Liu Shi Shi and Bolin Chen Attend the Michael Kors 2016 Fashion Show in New York

I’ve had star sightings before where I don’t recognize the star in sight but know in my gut it must be a famous person. There’s just this indelible aura and carriage that famous people project, and with that sometimes it’s impossible not to zero in on them even in the midst of a crowd. Such is the case when I see pictures of Liu Shi Shi and Bolin Chen attending the Michael Kors show in New York last week.

It was the ladies collection but Bolin sat through the entire show paying rapt attention and later complimenting the classic and modern looks from the famed designer. Shi Shi looked rather tired and reportedly wasn’t as chatty, and truth be told her whole look aged her and not in a good way. She really needs to find a better balance between sophisticated and youthful. It’s a treat to see both stars in the same frame, and one wonders when they will work together on a drama or movie.


Liu Shi Shi and Bolin Chen Attend the Michael Kors 2016 Fashion Show in New York — 16 Comments

  1. I love Liu Shi Shi in period costume so much that it’s hard to recognise her in modern dress. I mean I wouldn’t have recognised the above pics as Liu Shi Shi if you didn’t inform.

  2. Idk, I think she looks elegant in that dress, simple but classic. Am I the only one who like how she looks? I like her in her period dramas, but somehow loathe how and whom she ended up with at the end,including her new drama Imperial Doctoress. When is writer gonna give her nice ending with a right man?

  3. Weird she looks like a statue like she was posing the entire time. Her outfit is ok, the shoes don’t really match in my opinion though. Bolin look cute! I like his laid back style. The crowd seems to be predominantly asian so I was surprised it was held in New York. Even the fashion industry knows where the money is these days.

    • That’s only one angle .
      Here is article about the Blake lively incident from show:page six search Blake lively .
      I am actually shocked they were not front row .

  4. I think LSS looks very nice in that outfit. She has the aura/elegant quality that many other Chinese actresses don’t have. There is something about her (her posture) – I think it has to do with her ballet dance trained background.

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