Kim Ha Neul to Tie the Knot Next March with Non-industry Boyfriend

K-actress Kim Ha Neul is taking a page out of the playbook of many of her fellow actresses in terms of settling down, her agency SM C&C has just confirmed that she will be tying the knot early next year with her non-industry boyfriend of one year. Her boyfriend is described as one year younger than her, and an industrialist of some sort. Most of the Korean actresses tend to marry outside the industry, and the choice is often chaebols or lawyers or financiers. I’m not indicting the choice but find it telling that the strata of suitable spouses for top stars seems quite limited in the same way Korean culture is very fixed on the idea of suitability. The wedding is set for March of 2016 and I already can’t wait to see the gorgeous Kim Ha Neul in her wedding dress. The only role where she wore a wedding dress was in the movie My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent, and I’m sure she’s not going for the short style for her own wedding even if she pulled it off beautifully in the movie.

I feel so indifferent towards Kim Ha Neul as an actress and that’s probably because she’s never wowed me with an iconic performance. She was cute as the secret agent girlfriend and really held her own in On Air, but the former was just a short movie and the latter she was part of an ensemble where her other three costars impressed me way more. I think her role in A Gentleman’s Dignity would have been a great chance to win me over except I didn’t like the way her character was written or the drama overall. I certainly don’t want her to retire after getting married, but maybe after tying the knot her acting can kick it up a notch to make me sit up and take notice.


Kim Ha Neul to Tie the Knot Next March with Non-industry Boyfriend — 3 Comments

  1. Aww..congrats to her and husband to be. I really like her. Her role in Blind won me over and I really think she is one of the sexiest leggy actress out there. 😉

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