Written Preview for Episode 1 of Descendants of the Sun

The ratings successes of Kim Eun Sook dramas have always come with a side of divisive opinion on the writing of her main characters. It’s never just about liking the drama as a whole or not, with it is invariably discourse and debate over the general level of alpha male assholery of the male lead and the female empowerment or lack thereof with the female lead. I don’t quibble with the validity of this discussion when it comes to Kim Eun Sook penned leads, I just hope this time the drama story is strong enough that the discussion doesn’t become the only thing audiences have to talk about when it comes to Descendants of the Sun.

This time the two male leads in Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo are both playing military commanders, while the two female leads Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won are both doctors. That’s a lot of professional power and achievement to go around, not to mention the professions play an integral part of the story by placing everyone into a war and medical disaster zone. Song Hye Kyo looks way more plausible as a doctor than the baby-faced Kim Ji Won, who also has to shake off playing a high school student in Heirs just two years ago. I saw more spark and fire from Kim Ji Won in all the previews so far, but maybe Song Hye Kyo is going for a slow burn here like she did in That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Episode 1 written preview:

When on leave, Shi Jin and Dae Young catch a motorcycle thief, and after sending him to the hospital, Shi Jin and Mo Yeon have a chance meeting. Shi Jin unexpectedly feels a flutter in his heart, but then he receives a call from the army base…….

Official MV for Yoon Mirae “Always”:


Written Preview for Episode 1 of Descendants of the Sun — 46 Comments

  1. Wow that is a shitty written preview if ever I’ve read one. But it does make the drama sound even MORE boring than it looks. I just want it to air already so I can find out if it’s worth my time.

  2. SHY is slow burn like in the drama with Hyun Bin. She will nailed it. Both of the lead actors and actress is very talented. We see how it coming with the writing

  3. I think this the only blog I have ever read where there is so much hatred or negativity towards an actress and writer. Every time I read a comment or write-up about this drama in your blog, it seems that the actress had personally done some ill-will towards you to write so much negativity. Yikes ! Has she done something to you?

    • you should reevaluate on what constitutes hatred cause Koala is legitimately criticizing her acting, something that is her job and gets paid for and thus warrants a critical opinion, whether good or bad (frankly it’s pretty constructive criticism: you are stiff and emotionless, do better). nowhere is she attacking or insulting her personally, and in fact pretty much every article is prefaced with ‘SHK is so beautiful’. so there’s hardly any true ill-will.

      the writer on the other hand… well you can argue she HAS done something to personal, and to every female viewer at that because she writes male characters who are disrespectful and violating and paints them as Prince Charmings to impressionable viewers who then think that kind of destructive behavior is not only ok but romantic. i won’t even touch upon on the types of female characters that she writes because unfortunately there are women who are weak willed and subservient, and it’s wrong to criticize them. it’s just that the writer uses these women to enable the anti-hero’s asshole-ness and then somehow frames it as women empowerment.

      so i stand by Koala’s comments and am glad she voices out her beliefs because she’s not afraid to be negative in order to address real issues. if you’re complaining that you only want to read pleasant things then you’re purposefully being ignorant for your own comfort.

      • Is this way Heirs gets targetted for no damn reason and the actors in that drama talk about injustice. If you feel anyone violated feminism then it’s the writer and you should target her but not the actors-actresses in the drama they merely acted out what was handed to them.

        I can’t believe that people are still pressed over heirs and it has been 3-years ago. just move on with your lives

      • @Issues

        I think that team Dots should be happy for the buzz they are getting, the out cries is coming from other fandoms who are obviously jelly that it was not there fave actress in there instead of SHK it is as simple as that.

        The out cries just defines a dramas greatness for me. Why be biter for so long over a Tv-show? it really dosen’t make sense it because that tv-show slayed and it wasen’t there faves doing it. use logic folks

    • Personally, I don’t see any hatred in the article. She’s just saying that her acting is passive/mellow rather than charismatic or exciting. No one says she’s a bad actress, just low energy, which could come off as flat/boring. That could be just her acting style, though.

  4. Oh I really like the song! Catchy and if its use in the right moment, that scene would be so good! Still excited about the drama. Can’t judge based on the brief preview:)

  5. Really nice ost and i believe this will be the new ‘ love is the moment’, ‘that woman..’
    I’m loving the teaser so far. Song joong ki is killing it with his gaze and charisma. SHG will also do fine

    The wed-thurs dramas all have promising premises and i don’t see the need to be judgemental as int fans don’t even have to bother about the rating at all.
    It’s been so long since public broadcast have any high quality drama (except saeguk maybe). So i hope this drama will bring out the big budget and melos part well while Ahjussi can bring out the fun in the fun comedy part.
    I ‘m super anticipating Mr. Black as well.

    Maybe i’m the only one but Song Hye Gyo,
    oh Yeon Seo, Lee Min Jung, and Moon Chae Won coming back at the same time is such a pleasant surprise for me. They are all my biases

  6. Seriously why so much negativity towards SHK and the writer in this website? specially SHK. I’ve been trying to avoid reading anything about this drama in this website after a few articles because is always the same thing about SHK and I don’t even read the comments because I just know is negative comments towards her. SHK is one of the few Korean actresses I actually love, SHK might not be the best actress but she is not horrible either, there are few A-list and famous young actress I don’t care for at all or find overrated or for some reason annoying but I never feel the need to write how much I disliked their acting or drama choices or to insult them.

    As for the writer I actually like most of her dramas except Secret Garden and dropped Heirs after 2 episodes but City Hall is one of all time favorites. As for the writer I don’t understand why suddenly so many people seem to disliked her works, I though most people loved Secret Garden at least or some of her older dramas. If you don’t like the actress or writer so much or you say the drama is going to be bad or boring then don’t watch it.

    • take your own advice. if you don’t like what you’re reading then don’t read it. i’m sure someone can link you to a site that only says nice things about everything with a side of unicorns and rainbows.

      as you admit yourself you don’t understand everyone, so with that ignorance it doesn’t give you much of a leg to stand on when you lecture other people for stating their own personal opinion on their blog.

    • I remember when this blog too got hates when there’s just too much negativity on Goo Hye Sun and the kdrama Blood. Me too gets really disheartened and makes me want to not to read a blog that’s full of hated and if it will just drain my energy and good vibes anyway. I mean constructive criticizing is good and healthy but why will you keep writing about something you hate anyway. I wouldn’t want to go sounding bitter writing it all over my blog and will just avoid if I really hate a kdrama or a certain actress/actor. Like the saying goes, “Stop bashing what you hate and just promote what you love.”

      I’m a big fan of Song Hye Kyo’s beauty, really loved Full House and 12 years later still hoping for a BiKyo reunion soon as their chemistry is off the charts for me. So sad she haven’t really had a pop sensation drama since then as she seems to go for a trusted writer than go for a sure hit. Whether this could be a good written drama or not, I’d be genuinely happy for her if this will be her next pop sensation drama.

      Anyway, I think people are just really skeptical about this new Kim Eun Sook penned drama because her drama tends go overhyped and overrated when you see that there isn’t really much on her dramas. Like Heirs for example just felt really a waste of time but then people have to deal with it and finish it as most people have started it already anyway and it’s popular you just have to see it. That’s what Kim Eun Sook’s dramas feel like. Though it still really depends on one’s preference. Like while most loved Lovers in Paris and The Heirs, I didn’t really liked them. On the other hand, I liked SeGa, that some seemed to hate, and A Gentleman’s Dignity.

  7. Well no matter how much criticizing this drama gets. It will gain success with super high rating…
    Kim eun sook drama never fails and this is a high budget drama.

    Me as an i-fans can just enjoy the goodies of my fave actresses coming back at the same time, song Hye Gyo, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Min Jung, and Moon Chae Won. I’m super estatic!!!

  8. I am not anticipating this drama(I’m more into Comeback Ahjussi) but I don’t understand so many hates around Song Hye Kyo. She’s A-list actress, very beautiful and good in actings. She has already proved that she was and is one of drama queen. Among Lee min Jung (or Miss Oh) and Moon Chae Won, absolutely Song Hye Kyo has more list of high profile dramas. So, making her down like this makes me really don’t understand. I think this negativity is influenced by the war among Comeback Ahjussi, Goodbye Mr. Black and Descendant of the Sun. Just wait and see who’ll be the winner without bashing here and there. Shall we?

  9. Thanks for your news, Miss Koala.

    I have seen the same people going around trashing Song Hye Kyo. Nothing new. Please continue with your hatred if it makes you happy.

    Putting that aside, Miss Koala, will you recap this drama?

  10. ugh…why i found this future drama is boring all the way. i hope it is not. because SongJongKi is here. But why Song Hye Kyo? her act has not improve at all. Her eyes just like dead fish eye

    Not that i hate her. But i never attracted to her drama

    And now this? I dont even have interest att all although SJK was casted

  11. Hi kpp, oalala, rina, hmmmm, vie, haha, I also hate Song Hye Kyo. Are you the same person? If not, can we form an anti SHK club among the few of us?

    • Lol. I surely not the same as those you mention. Want to check the IP address to prove? Go ahead then ^^.. you are more than welcome, my dear.

      Anw.. childish much..aren’t you? Thanks for that childish sarcasm. And thanks to mention my name. Did I write anything that attack your dear beloved SKH for you to even addressed my name and others together?

      Just because people have differ opinions as yours..you think we are the same people and have that much time to clone ids? Tsk tsk. And please check on the dictionary what ‘hater’ means before using it. Or maybe you have so little experience about the world..therefore, don’t know what hates and what criticism.

      Fans like you who are sooo over sensitive and cray cray are the ones that makes those so called ‘haters’ have more turned off feelings for your dear lady. So I suggest you to take a chill pills.

      • Calm down haha. Everyone has his or her opinion. You have the right to criticize an actress or a drama but others also have the right to think that you dislike that actress or drama. May be her invitation is sincere but you have every right not to join her antifan club. Don’t take this personally.

      • @Xuka

        Lol. Yeah, everyone is free to form their own opinions. In mature way would be appreciated.

        And it seems that you need to give your ‘calm down’ advise to those overly sensitive ‘others’. You see anywhere in this post where I wrote any negative thing about this drama or the actress? I merely responded to the other poster who brought up other unrelated actresses to this post and made assumptions about the other drama fans to be the cause of this hatred. Nowhere I mentioned about DoTS in my post.. let alone being negative.

        So..pls don’t just have select reading to fits your stan ^^

    • Forgot to add this.. since you think that those who have different opinions as yours are having clone IDs.. then maybe, those of you who are screams ‘haters haters’ are also same person? :). Just ask since you have this kind of thinking.. then maybe it is what we called.. the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Nope not the same person. And I don’t hate shk.she’s beautiful and is hard working. I’m just defending koala for writing whatever she wants, whether it’s negative, positive or neutral and no one would make her out as a malicious writer.

      Thanks but no thanks on the invite.

  12. Come on guys. Let’s enjoy the drama. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Life is too short to fight about a drama, esp before it’s even aired.

  13. Sorry, haha, it is true that you have not had any negative comments in this thread. My apologies for including you in hate group, it was because of many negative comments that you posted in other threads about this drama on this blog. But anyway, sorry. I would like to withdraw my invention to you. But believe it or not, I do hate shk.

  14. They both look fantastic and the cinematography looks great too. In the previews so far, Song Joong Ki’s acting seems about the same with Song Hye Kyo. Suitable for romantic fluff and not much else. I can live with that if the romance is nice and I get to look at beautiful people as a bonus. The biggest problem is the writer. How do I get invested in the romance if the male lead is obnoxious? Here in this extended trailer, we get to see that handphone flip again. Am I supposed to be find that cute or sexy? It screams “JERKO” to me. The only instance that behavior might be reasonable is that she took HIS phone, made a phone call without his consent and he got it back with that sleek move.

  15. What’s the problem? It’s her blog so koalas has a right to voice her opinions. You don’t have to agree with her but it’s rude to reproach her for it. It’s like going to someone’s house and complaining that it’s dirty. She’s not a writer who reports on korean entertainment with unbiased reporting. So it’s her prerogative on what she wants to say in her personal blog…..

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I want to watch it although I love Song Joong Ki, especially when it’s his first project after his enlistment. I hope it’s a ratings success although I do not find the drama remotely entertaining. I’m ok with Song Hye Kyo who i think is best in romcoms but she has been churning out melos since Full House.

  16. Is anyone out here more excited for kim ji won-Jin Goo than SHK-SJK? Or am I the only insane soul here.
    Bdw I can’t help it, no hate for SHK & SJK but I love kim ji won and Jin Goo is really hot!

  17. I find it amusing that one comment or criticism (from me) regarding Koala’s writing can spur so much animosity. Hmmmm…. people need to do yoga or meditation or something to let their inner “issues” out, Or just plain RELAX. There are more things in this world worth “hating” such as cancer, war in the middle east and the possibility that Donald Trump may be the next US President.

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