Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng Spark in Fun First Teasers for Refresh Man


Okay, this drama looks soooo cute, and in the cute I mean that unique Taiwanese idol drama definition of it. The first substantive teasers are out for upcoming SETTV Sunday night drama Refresh Man, which feels a bit late since the drama premieres this coming Sunday after Bromance finished last week. Refresh Man stars popular singer-actors Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng in a pairing that should have happened six years ago with Love Buffet but ended up getting scuttled.

Taiwan entertainment is basically three degrees of separation rather than six so the only odd part is that it took thing long for Aaron and Joanne to get a drama together at last. Both have delivered successful dramas for SETTV in recent years, Aaron with Just You and Fall in Love with Me and Joanne with the daily Dear Mom. I find them super adorable together onscreen and off, plus the concept of Refresh Man with the light office drama vibe combined with first love/hate trope sounds like a chill drama to follow along with heading into spring.

Refresh Man teasers:

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