Overseas K-drama Filming Sends Goblin to Canada and Man to Man Heads to Hungary

Overseas filming looks to become part and parcel with the trend of pre-producing K-dramas, which makes practical sense since there is plenty of time to plan the more technically challenging filming and to ship everyone out. Two upcoming cable network K-dramas just announced an overseas shoot scheduled for the coming months. tvN is sending the leads of Goblin to Canada for an overseas shoot, so Canadian fans of Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, and Yoo In Na should keep tabs and maybe the cast will land in your city. Goblin is the fantasy romance of a goblin who wants to shed his immortality and needs a human bride, and he ends up cohabiting with a grim reaper. Canada may not be as exotic for screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, who sent the cast of her last drama Descendants of the Sun to Greece for a month to stand it for the fictional war-torn Eastern European country of Urk, but there is certainly tons of beautiful scenery to make use of when Goblin lands in Canada in in early October.

The other cable network drama Man to Man airing on jTBC will be sending leads Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong to Hungary in early November for overseas shoot, and joining them will be just announced female lead Kim Min Jung. Earlier announced female lead Chae Jung Ahn is second female lead which doesn’t bother me as both ladies are excellent actresses and this drama sounds male lead-centric anyways. Plenty of K-dramas have filmed in Hungary from IRIS to Dr. Stranger so Man to Man will be capturing the old world visuals for it’s story of a bodyguard protecting a top star.


Overseas K-drama Filming Sends Goblin to Canada and Man to Man Heads to Hungary — 12 Comments

    • Not really, ALOT of movies are filmed in Toronto in particular. I immediately assumed that’s where they will be filming since it would be easier to get approval for filming locations and to find extras.

      I’d give anything to see Gong Yoo in person 🙁 so close, yet so far *sniffs*

    • Not really. A lot of movies and television are filmed in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. My money is on Vancouver. They film “Once Upon a Time” there.

  1. I assume they will shoot in either Vancouver or Toronto. Vancouver would be beautiful if they head up to the island (Victoria) or Whistler Village!

  2. Does anyone know where they will be shooting in Canada? I live in Vancouver and would love to see if I can run into them haha!

  3. Now I wonder if oversea filming is just part of the perks offered to main casts. Production companies pick up all the tabs anyway. So why not taking a brief vacation overseas at the same time?

  4. Is there a way to find out what city in canada? cause if its Vancouver I’ll lose my friggin marbles lol….OMG a chance to see Gong Yoo?

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