Puff Guo Takes On First Period Role in C-drama Shuttle Love Millennium with Wei Da Xun

I’m going to check out Shuttle Love Millennium for Puff Guo, and for all the pretty early Republic era costuming and set pieces in this just premiered new C-drama. It’s the so-called sequel to the Zheng Shuang and Jin Bo Ran hit drama Love Through a Millennium, which was the C-drama adaptation of the popular K-drama Queen In Hyun’s Man. Shuttle Love isn’t continuing the story in any way and is merely using the similar title and time-travel conceit which remains popular as a plot device and allowed by Chinese censors as long as real life historical figures are not used. Male lead Wei Da Xun plays two roles, the 1930’s character who time-travels to the present and the modern day guy who switches places with his ancestor. Puff is the leading lady of the period era while C-actress Wen Yong Shan plays the present day leading lady, both having their own romantic arc with their respective time-traveled guy. The preview looks decent enough but I’m just drooling over Puff’s white qipao train station look.

Preview for Shuttle Love Millennium:


Puff Guo Takes On First Period Role in C-drama Shuttle Love Millennium with Wei Da Xun — 7 Comments

  1. I love Puff and she looks so beautiful here! Good to see her in action again after a long break from dramas/ movie and focusing only on modelling. Also good to see her at the H&M Party with her Pleasantly Surprised co-star Jasper Liu. Their friendship just warms my heart: thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com.au/2016/11/another-pleasantly-suprised-reunion.html

  2. Happy to find your article. Watching the drama on Viki where I shared your article. Hope to see you writing more about it. Thanks for your contribution and all the lovely photos.

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