Drama Poster and Preview Plays Up the Broad Comedy to Expect From She Was Pretty

MBC dropped a one-two punch today, releasing the first official poster for upcoming Wed-Thurs drama She Was Pretty, followed by the first preview with scenes from the drama rather than concept teasers. I find myself continuing to look forward to this rom-com, but seeing the broad physical comedy in the scene preview has me adjusting my expectations accordingly. I don’t want to complain that this drama is unrealistic and silly, when it seems to be marketing itself as exactly that.

The poster features leads Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum in an office setting, with her real face is obscured by a cleaned up pretty magazine cover of herself which he seems to be foisting on her. I’m already setting aside the gut punch reaction that he’s trying to force a prettifying makeover on her, based on the teaser it looks like she really affected him positively as kids and I can imagine how he’s going to have a hard time interacting with her and adults now that the situation has changed on their respective pretty scale. Overall SWP looks goofy and harmless which works for me.


Drama preview for She Was Pretty:


Drama Poster and Preview Plays Up the Broad Comedy to Expect From She Was Pretty — 15 Comments

  1. I’m not surprised by Hwang Jung Eum’s appearance in here trailer, at least they’re not making her wear a fat suit or anything. Hopefully she wont’ be too crazy, as I think I’m starting to see a bit of Oh Ri Jin from Kill Me Heal Me. Didn’t laugh as much, but totally LOL’d at the part with the truck flashing lights.

  2. yeah it seems to be sily but i love the leads so i don’t care lol. hope it will be fun. HJE doesn’t look so bad maybe the hair is too messy and she has pimples.

    btw i started to watch witch romance because of PSJ and it’s nice but i can’t bear the look of the female lead. she looks so plastic and old , more like his aunt than a love interest. too bad cuase the drama is light and cute. maybe i’ll finish it anyway..

  3. Now see, to me it looks like she’s trying to hide her own face with the magazine, since both her hands are holding it tightly in front of her. And it looks like he’s trying to take it away. But hey, that’s just me.

  4. Aww it looks cute and silly! And right now i could do with some silliness in my life. Im mainly watching for choi si won and he doesnt disappoint in the teaser although the hwang jung eum-park seo joon couple look good too but they are gonna have to work hard to male me forget oh ri jin-oh ri on heheh

  5. Sigh. Was never a fan of physical comedy and slapstick(hate the latter). But I’ll give this a try(for the cast) hoping that they don’t mean ugly literally. As in “She was pretty” and now she’s average.

  6. After so many action-sageuk-melodrama-crime-medical and other dark and heavy dramas I’m craving just a liiiittle fun, a bit of slapstick (in a Greatest Love way of comedy) and some laughters…well, more than some would be highly appreciated, tbh. I really, really need to laugh. What happened to major 3 channels over there? tvN is the only one promoting some fun right now (at least they did give us My Ghostess and some hilariously adorable scenes, right?). A drama with KMHM vibes? Bring it on, MBC! Upsurd story? Can’t wait? All I need is a cast with good comical timing and I’m already in! Please be funny, I beg of you!

    • i love slap stick comedy, i watch a lot of j-dramas and they have it, maybe im used to it or they just do it really well, greatest love did awesome slapstick. agree,i need a break and need some fun. so i also hope this drama is good and surprises everyone *fingers crossed*, so far i really liked what i saw, from whitney housten song, to plastic bag flying in her face, and the chemistry is there as well. prays its a good drama

  7. not digging her messy hair. still going to watch this drama cuz all the drama that airing now suck. only drama even to bother to watch is scholar of the night.

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