IU Releases Exciting Teaser for “Ending Scene” MV Featuring Kim Soo Hyun

I’m pre-obsessed with the second single to come from singer-actress IU‘s latest album release. It’s called “Ending Scene” and features guest star Kim Soo Hyun as the leading man, in what is billed as a casting coup but really just a good friend doing a sweet favor for another good friend. IU and Kim Soo Hyun have costarred in two dramas together with Dream High and Producer, both solid works but nevertheless didn’t have them end up together onscreen as OTP. Looks like this MV will satisfy the viewers who think they have incredibly potent chemistry and wished it was better utilized onscreen, myself included. It’s even better as an MV with IU’s magnetic voice crooning the words so sensually, and not needing to act out twenty episodes worth of character development to get her man.

Teaser for “Ending Scene” MV:

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IU Releases Exciting Teaser for “Ending Scene” MV Featuring Kim Soo Hyun — 5 Comments

  1. Why the f is KSH still missing in action after almost 2 years??? I want him back in more than just an MV and movie filmed last year. But I guess for now this will keep me satisfied!

  2. What happened to Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it just started airing in my country, how come it got low ratings in Korea?? when the sageuk is really good, its better than Bu Bu Jing Xin China, weh weh I dont get it!

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