Park Bo Gum is Casually Handsome for Sure Korea October Edition

Park Bo Gum is like a tall glass of ice cold milk for me, deliciously refreshing and wholesome, but also sexy because of all the nutrients within. That’s my way of saying that he’s more than just a pretty pretty face, which is undeniable, but also comes with riveting acting potential lurking inside. His casting as the male lead in the upcoming Answer Me 1988 is a coup for the series, which excels at casting less well known male leads and giving them the platform to breakout.

Witness Jung Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok in Answer Me 1994, and even earlier there was Answer Me 1997‘s Seo In Guk. Being disappointed that his AM1988 leading lady ended up being Hyeri is a pointless endeavor now, so I would rather spend the time looking forward to what he’ll showcase when the drama airs. Even with the dorkiest of haircuts and outfits, I have a feeling his star will shine brightly through the nostalgic haze of late 80’s Seoul. His just released photo shoot for Sure Magazine does him full favors, decked out with a great hairstyle and stylish threads.


Park Bo Gum is Casually Handsome for Sure Korea October Edition — 17 Comments

  1. ms. koala you should watch him in I Remember You. he totally stole that show and had acted so well.

    it was the first drama which i saw him and i was captivated by him..he was awesome and i think he overshadowed SIG.

    so is he really the main lead in reply 1988 and not go kyung pyo? i hope that’s the case cause that will be the only way i’ll watch it even with hyeri as a female lead..

    thanks for the pics! he’s the age of my young brother but he is so cute! i’m sure he will be big in future.

    • Totally agree! I absolutely loved him and although the show was great overall, he was definitely the best thing about it!!

    • I dont think he overshadowed SIG except when he was stabbed; I thought SIG overshadowed everyone else. But I gotta admit he really shined in that drama. I would rank him 2nd. And seriously, SIG’s smolder looks from ep 1 to 16 got me dying.

  2. This guy literally was such a delightful surprise in IRY.. I hadn’t seen him before but I would watch the Reply 1988 for him alone (despite the hair). I have a feeling he’ll go places! And I’m happy to see him on screen anytime..

  3. He was so good in IRY. I hope he will be second male lead in R 1988, just gay character or something. I don’t want to see him ending up with Hyeri. I know he will shine in R 1988.

  4. i had just fall in love at the first sight looking at his picture, then i read the article and this one goes with hyeri. damn, my heart. broken too fast.

  5. he came out of the blue for me in IRY. Like “How did this talent happen?” and he had more chemistry with Seo In Guk playing brothers than Jang Nara did as the love interest-friend. Seo In Guk cameo due in AM1988? Please, yes? Please?

  6. I am currently watching I Remember You, and he aint a glass of milk, he’s like a bright cocktail with lots of fruit and spiked with at least 2 shots of vodka. So pretty, yet so dangerous. What a talent!

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