SBS Prepping Heartwarming Drama Goodbye My Beloved One About a Soul Getting a Second Chance at Life


There has been so much drama news coming out of SBS lately, of equal good and measure variety, so what’s one more added to the mix, right? The network is currently prepping a heartwarming fantasy drama for early 2016 based on the well received Japanese novel Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan (translated as Director Tsubakiyama’s 7 Days Time) by writer Asada Jiro. The novel was adapted into a J-movie in 2006 but this time will form the inspiration basis for the SBS drama Goodbye My Beloved One.

The original novel was about a dedicated and workaholic department store longtime employee who dies suddenly on the job. He can’t let go of the things he left hanging so the death authorities give him three days back on earth to wrap up his unfinished business. He goes from being a middle aged man into the body of a beautiful twenty something woman in order to finish his tasks, and along the way meet up with other just died folks who are in the same predicament. The story is warm and comedic with the fantasy set up, and is about healing and love.

Directing will be veteran SBS PD Shin Yoon Sub who directed Ugly Alert and Rooftop Prince, both dramas I like well enough. I’m sure many will note similarities to 49 Days in the concept, but the novel was published in Japan in 2002 after being released in chapter installments the year prior, whereas 49 Days came out in 2011 so more likely writer So Hyun Kyung got her inspiration from the idea of a dead person getting a second chance for a limited time. As for Goodbye My Beloved One, apparently the source novel will be used merely for inspiration for the drama and won’t be a direct adaptation. Whew, at least that’s one less chance to ruin a beloved work.


SBS Prepping Heartwarming Drama Goodbye My Beloved One About a Soul Getting a Second Chance at Life — 14 Comments

  1. just cast a decent actress, please.

    i.e. someone who can emote and deliver lines well instead of still sucking even after 5 years and several dramas.

    • I agree! It’s woman eccentric so someone. Honestly, I first thought of Moon Geun young but she’s busy with her dream already. Just let’s keep it away from idols. My choice would still be Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young, or Park Shin Hye. How about Kim So Eun? I would love her to reunite with Lee Jun Ki since their previous drama and pairing was wasted.

    • She’s getting married soon so let’s see how fast she gets into acting after marriage. I hope it doesn’t stop producers from casting her just because she is married.

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