Goodbye Mr. Black with Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won Releases Action-oriented First Teaser


This isn’t quite up to snuff but no biggie since it’s just a short ten second teaser not to mention recently a drama reminded me that lackluster promos isn’t a surefire death knell. The first teaser is out for upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black, and for the sake of the production team I hope the drama doesn’t premiere to byes and yawns from the audience with the current competition Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi getting a two week head start. I’m just meh with the teaser, it felt slapdash as if the production needed to quickly get something out there to wedge into the public consciousness to vie for attention with DotS and Ahjussji.

I enjoyed what I see of leads Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, and Kim Kang Woo, everyone looks their part, but the action and interactions remind of of so many cobbled together drama bits such as the girl biting the guy and the running in a crowded marketplace. As first impressions go this one isn’t bad per se, it just didn’t draw me in immediately is all. Maybe an atmospheric teaser would have worked better, showing us the brooding man betrayed by his best friend and seeking revenge for justice and to assuage his pain. This short promo did remind me of how much I miss Moon Chae Won, and how DotS episode 1 would have gone from an A- grade to an A+ from me were she playing leading lady Kang Mo Yeon.
Teaser for Goodbye Mr. Black:

[Edit] Here’s the one minute longer teaser below. Hhhhhmmm, I’m still not feelin’ it, comes across as a hodge podge of too many scenes from dramas past, including the much more K-drama feel in quality.



Goodbye Mr. Black with Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won Releases Action-oriented First Teaser — 14 Comments

  1. HAHA how can you have the same exact thoughts as me! MCW would have been amazing in the role. I’m not a fan of Kim Eun Sook, but if it meant that she would be paired with SJK, I would be okay with any project. Her and SJK just played off each other in Nice Guy and so the chemistry was burning our screens. Sure SHK and SJK have some chemistry, but the intensity is coming from him mostly.
    The teaser is okay, but that’s expected because of the short length. They released a 1 minute version today. The production quality is not impressing me, but of course it didn’t have the same budget as Descendants so that’s to be expected. You should check it out here:
    Will you be recapping this if it ends up being good? I know that you will probably stick with Descendants for now…

  2. Hello, I am new to write something in this site~ usually I just keep quiet hehe
    But you really say the exact same thought with me too, I saw the show and it keeps pain me haha
    I just can’t help but think about MCW all the time, yeah their off start is no bad but as an avid fan of SJK and MCW, his chemistry with SHK is less burning as i think it should be

  3. Wow…
    Just watched the the longer teaser. Like what I thought before… this drama bring memory of K drama feels. I just remembered the action drama on the past 10 years until now especially TBDnW and HIT. Watching the teaser give me the good feeling. Actually, I really miss this type of drama. The K drama that always makes me watch it again and again is this type.
    Drama these days, bring romance, unusual story, unique or bring different type of story, but it didn’t make me wanna watch it again. So, sorry miss Koala, this time I really love the vibe of this drama…
    This drama will be my treasure in this 10 years period.

  4. the first thing that popped out at me was the ‘comedic’ and random font they used for the title. I thought they would’ve gotten a better ‘dramatic’ font for a action/melodrama…

  5. Enjoying the teaser and loving forward for the drama…Miss miss SJK & MCW together:))! As for DOTS m just okok with SJK and SHK chemistry °_°

  6. After action dramas like NiF and DoS I can no longer watch these basic action dramas. Hopefully it will have more romantic-comedy elements. I will watch it bc I love MCW.

  7. I love both Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won; so I am looking forward for this drama. I also like Kim Kang Woo, he’s a good actor,

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