Yoo In Na in Talks for Second Female Lead in MBC Drama One More Happy Ending

The first K-drama of 2016 to arrive looks to be One More Happy Ending, airing in early January on MBC Wed-Thurs following Sweet Savage Family. The drama just got one more reason for me to check it out – Yoo In Na is reportedly signed on as the second female lead in her first K-drama since the promising but ultimately hot mess tvN mystery romance My Secret Hotel.

One More Happy Ending signed on both leads at the same time with Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho, decent but not leads I put on my must watch list. Yoo In Ha helps tip the scale because I have such fond memories of her whenever she’s being adorable and sassy, such as in MSH and even earlier in Queen In Hyun’s Man. Hopefully she’ll get a fun character to play here even if she doesn’t end up with leading man Jung Kyung Ho.

The synopsis of One More Happy Ending somehow reminds me of an older K-drama I love very much, Love Marriage (or Matchmaker’s Lover) with Kim Min Hee and KIm Ji Hoon. In that drama, Kim Min Hee is a matchmaker while Kim Ji Hoon is a divorce lawyer who is divorced, so their interactions started from being on different vantages points but gradually growing closer even if interactions cause them to be at odds. In One More Happy Ending, Jang Nara runs a re-marriage agency for divorcees while Jung Kyung Ho is a divorced dad raising a pre-teen son. I can see them having tons of reason to interact, and hopefully the matchmaker will eventually make her own match with the divorced man rather than setting the eligible again bachelor up with someone else.


Yoo In Na in Talks for Second Female Lead in MBC Drama One More Happy Ending — 14 Comments

  1. Yay! I like Jang Nara but I love Yoo In Na. I fell in love with her in “Best Love” and I love her even more in MSH. Excited!!!

  2. OMG this is officially a must watch for me. I developed a recent liking over Jang Nara ability to enter her character and portray the subtlety of her character and Jung Kyung Ho is absolutely perfect in Cruel City. Now Yoo In Na! How is this even possible? I adore her in Queen In Hyun’s Man. Bring it on drama! There’s a rumor about Kim So Eun and Yeo Jin Goo in this one too. I’m so excited. I hope Yoo In Na won’t play that bitchy 2nd lead without deep and solid background. Really hope this isnt those shallow story.

    MBC don’t waste this cast, please.

  3. Yoo In Na is among the underrated actresses, who is yet to be given a fair chance to shine. I always enjoyed her presence on the screen. Please dont make her a bitchy in this.

    Why not make two loveline, and pair Yoo In Na with someone?Probably with Jin yi Han again, to redeem the hot mess Secret Hotel.

    On the other hand, i hope the rumours that Kim So Eun will be casted in this drama too, is not true. Please, she doesn’t deserve to stuck as a supporting character forever.

  4. i think, YIN is better than JNR, but JNR is one of famous leading actress but well, i love this actors.. YIN, JNR and uri Kyungho oppa.. count me in for this 🙂

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