Refresh Man with Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng Release Long Preview and Premieres Sunday

This Sunday SETTV premieres a new idol drama after wrapping up the highly successful run of Bromance. I normally love cross-dressing hijinks but that particular drama had me in the minority of not digging it. I also like Taiwan drama takes on workplace romances which fits the bill for upcoming Refresh Man. The English title is so random since the Chinese title translates to The Era of the Late Bloomer, which describes Aaron Yan‘s character, a dunderhead in high school who turns out to be more successful as an adult professional than his school yard nemesis Joanne Tseng who was a top student growing up.  It’s nice to give them a backstory to explain the bickering to come, and perhaps lay the foundation for why their interactions would crackle with tension and annoyance if each has a grievance with the other from the past or the present. The network released a nice long 8-minute teaser that is solid enough to merit checking out this weekend. It really does give off Office Girl and Just You vibes. Continue reading