Joo Won Turns Down Monster and Daebak, Still Looking for Final K-drama Before Military Service


I’m gradually warming up to Joo Won more and more, his performance in last year’s big K-drama hit Yongpal was entertaining and charming, the first time I’ve ever enjoyed Joo Won‘s acting and character in any project of his I’ve watched. The success of Yongpal earned him the SBS Drama Daesang last month, which was valid if one went by his effort in bringing in ratings with a solid performance, but not so much the best acting performance by any lead in an SBS drama in 2015, not when there was Jo Jae Hyun and Kim Rae Won for Punch.

I appreciated his copious manly tears and genuine humble gratitude accepting the award, sometimes a great attitude goes a long way to smoothing all the feathers. The news is reporting today that ’87er Joo Won is looking to enlist late this year towards the end of 2016 and is looking seriously at his final drama before going to the army. He’s reportedly turned down MBC long drama Monster (Tyrant), with the role going to Kang Ji Hwan, as well as SBS’s Daebak which is now courting Jang Geun Seok. That’s cute, the two Hong Gil Dong male leads. It’s good to get confirmation that Monster (Tyrant) was courting Joo Won since that was the rumor I heard late last year. Now I really wonder what farewell drama he’ll finally select.

Potential 2016 K-dramas that are still looking for leading man: KBS has Midnight Drawn by Clouds and God of Noodles, MBC has Rain in the Underground, Mermaid’s Prince, Michelin Star, and Danjong, and SBS has Love Clinic, Killer, and Female Gangster Hye Jung. And these are only the list of known dramas, there is always bound to be projects appearing for later in the year as well as black horses popping out unexpectedly to take an upcoming time slot. I wonder if Joo Won will tackle a sageuk before he leaves, Gaksital as a period drama was not set in the present but I’m more excited if he does a classic sageuk, something he has never done yet.


Joo Won Turns Down Monster and Daebak, Still Looking for Final K-drama Before Military Service — 27 Comments

  1. I love this article by koala
    I think he suits intelligent roles….
    Nothing as dramatic as Gaksital hopefully…
    While his acting was good in all previous roles, I think YongPalyi was the best character for him.

  2. I thought he was amazing in Yongpal and really carried the drama through. Though what really made me adore him was his stint on 1 night 2days as the maknae of the group! So bloody adorable!
    I hope he chooses the right project before he heads off into the military for 2 years!

  3. I love Joo Won. He is a fine actor. I have loved him ever since I saw his first performance in King of Baking, and Gaksital nailed it for me. BUT – I do not believe he deserved to win the Daesang against Kim Hyun Joo. Not even close. To begin with, he had zero chemistry with Kim Tae-Hee. Their live line was simply ridiculous. Cannot even begin to compare against Ji Jin-Hee and Kim Hyun-Joo tagging at our hearts. And of course – as you yourself mentioned – both Kim Rae-Won and Jo Jae-Hyeon. Joo Won is NOT at that level of excellence, no matter how much I love him.

    I am glad he opted to not take those two roles. Lets see what he chooses.

    • second this!
      if he got the daesang for Gaksital or Good Doctor, i would have no complaint. i wont. never! but yongpal? lols.. well.. nowadays, daesang = popularity award. so… just look at KBS.. ups.. sorry oppa’s fans 😀

      Yoo Ah In deserved it more than Joowon. i love both. Kim Rae Won and Kim Hyun Joo… Gosh… both did their amazing works!
      joowonie is one humble actor tho! gonna support him no matter what and wish him to get a really good character before enlistment.

      • I can’t agree more for Joowonie oppa to won the Daesang for his role as Lee Langto on Gaksital or as Park Sion in Good Doctor.. BUT at the time, he was still a new comer in kdrama land.. I wonder if there’s a requirement to win a Daesang one should has 4-5 years experience in acting..

  4. he is perfect for heavy roles but not really match with dorky goofy roles. Mean, in terms of versatility of drama genre, he’s still a bit lacking. But hey, as long as he still kill it in melodrama or actions, who cares?!

    I’m sure SBS will chase over him again. I hope he choose the right role and make another history in kdrama.

    On the other hand, there are many excited dramas (from the title only lol) for this year. I hope my favorite actors could join the games. Daebak already with Jan Geun Suk. I wonder which project Lee Min Ho will choose.

    Don’t you guys notice that there will be big competition of Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo DoS, Rain (goodbye Ahjussi) and Moon Chae Won-Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr. Black) on this March. Excited to see who will win.

  5. For me Joo Won was at his best in Good Doctor.
    Like someone mentioned his chemistry with Kim Tae Hee wasn’t there. They should have gotten another female lead.

    Kim Rae Won should have gotten the daeseng. He was excellent in Punch just as Joo Won was great in Good Doctor.

  6. Well for me, Joo won and KTH had an ozzing chemistry. I loved all the parts of these two. I think I need to rewatch Yong Pal for the nth times, while waiting for the next drama.

  7. It’s so weird how adorable he is on 1N2D and yet I find that he fits dramatic roles best onscreen. I really enjoyed Yong Pal, it was entertaining and fun, and while Joo Won really carried the drama, I was pleased to see improvements in Kim Tae Hee’s acting.

    I know he has a Chinese drama, although I am unsure if it has completed shooting.

  8. joo won really nailed in good doctor and gaksital.i like hoe he potray that character very well…for yongpal at ten first ep I like his character. but his story are overshadowed by kim tae hee story and I turn away from that drama.hope joowon choose drama that suited him…

  9. Joo won can do any role comic role n seriouse role but he has better luck in seriouse drama,even good actor can’t save bad script, not all actor lucky getting good script, i wan’t him doing sageuk but of course the story should be goood. I like him the most in gaksital, he already deserve daesang for that drama

    • Agree ! I first noticed him in Baker King…..maybe just for that reason. He is specially good in melodrama. His name was mentioned once as having been offered female gangster….

  10. I want to see him in some kind of noona romance! Can you image him just sweeping someone like Jang Nara, Jung Ryeo-won, Gong Hyo-jin or even Kim Sun-Ah off their feet? WAH!!

  11. Thanks to God that Kang Ji Hwan get this drama Monster as leading actors.I hope that MBC will get Yoon Eun Hye as soon as possible as a leading actress for being partner with Kang Ji Hwan.Because Both of them(Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye)really have great and amazing chemistry.They are unusual match couple.I really really like them.Please MBC get Yoon Eun Hye as leading actress for this drama Monster.Kang Ji Hwan need a partner for this drama in which that is for being as a leading actress can have and can give him a lot of chemistry and the actress is Yoon Eun Hye.I wish my dreams come true.GBU

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