Teaser for Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo’s Page Turner Featuring Intense Piano Playing Amid Rivalry and Friendship

I love screenwriter Park Hye Ryun so it’s bittersweet that she’s coming back this month with a new K-drama but it’s only going to be a short three episode special. If anyone can deliver something short and sweet it’s her, so many of Park Hye Ryun’s successful dramas like I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio all made huge impressions in the first two episodes, so clearly she can write stories that grip the audience interest right off the bat.

Page Turner is a school drama set in the world of highly competitive piano playing, with a side of teen athletics thrown in. Kim So Hyun plays a dedicated piano prodigy who has to reassess her path in life after an accident, and gets help from Ji Soo as a pole vaulting athletic and her fellow pianist rival played by Shin Jae Ha. The drama premieres on February 19th so check out the first teaser below with some impressive piano playing and right on-the-mark acting from all three leads.

Teaser for Page Turner:

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Teaser for Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo’s Page Turner Featuring Intense Piano Playing Amid Rivalry and Friendship — 9 Comments

  1. This is a better trailer than anything DOtS has put out this entire past month. No tea, no shade.

    Anyway, Park Hye Ryun is one of the few writers who doesn’t completely annoy the heck out of me so it seems like the writing and acting will be on point. Also, I like the fact it’s a two episode drama. One of the problems with K-dramas (and why I’ve virtually haven’t watched one in a year) is the length. 20 episode dramas should be 16 at most, and 16 episode dramas need to be 12.

    We don’t need to sit through 3-4 filler episodes of jack shit happening in a drama’s plot.

  2. In general, Korean drama writers have almost no understanding of Classical music, or how to use it. But this could be good.

    • I agree – still reeling from how off-the-mark and cringeworthy Cantabile Tomorrow was – but I have hopes. So far, looks tense and fabulous.

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