Beautifully Angsty Romance in MV Preview for C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

The idea of reincarnation and even love or vengeance passing through the lives is a staple of Chinese lore, and in the upcoming fantasy C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms even gods and goddesses are not immune to keeping the threads of fate tied. The C-drama adaptation of the popular novel hits the small screens on January 30th, just in time to ride the lunar new year holiday break so expect insane ratings unless the drama is plain bad. And judging from the long preview attached to the recently released ending song MV, the production values are gorgeous and leads Yang Mi and Mark Chao are suitably heart tugging in their respective roles. I can feel the chemistry between them and look forward to understanding just how twisty their romance is that it takes three lives to get to a happy ending.

Official ending theme MV:


Beautifully Angsty Romance in MV Preview for C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms — 21 Comments

    • I second that Miss penguin. Both leads you suggested are very good looking…

      I am not excited about C-ent leads who are married in real lives. Similar with the K-net except for a few like Jun Jin Hyun and Kang Ha Neul.

  1. love this book! trailer looks so good as well. so excited. although i’m not sure where the three lives together is from. I only see two lives of the main leads as her first life is focused on the prince of underworld and her shi fu? anyone has thoughts?

      • Actually, it is 1 of Bai Qian as a human with Ye Hua, 1 as a goddess of the fox spirit, 1 when Ye Hua became a human and maybe 1 more if Ye Hua came back at the end. So them being together is three lives, while Ye Hua was a human, he did not actually have a love line with Bi Qian.

      • The 1st life when Yehau was in the egg and gathering Moyun scatter sold and he kept hearing her voice calling for her teacher to wake up. Even though she was calling her teacher, Yehau and Moyun was suppose to be twin, therefore he can hear her while in the egg. Thus in second part when he first met and he was love struck with her familiar look and voice. Third was when she Bai Qian.

      • Yes, I eas thinking of the shifu part when ye hua and shifu are twins and when ye hua was in an egg. But then I was also thinking if three lives meant the two interacted with each other and have mutual feelings between the two then that is also 3 lifetimes.

      • Yes, it could be when he did become human too. I totally forgot about hat one because even though he wait d for her she never really went back! It is so intricate and intertwine relationships.

  2. Very very excited about this! They look great!!

    Will pass on the movie version as Liu Yi fei does nothing for me and is usually bland, not to mention fitting 3 lifetimes into a mere 2 hours.

  3. I’ll probably give it a try for the story, but tbh I’ll still prefer LYF to be the drama version’s female lead.

    Oh and Ms Koala, I don’t know if you are watching this, but I’m going to have to recommend to you a recent C-drama which is so so so good! It’s called Candle in the Tomb aka 鬼吹灯之精绝古城, the quality is just as good as, if not better than, Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, and the male lead is Jin Dong who has also starred in the previous two dramas! Story-wise it stayed close to the original novel so far plus the acting and cg effects completely trumps over a certain other drama of similar subject.

    I hope you can cover a bit on this gem of a drama and let more fellow drama-lovers get to know about it. You can find it on youtube and there’s even english subs available for non-Chinese speaking audience.

    • You really should give the drama a try. It is now at 24 episodes on Youtube Croton Media HD version. I think in the next couple of episodes is when SuSu Bi Qian jumps, and everyone in China is apparently waiting for SuSu/Bai Qian to jump. Lol. Yang Mi and Mark Chao is perfect, their acting is great and they look really good. They are following the story sequentially with some bits changed from the book, but the majority of the story follows the book, with the addition of scenes from the pillow book.

  4. I hope people who were hesitant to try the drama out did give a try. I was a bit iffy with the main leads as well but now it’s the opposite! 😀 Heck, I’m even worried that I might not like Yang Yang’s version of Ye Hua! :O

    • Mark Chao flat out SLAYED Ye Hua and i dare anyone to tell me otherwise. LOL.
      He shut all the naysayers down with his acting.
      Guess it just further says one shouldn’t judge based on just casting.

  5. Definitely one of the best China dramas I have watched so far, thought nothing could be Hua Qian Gu but this one did it. I wonder how is Yang Yang going to match up to Mark Chao’s performance. Mark Chao’s acting really pulled my heartstrings. And the part where Mo Yuan woke up only to find out Bai Qian is engaged to his twin was heart-wrenching. I think I am going to die waiting for Mo Yuan’s story!! Heard its called Bodhi Fate. I hope the female lead Shao Wan is kick-ass good.

  6. this is a bit late for a comment but let me just say this is one of the best for me and Mark Chao is just too awesome for words on both Ye Hua and Sifhu! Yang Mi is as her best.

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