Uncontrollably Fond Drops Second Teaser Showing the Cuteness of College Days Kim Woo Bin and Suzy

The first drama teaser for Uncontrollably Fond played up the after between the leads Kim Woo Bin and Suzy‘s characters – there is underlying tension and unspoken emotions zinging between them as she conducts and interview as the PD towards his now big name star. This just released second teaser reveals a glimpse of the before, how the two met in college and the cuteness that followed.

Suzy does something that Kim Woo Bin chances upon and he uses that to make her pretend to date him. It’s more standard rom-com fare than melodrama but in Lee Kyung Hee‘s pen I have faith, not to mention the two characters seem interesting to me already and the two leads have enough chemistry and onscreen energy to sooth my worries and whet my appetite further for this drama to arrive in July on KBS. The falling autumnal petals also don’t hurt with the pretty visuals, giving the drama a warm glow.


Second teaser for Uncontrollably Fond:


Uncontrollably Fond Drops Second Teaser Showing the Cuteness of College Days Kim Woo Bin and Suzy — 16 Comments

  1. Random question for Ms. Koala, because I know you’ll know. This, as well as many other blogs that post recaps for dramas and tv shows use screenshots in the posts. Are there any legal repercussions that come from doing this? I’m new to blogging myself and since I wasn’t sure if it’s ok to simply post the screenshot(s) in the recap or if there is something that must be done before this, I wanted to ask the expert.

    I know that one of the four factors of fair use says ‘reproduction for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research is not copyright infringement.’ So, does this apply to blogs that simply recap dramas? Call me paranoid, but I just didn’t want to do anything wrong.

    Thanks so much for any info on this subject!

  2. Really reminds me Choi Young Do, who I love so much. But still, “Did you eat?” “Let’s date” and letting a girl trip in front of himself makes me miss Youngdo.

  3. I was indifferent to Suzy in Family Gu Book for the reasons that all my eyes were on Lee Seung Gi and her acting also appeared very bland to me. When I watched Architecture 101, I thought “fine, she is ok.” But UF teasers really pique my interest in watching her. It seems her acting has improved a lot. And I hope so. It will be nice to see a beautiful actress making progress in her acting grade book.

  4. i mean neither are my faves but im gonna check it out, that autumn image where his lying on her lap reminds me of pride and prejudiced photshoot with similar poses and mixed in with the story giving persuasion vibes, coincidence lol idk, i would hope though cause i reallo love persuausion and P&P for its romance angle. anyways hopefully its a good drama.

  5. This teaser definitely caught my attention rather than the previous one. Hoping for this to be a good drama~ I trust in Lee Kyunghee.

  6. Woobin is hot and charming as usual. As for Suzy, say what you want to say but this seems like a new Suzy to me. I like the actress vibe that she’s giving off.
    Interesting plot and I like the feeling of the drama. I’ll definitely look forward to this.

    • Ur not the only one. She does seem a bit awkward in some of the scenes. Or to be more percuse she’s not a fluent in her movements.

      But emotion wise I think she really stepped it up.

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