Rainie Yang Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday and Promises to Get Married Before Turning 40

It’s a happy 32nd birthday last weekend of Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang, on June 4th she celebrated her joyous day with a low key cake celebration at home. She posted adorable pictures of her showing off a delectable chocolate cake and later posed with her precious pooch as her birthday companion. I can’t believe Rainie is already 32 when I still remember her as a teenager when she debuted. Not to mention how she’s grown more and more beautiful and stylish with age. It looks like she is legit going to grow out her locks after five full years with super short blunt cut, and now it’s at the full bodied grazing the shoulder level that frames her cherubic face perfectly. I’m looking forward to her short drama airing later this year, and one wonders when she will officially take the next step with her boyfriend Chinese singer Li Rong Hao, either soon or as she recently stated before she turns 40.


Rainie Yang Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday and Promises to Get Married Before Turning 40 — 13 Comments

  1. of all the guys in the world… she goes for Li Rong Hao?
    I think the just threw-up in my mouth a tiny bit.Lol !!

      • Not a thing. I guess some find him unattractive or not attractive enough for RY but he’s an average looking guy. Most of all he’s a very talented man, who seems kind, approachable and sincere. They both appear to enjoy one another. That is truly all that matters.

    • Li rong hao is a quite famous mainland singer/songwriter and has produced songs for stars like Ariel Lin and Cyndi Wang. he may not be the most handsome guy but he’s very talented:)

    • Rainie is a smart girl and i’m glad that she’s not choosing him just because of his looks, pretty sure there’s more to him than meets the public eye. Being in a relationship is not only about looks.

      • “Being in a relationship is not only about looks.”

        Don’t we all wish that, that was true. LOL !!!

    • What’s wrong with Li Ronghao? Guy is talented (great in guitar and double bass), makes good music, is one of the rising songwriter-singer in Greater China region and has money. According to Rainie herself, he is very mature and caring as well; cooks for her when she is sick. I don’t see anything wrong with her dating him?

  2. Thank you Koala. I just love this website where you give us news/wedding pics etc of Chinese/Taiwanese actors!!

    I loved Rainie and Mike He in Devil Beside You – one of my all time favourite dramas.

  3. so strange to think the young girl from devil beside you is all grown up. she’s so pretty though, and seems nice – hope she marries a good guy!

  4. Rainie. Truly glad she remains someone that appears to be comfortable with herself and her choices.

    Happy Birthday! May you celebrate happily and many more, happier as time goes on!

  5. I have always liked rainie since her teenage meteor garden days. since then I have always been hoping she and ken zhu would do a drama together since they had such great chemistry as xi men and Xiao zou. I’ll even take a cameo in a drama where they pass each other on the street.

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