Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun to Get Married Next Month on May 21st

Congratulations with a side of complete and utter shock is in store for celebrity acting couple Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. The recently gone public lovebirds are getting married! News broke early on Friday that the Blood costars are getting married, and like their quick confirmation of their dating news a few months ago, the two are once again quick to confirm this latest news. The couple is indeed getting married, and soon to be exact with a wedding date set for May 21st in Seoul.

It will be a small family affair for the happy couple, who is one of the few noona-dongsaeng romances in K-ent as Gu Hye Sun was born in 1984 making her 33 in Korean years while Ahn Jae Hyun is an ’87er and 30 in Korean years. The happy results from Blood keep coming to counter the complete and utter hot mess that was the drama, and for that I’m even more thrilled for the couple to turn their acting failure into a positive experience for their real lives. The couple plan to donate the money they would have spent on a large wedding to pediatric organizations.

The two issued a sweet and sincere joint statement:

“We’ve decided to become life’s other half for each other for the remainder of our lifetime this coming May 21. We’ve learned how important it is to live for others during our time together, and will live always respecting one another.”


Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun to Get Married Next Month on May 21st — 42 Comments

  1. Following is the message that they (GHS and AJH) left for fans on fan cafe..

    “Ahn & Koo talk annoucing their wedding officially

    Hello. This is AJH and GHS.

    We have both met genuine and peaceful life partners and have decided to live as each other’s companion as of May 21st. Through our time together, we are learning the value of living for someone else. We plan to live on respecting each other’s values. We promise to live together with healthful mind and beautifully. Please watch over us. Thank you. From Ajh and Ghs.

    GHS said, “We wanted to be each other’s family.” AJH said that, “after Blood drama ended, we have been planning marriage for a long time.”

    GHS said about their decision to donate what they would have spent on a wedding ceremony towards the children who are ill: “I am very thankful that AJH-ssi gladly agreed with my thought.”

    GHS and AJH said: “May 21 is Korea’s ‘Couple’s Day’. We plan to have a simple ceremly along with each other’s parents.”

    On this day, the couple donated to Seoul Shinchon Severance Children’s Hospital by directly visiting the hospital.

    Just love them..hope live happy ever after..

  2. Real angel by heart literally amaze by their thought. Honestly one might hate them for their acting but one cannot hate their kind heart and their love.
    May God shower His endless blessing on them.

  3. Yay! Congratulations to them! Such happy news. So they were dating on the set of blood or when they were filming of they were already thinking of marriage after the filming of blood was over. How thoughtful of Goo Hye Sun to donate the money to charity instead of throwing a big expensive wedding. I have to just say awwweeee!

  4. not suprising, on happy together show, AJH said he always dated with marriage in mind, and how he wanted to marry soon and have his own family, meanwhile GHS was beside him hearing and agreeing with everything lol

  5. I know GHS is associated with leukemia patients since 2010 and secretly denoting them and helping children without publishing it even her fandom on GHS last birthday gave denotation but doing this deed on your wedding day literally increase her respect in my heart. You are such a inspiration. About ahn i know he is also associated with charity UNICEF. Good souls indeed. Live happy together.

  6. Not a fan of both of Them But somewhat start liking them as person since their dating news is out. No doubt about that they are in real love. RESPECT and stay blessed.

  7. *Squeeeeeeeeeeee*
    OMG +1000000000000.
    So happy for them. Awwwn!!!!! Our Geum Jan Di is going to be an Ahjumma now. Hehehehe

  8. OMG I am so happy for them!
    They are a sweet couple. Not going to have a super fancy ceremony and are gonna donate the money to a hospital.

    Geum Jan Di has really grown up.

  9. Congrats to the happy couple. They look so happy together, and they can always have fond memories of Blood and working together and meeting each other. That’s more important than the quality of a drama.

  10. This topic seems so hot it is top in Daum Naver weibo got trended in korean twitter and even their articles are hot topic and they are getting all blessing so much support i never though they can be this much famous in china. poor other recent couple getting so much hate though.

  11. Feeling so happy and proud of them Ahn could have hide all this and can invest in his career but he choose love over his career so happy for him real gentleman. God bless you both

  12. good for them. they should thx the knet. for helping them get together.
    without those knet bitching/whining about their acting. they woud not rely on eachothr to get throught.those hard time. hope there will be news o them having baby soon.

  13. Aaaw! That’s awesome. I’ve always liked GHS so congrats to her! They’re so pretty together.

    If only some of my favorite kdrama couples would get together in real life as well… πŸ˜‰

  14. OMG they are so beautiful i can bet on them their children will be damn pretty. one of good looking couple. stay happily together forever πŸ™‚

  15. In Blood drama yoorita and jisang didnot got happy ending but in real life they end up together yeyyyyy happy happy ending πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ congrats stay happy a real inspiration for other couples

  16. I have always respected GHS as a true artist and hardworking and sweet inside out. I am so glad she found her soulmate at last.Their decision to donate the money instead of spending on lavish wedding, I am so proud of them. Congratulations to the both of them.

  17. Oho!!! Glad to hear. I’m very happy about it.they are a nice couple and I love them too much. I wished that they would marry. So I’m really happy. I’ve known them from “blood” drama. Wish you all the best…Stay happily together forever.So sweet. CONGRATS! GUM JANDI AND JI SANG.

  18. Congrats gu hye sun and your life partner. I am so happy for you now take care of your spiritual life because God didn’t give all the abilities for no reason. Please li a happy with your life partner but please remember your Creator.

  19. I have never hated their acting in Blood…To be honest I am Entertained and can’t get over with both of them…They gave me so much happiness especially when they’d announced that they’ll be tying their knots…Such a lovely and kind couple…I hope you will have all the happiness in life and may you be bountiful and hope that you will be shower beautiful gift from heaven…May God Be the center of your life as a couple…Love you both!

  20. I lvu goo hye sun I was very happy when I come to about u r marriage u both look soo…… cute ,I whish u good luck for u r future

  21. goo hye sun u made me happy by announcing u r marriage u both looks like made for each other and lovely couple ,may god bless u be happy in u r life so far I am waiting to see u r marriage,good luck for u r future,all happiness should come to u with god grace. I am u r number 1 fan ,lvu bye take care ,and I heartily congrats to u both

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