Taiwanese Star Gui Gui Debuts in K-pop and Reunites with We Got Married Hubby Taecyeon

It’s a big step forward for Taiwanese singer-actress Gui Gui (real name Wu Ying Jie) as she made her debut stage in Korea after signing with mega entertainment behemoth CJ E&M earlier this year. Gui Gui has been cloistered in Korea for months of intense training in language, singing, and dancing, and recently emerged for her debut sporting a short light brown/orange hued hairstyle with Korean preferred makeup and outfits. Gui Gui performed her first single “Sugar Rush” on M Countdown this week and ran into her Taecyeon oppa, making it a treat for the TaecGui couple from the first season of We Got Married: Global Edition. The timing couldn’t be better as Taecyeon was there to promote the new comeback of 2PM, giving the still adorable visual pair a chance to share the same stage. It’s a huge step for a Taiwanese entertainer to break into K-pop so best of luck to Gui Gui!


Taiwanese Star Gui Gui Debuts in K-pop and Reunites with We Got Married Hubby Taecyeon — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala and I’m surprise you take notice on her too. I’m so happy that she is taking a big step in her career. Her debuted song hit 1.0 mio in two days! It’s kinda sad that her home country peoples are not supportives and bashing her with lots of negative comments. I just don’t understand these peoples. They should be proud of her for making the first Taiwanese taking the Korean centre stage. Gui Gui fighting!!

  2. I am pleasantly surprise that you have added this to your blog. She has received good support and response. It is not entirely true that her home country people are not supportive, majority of the responses are positive. As always, there is a group of people who would give negative comments. It will be interesting to see the response when she is back to Taiwan to promote her new album.

  3. I absolutely love, love, love her! 我的女神!我会永远爱你,支持你!

    I’m so happy for her and that CJ E&M is giving her a chance to realize her dream of having her own solo album and music video. I can’t wait for her full mini album GEMMA and another music video to be released! Gui Gui is a hard worker and she deserves all of her success!

  4. I just watched her debut stage. She lip synced. To be honest, it would hard for her to have breakout given her dancing being underwhelming compared with Kpop stars in general. But still wish her good luck.

    I used to be a staunch 2PM stan and love their old songs. But they’re gradually losing their unique colors and steam perhaps bcos of age? LOL…2PM, like many other older Kpop groups, has become more and more irrelevant in Kpop scenes and can’t compete with younger groups. It won’t take long to see all these senior idols go solo. Taecyeon is darn cute in that pic at the left bottom corner.

  5. Agree with Drama2016, her lip-sync is very obvious. I like her in We Got Married, but with her age now & still trying to act cute, sing & dance to idol k-pop song is a bit cringing to watch. Maybe she should try more acting roles instead? For 2pm, I think the agency is trying to cash in on their last album before Taec’s military enlistment. Going solo will happen but probably not all members can make it?… I am glad that TY is multi-talented, so I am very hopeful to see him acting more in the future.

  6. So happy for Gui Gui that she gets to realize her dream of releasing her own solo album! I think she will be promoting in Taiwan so I hope she sings live! Its understandable that she doesn’t sing live in Korea since her Korean skills are only a couple months old…

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