a “hallyu star”. I’m sorry, but what? Why KWB should to do a dramas just to gain more popularity, but not act in a projects that actually interests him? If his not feeling dramas right now, it’s his own choose as an actor. He wants to learn more, he has enough offers, so he can do whatever he wanna. International fans should stop to be so self-centered. Again, like you that or not, he has enough (international and domestic) fans who support his decisions. And acting projects it’s not something he should do only to gain more fans. 4. Article about LSH and KYK, so let’s warp up all this talks about KWB and LJS. 5. omg, Soo Hyuk looks so delicious *_____*

  4. Dear lawd, the hotness. They are so prettty and actually pretty good actors. I have no doubt they will get there soon enough.

    • I agree ! In Valid Love, he was really great ! He was manly and the role of a carpenter was good for him. (and he’s so handsome and I love his voice :p )

  5. OOoh! What I like about this shoot is I see people wearing clothes, not mannequins wearing fashion.
    They are interesting. I want to know the story behind the snapshots.

  6. Valid Love♡♡♡

    Soo hyuk’s next role is going to be crucial…hope it is awesome.

    Btw, where do english speaking LSH fans hangout online?

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