EXO’s Chanyeol Cast as the Male Lead in Drama Adaptation of Manhwa So I Married an Anti-fan

I wrote a few months back about the manhwa So I Married an Anti-fan getting a K-drama adaptation. The whole idea just sounds like an updated version of Full House, what with the commoner and the top star in reluctant fake marriage/cohabitation, except upping the stakes with the common girl being an anti-fan of the male lead rather than just uninterested in his star appeal. Full House itself got an updated version already with Full House 2, which most people either never heard of or have excised from memory.

I was looking forward to this drama until now, when the interest is tempered both by the first casting and by news of the production. EXO‘s Chanyeol (Park Chan Yeol) has been cast as the top star male lead, and the drama is a co-production between China and Korea so the female lead will be a popular C-drama actress yet to be announced. Where have I heard this set up before? Oh, like every other week these days. Chanyeol has a cute smile and can sing/dance based on the snippets I’ve seen of EXO music videos, so can his fans let me know if he has any acting aptitude?

Chinese fans are clamoring for C-actress Di Li Re Ba (Dilraba Dilmurat) as his female lead, a choice that is actually quite on point with the times as currently super popular Di Li Re Ba was the breakout star of this past summer’s insanely stupid but addicting C-drama Diamond Lover. She stole the thunder from leads Rain, Tang Yan, and Luo Jin, and stole the hearts of the entire viewing audience. I can’t tell you how much she crowded weibo and other SNS timelines with her adorable acting, which netted her the nickname of “Chinese Chun Song Yi” as in Jeon Ji Hyun‘s character in My Love From Another Star. I wouldn’t mind if it’s her at all, and with Zheng Shuang busy filming the drama with Yang Yang at least it wouldn’t be her. I need some new leading lady faces in C-dramas, please.


EXO’s Chanyeol Cast as the Male Lead in Drama Adaptation of Manhwa So I Married an Anti-fan — 25 Comments

  1. He’s a bright kid, very self-confident, it’s obvious SM tries to boost him. But after what i’ve seen, no, he can’t act, I could barely get through that stupid Exo drama. He should have started by supporting roles(if he insists on having an acting career) and let the lead to other more promising newbie actor/idol who can act.

  2. Hello.
    I think this is going to be a movie instead of a drama series.
    I have been reading about it as a movie.
    Can you please confirm this to us? Thank you.

  3. I love Dilraba! She’s so cute and talented! I’m a fan of Chanyeol, but his acting just isn’t to par. I don’t think he is able to headline and hold a drama yet, but we’ll just have to wait and see if his acting skills will improve, and hopefully they do. Otherwise, it will just be too cringey to watch.

  4. Ti am not a big fan of exo but from what i have seen in the web drama exo next door.. He can’t act and no charm at all. It would have been better if they cast d.o.

    • yeah, the girl in that was carrying all their scenes together. He’s ok in scenes that require him to glare or scoff, but really stiff in any other kind of scene.

      It would actually be hilarious if she was cast as the female lead here.

  5. He is nominated to an award together with Sungjae (who I hope wins because he did an amazing work in School 2015). Best New Actor Drama Category somewhere I can’t remember right now. EXO is one of my favorite K-Pop groups, and I admit Chanyeol is musically talented and I wish he could show this talent to the world. Honestly, he is not a good actor, and several people who watched Next Door will agree with it. He has a lot of time to improve his acting skills, so why put him in a drama so soon? I simply can’t understand. Kyungsoo is awesome but I guess his career will be more based in playing complex characters than romantic ones. Anyway, I wish Chanyeol could have more time to improve before having a lead role in a drama.

  6. If drama fans meh INFINITE L’s acting, then this Exo guy is even more laughable. It’s obvious his powerful label company SM’s doing to get him the lead role. I just watched an old drama “On Air” that’s unexpectedly well scripted, executed, and addicting. I believe the asshole bully agent SW in OA was a hint referring to SM. LOL….Never been a fan of EXO. This group lip synced a lot and is overrated. Not to mention if I’ll be interested in any drama of EXO idols.

  7. i like EXO. Chanyeol is good in rapping and even writing their songs but his acting is not something to look forward to. in EXO, i’d say only DO and Xiumin has potential.

  8. His acting skills is acceptable
    He has his way of expressing the emotions of the scenes. I got so excited when I heard the news that Chanyeol will be the lead male actor. He can improve his acting ability. besides, he is a very talented man. #ChanyeolFanHere

    • Just saying. He’s learning. We all have the chance to improve ourselveS. And maybe, this is the chance for him. Let’s just wait for the drama, then we can judge him… hmmmmmm. Sorry, just a fan.

  9. I really believe that chany can do what ever he wants…he is so talented… I know he is not really good enough.. But guysss… He has no experience … He will always do his best ❤️

  10. Well M eagerly waiting for it… Nobody is perfect.. Chanyoel is a all rounded boy and He is good actor… Chanyoel fighting…!!! You can do it… In order to see ur talent in acting u need to experience it… Go go go!!!

  11. While I admit it is true he is kinda stiff while acting it’s also true that he can still improve. I think that his cute face expressions and charming smiles make up for that on some part. Still he has many good loyal fans,talent,and time for improvement.

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