Song Joong Ki is a Cocky Soldier in Featured Teaser for Descendants of the Sun

This is my fave Descendants of the Sun teaser so far, and it’s no surprise because it’s male lead Song Joong Ki focused and he’s the numero uno reason this drama is on my must watch list. Famed screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has been so hit-and-miss with her works that I don’t tuned in automatically for her, but her hits with me have been so stellar I can’t risk passing her up lest she delivers a home run again. Descendants of the Sun is her first drama since the hit Heirs, which remains a hit even if it wasn’t a wowser out of the gate, the second half picked up viewer momentum and raked in tons of viewers and popularity overseas.

Descendants of the Sun appears plotted from the outset for overseas conquering, what with the location shoot and the snazzy soldiers and doctors in a crisis zone synopsis. Song Joong Ki is beloved in Korea but doesn’t yet have that Hallyu star moniker around him, while Song Hye Kyo is well-known in and out of Korea but doesn’t seem as buzzy anymore compared to the younger It Girls. It’s a bit of a weird casting combination for me but I so hope it works. So far Song Joong Ki is selling me big time on the cocky soldier routine. His pecs and abs certainly don’t hurt the believability factor.


Song Joong Ki teaser for Descendants of the Sun:


Song Joong Ki is a Cocky Soldier in Featured Teaser for Descendants of the Sun — 16 Comments

  1. At this point i don’t care who the writer of this is. I’m missing SJK so much that i can spend an entire day just watching him eat and sleep, not mentioning the wonderful fresh out of the military muscles!!

  2. ~swoon~

    I don’t think I’ll love this character of his more than Maru from Nice Guy, but Oppa’s welcome to try and persuade me! I just wish it was Moon Geun-young instead of Song Hye-gyo as his costar here. ~sigh~ But maybe she’ll totally wow me! I liked her in They World They Live In.

  3. I’m so glad Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho decided to enlist early. Now, they’ll be taken seriously as male actors and have their entire lives to build on their growing popularity. I can’t wait to watch DOTS and his appearance on Running Man.

    • Joong Ki didn’t enlist early, he’s already 32 in korean age and he just came back from military. But this drama does seem like the right choice for a comeback.

      • They say that the moment the lifeform in the womb exists until birth is already a year of its life. Outside Korea its the moment you breath for the first time you are one day old. Koreans just add year to their actual age. I hope you understand a bit now.

      • @ Dramagirl, that actually makes sense from certain religious points of view. For Christians, life is defined the moment it’s conceived in womb. Thank you for the explanation.

  4. I’m loving the last moments. ‘Please vouch for us, tell them who we are’ only to have things backfire when the female soldier calls them deserters and wants to have them arrested. LOL

    Even though I’m not loving what I’m seeing from the main characters’ interactions so far, I think they were a good choice, considering the drama will air in China at the same time and the chinese public is eager to see Song Hye Kyo on their screens. And even in Korea, IT girls might be good for CFs, but high ratings are still brought by older, known actresses like Kim Tae Hee. And SJK is praised for his acting and that always helps. The drama might not have huge ratings from the beginning, but airing in 2 countries at the same time can bring the spotlight onto them pretty quickly.

  5. That laugh at the end! Such a tease although I don’t get what they said. LOL…Now counting down to watch the only K drama that still piques my interest to tune in.

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