Jeon Ji Hyun is Casual Sporty in New Sneakers CF Campaign

No matter what mermaid drama Legend of the Blue Sea has in store, I have a feeling that leading lady Jeon Ji Hyun is going to kill it as the half woman half fish all sexy and sassy femae lead. She turned what ought to be a stereotypical self-absorbed top female star character in You From Another Star into one of the most memorable female drama roles in the last decade, complete with catch phrases and full on life style envy.

Her comeback after giving birth earlier this year is well underway despite Legend not arriving on the small screen until November, there’s been no shortage of CFs launched in the last month splashing her goddess aura all over wares to be hawked, and the latest is a simple and beautifully effective sneaker campaign Sue Comma Bonnie. The creativity is nil but Jeon Ji Hyun’s clean active elegance does wonder for showcasing sneaks.


Jeon Ji Hyun is Casual Sporty in New Sneakers CF Campaign — 4 Comments

  1. I could easily say she tops the lists of: fab, class, visual, body, height, appeal , acting and many more. She’s not even my no. 1 bias but no one can deny her.

  2. Looking forward to her drama, but can I say….yes to the sexy but perhaps not sassy. She’s done that kind of character quite a bit so I’m hoping for a bit of a mix up. Really looking forward to this drama as well as Goblin and Saimdang.

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