Kim Soo Hyun Low Key in 2016 With Thriller Movie Real Completed for Release in 2017

I can’t believe the time has come for me to want Kim Soo Hyun show up more in the media. He’s still plenty visible but the past year has seen a noticeable drop in his public appearances, pictorials, and endorsement campaigns. It’s clearly intentional as he’s still one of the most well known and popular Korean actors, but he had an amazing two year run in 2014 and 2015 riding the You From Another Star high and last year 2016 belonged to Song Joong Ki with Descendants of the Sun and then Gong Yoo‘s Goblin.

I want his career to be long lasting so low key rather than overexposure is a good thing, and I’m glad he chose differently with Producer as his YFAS followup compared to Jeon Ji Hyun doing the pale imitation of YFAS with Legend of the Blue Sea. This year he has the dark thriller movie Real coming out and hopefully a K-drama if the right one comes his way. Until then have some pictures of Kim Soo Hyun promoting menswear brand Ziozia last month in Seoul at a brand event.


Kim Soo Hyun Low Key in 2016 With Thriller Movie Real Completed for Release in 2017 — 26 Comments

  1. Errr…2016 based on GallUp, Most buzzed entertainer, Star of the Year survey cannot leave out Park Bogum. 2016 was as much Park Bogum’s as it was Song Joon Ki and Gong Yoo’s.

  2. Looking fine. hoping for a good drama. Producers really proved he can go back to his boyish charms rather than riding on his success of YAFS.

  3. It says something that despite being almost invisible last year, he’s still one of the most talked about and buzzed celebrity out there last year and today. He still wins most polls and that’s absolute endurance when so many came around recently. He knows how to handle his career, I’m mostly very impressed.

  4. I really miss him, have been a fan of him since his giant era, even my grandma is a fan of him because TMETS was airing in my country back then, I hope he comeback soon with a new drama before his military service *praying*

  5. I am quite disappointed with him. Three years after Man from star and he has just had one project Producer to show. He has been riding on the fame of Star too long, and getting lazy with acting career. Though he has to choose project carefully in order to avoid some potential failure that could affect his current popularity, one project-3 year is just unacceptable, seeing his peers like YAI with back-to-back projects, and SJK coming back to movie right after huge hit DOTTS.

    • Well, Stars was in 2013-2014 and he did a drama in 2015 and a film in 2016. I am sure this year he’ll be doing a new project.

    • well I agree. he is become lazy. each of his char he plays is not challenging enough to show his acting talent. the case that my affection towards him since Giant fade away by the time he is popular. I really hope his role in his latest movie is meaty enough.

      • IMHO, he’s one of actors around his age who keeps challenging himself to do various roles. I haven’t seen him playing villain like Yoo Ah-in though. It’s gonna be interesting (his role in thieves doesn’t count since he’s still lovable in there).

      • @Neo, he will be playing a villain or not so nice guy in his upcoming movie, Real. It took 8 months to film and took up most of 2016. For those who call him lazy, I guess we different definitions of what lazy is.

    • Aigoo this comment is so funny. This is my first time to see an actor was being called as a lazy actor for not picking up any acting project in 2 years. LOL. Maybe he just needs time to stop for a while you know. Or he’s just waiting for any project he feels he’s click on to. It’s not that strange for those who work in this industry to do that. Even Leonardo Di Caprio doesn’t show up in a movie every year.

      • Agreed lol, people have their own personality you know, there are people who does less work than the other but gives 120% for that work, and there are people who does everything all at once, it’s a human personality and their right, wtf is wrong with people calling him lazy just because he prefer taking things lesser than the others, maybe he enjoys work better that way smh

      • @nada: well he is an actor. it will make sense if we expect him to take his acting career seriously. he is not doing that. Since Giant, his other performance is not that memorable.

      • @missjb: so… what you mean is we can’t take an actor acting career seriously just because they’re not taking every roles offered to them, and be in our tv often? WHAAAT??? I thought we judge the actor acting career by the end result dear, their ‘acting’, and to be fair the guy has been shooting his movie in the second half of 2016, he’s clearly working, but whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

      • Man, only with Korean celebrities (actors or idols) do people feel entitled to see them all the time. It’s only because they are spoiled by the constant grind of Korean entertainment industry and when they don’t see them for a year (even though some are like KSH and just working on projects like movies that don’t come out immediately), they are coined lazy? Biggest LOL. I can’t even imagine what Rockyroad and Missjb would call Won Bin, tbh.
        In any case, we don’t say or expect the same for Hollywood celebrities.

      • I think perhaps they are comparing him to Chinese celebrities. C-actors have 2-3 works coming out per year, probably cos the industry is bigger.

      • Sorry dear, but your nickname is even much dumber to me. FYI, my nickname is is the name of a sweet dessert made of milk, chocolate and marshmallow. Got it?

      • Those days of him are gone! A new chapter of him is coming !! He’s coming back with his movie and drama this year?!!! I’m pretty sure you’re not as excited as I am HATER???

  6. h still very big in china. even not having drama for 2 year. he need a drama with PSH before he enlist. they both will set the drama on fire.

  7. LEO didn’t have to waste two years in the army during his younger years of actin g career.
    Wonbin has been called lazy already. No need for me to label him.

    For an actor who has both look and much potential acting chops to show, I have looked forward to seeing KSH contribute more into his career rather than his CFs or commercial events, but couldn’t help feeling upset with his acting plan this way.

  8. He doesn’t have to please each individual person, but himself. At list he doesn’t fabricate scandals to misleading fans and keep his name in the media regardless. He really handle his image well and clean, give the vibe of honesty and humbleness. No active projects out, but still popular m loved , admired, and respect by many. Clench your teeth.

    • You are right. He can last in this acting career with such a selfishness cherished by his fans. No one denies that he is not popular though hidden.

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