KBS Finalizes Cheerleading School Drama with Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Geun, and Ji Soo

KBS is getting the cast together fast for upcoming Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go (formerly called Cheer Up), which makes sense since the drama is scheduled to air at the end of September following Eccentric Daughter-in-law (The Virtual Bride). With Kim Yoo Jung passing on the title role, Jung Eun Ji has stepped in as a perfect choice to play the perky upbeat high school cheerleader.

Now the remaining cast has joined Jung Eun Ji as students at the fictional high school – Hyde, Jekyll, Me‘s circus cutie Lee Won Geun gets his first male lead role, rebellious broody Ji Soo of Angry Mom is returning to drama land as the second male lead, and completing the quartet is Chae Soo Bin most recently of Spy. Writing will be the scriptwriter of Fugitive of Joseon (Mandate of Heaven) while directing is the PD of Trot Lover (Lovers of Music).

I super duper love this fresh-faced cast, though I would personally switch up the two male actors so that Ji Soo is the male lead and Lee Won Geun the second male lead. But then again, I want Ji Soo to get whichever of the two male characters is better written and more interesting, and if that turns out to be the second male lead then it’s fine by me. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I also like that the drama is set in high school so that it’s probably going to be a niche hit as much and that’s fine by me. Low expectations will likely yield a greater surprise satisfaction if Sassy Go Go turns out a super fun ride.


KBS Finalizes Cheerleading School Drama with Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Geun, and Ji Soo — 18 Comments

  1. I’m all for new fresh faces, well not really new, but still, to me. Either way i watched a few clips and i’m even more excited. Hopefully it’ll be a fun drama. but i think i’m going to watch anyway, because of Eunji keke On side note, the height difference between Eunji and LWG though xD

    • Haha, that was the first thing that came to my mind too. He’s around 185, and Eunji around 163. I got reminded of Eunji looking like a dwarf between two male leads in Trot Lovers XD

  2. Ah geeze! I told myself I would restart watching dramas when Ji Soo came back…but I don’t know if I can do this. Maybe it’ll be AWESOME and I will be able to relate…to cheerleaders, right?

  3. I didn’t really love Lee Won Geun in Hyde, Jekyll, Me but I really loved him in Passionate Love, he was cute and sexy at the same time and the story with young actors was better than the one with the adults (the end really sucks).

    But Ji Soo was really good in Angry Mom and I was disappointed that his character didn’t have a love story with the daugther 🙁

  4. Yay for fresh cast! I agree with you on JiSoo. I want him to do whichever role is more interesting. Lee Won Geun is still very bleh, but I think Eun Ji can pull off chemistry with most of her co-stars. Honestly, I don’t really think this drama will be that great, but I usually enjoy high school dramas so count me in!

  5. The casting is ok, but can we change the title back to ‘Cheer Up’? It was more generic, but made more sense than ‘Sassy Go Go’. Unless Go Go is a character in the drama???

  6. hmm debating if to watch it or not..i super like eunji but don’t know if enough to watch it. don’t know the oether cast except the cutie from hyde but he was so minor there. i guess i’ll wait for the reviews.

  7. I’m happy Ji Soo is back!! After School 2015, I’m also fine with him getting 2nd male lead if the character is interesting (besides we can always have a second OTP?.. probably not)

  8. I’m okay with Ji Soo getting the second male lead because I’m pretty sure he’s gonna steal this show.

    Can’t wait to watch him again!

  9. Eunji and Jisoo are going to steal the show….They are so refreshing!! Hey, maybe this drama will go beyond the korean drama cliche and Jisoo will get the main girl xD crossing my fingers. I’ve been obsessed with Jisoo since Angry Mom, and i’m so glad he’s returning to dramaland!!

  10. As much as jisoo was a breakout star in angry mom, deserveably so. I am so happy Lee WonGeun is lead. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM jn Wild chives and soy bean soup. I think he can play that perfect student role as he did in WC&SBS. That drama wqs inter3sting until acting and writing went messy when the adult version came, and i say this with so much love yet disappoitment to NGM who had bad transition of the adult counterparts.

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