Allure Korea Showcases Feminine and Fashionable Park Shin Hye

This is starting to reach all-kill status as Park Shin Hye is featured on yet another pretty pictorial, this particular one for Allure Korea but I’ve genuinely lost count now. She looks lovely from any angle so I wish this photographer had her pose in more than from the right side view. With that said, the outfits are varied, I especially love the feminine dress with long messy braid look above which makes her look like a modern day melancholy Rapunzel type. She was recently active on SNS supporting many of her former drama idol-actor colleagues from F.T. Island‘s Lee Hong Ki to attending the CNBLUE concert by Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Yong Hwa. She doesn’t have a summer K-drama to film so I hope she keeps on enjoying her free time, and updates her fans eager to follow along.


Allure Korea Showcases Feminine and Fashionable Park Shin Hye — 18 Comments

  1. Wonder if she and Lee Jong Suk are still dating or is it just a rumour?

    Think she is at a nice age to date and find happiness.

    • It has always been just a rumor apparently and in my opinion a shitty move from Dispatch.. they both denied and only stated that they are friends. You can choose to believe it or not. I personally have nothing against if they date nor I’m a shipper. I’m neutral on this, as long as people don’t spread their opinions as facts.

      It’s not like PSH hasn’t dated before, she has herself said in her past interviews that she has been dating in rivate, but she would prefer to reveal only after she’s like announcing her marriage. I understand though, why she prefers to keep her love life private; all those malicious sexually harassing comments are not worth it and she knows it because she has been in the industry for long enough to know things. The comments for example Song Hye Kyo has received, even though she has had only two public relationships, in the span of 20+ years of her acting career is absolutely appalling.. I wish things weren’t like that and celebs in Korea could just date freely without having to hide everywhere.

    • You must be a ‘fond’ of this ship but PSH has mentioned she meets all her ‘friends’ frequently. The most recent fan sightings was her and CTJ, so like she said she hasn’t got a boyfriend yet. I’m sure she is aware that observers don’t believe her. She was literally shouting it out in her HK fan meet when fans asked her.

      On another note, PSH looks gorgeous in this photo shoot but I’m biased ?

  2. I’ve never actually found her to be pretty but she does in this photo spread. Probably cos she always dresses frumpily in real life.

    • I have always thought that pictures don’t do justice to her. And she wears jeans and shirts most of the times, and red carpet fashion… well, a lot of Korean actresses (or their stylists) have no idea how to dress. Chinese red carpet fashion is so much better

      • Honestly, when i like something i tell it too. I find the 1st picture gorgeous. Why didn’t they do the cover with this photo.I’m sad ( i collect since years the covers of magazines).@ Gilgit must know that i’m not always kind wth PSH photoshoots but it’s only because she’s really beautiful when she goes for a natural concept. And it’s a compliment because to be the prettiest in jeans and shirts is not for everyone !

      • @cahill
        I agree with you, natural concept is the nicest on her. I don’t agree with all her fashion choices and I couldn’t like some of her dramas even when PSH is really nice and I find her a good actress. She is down to earth and this is why I think simple and natural style suits her. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes she looks great in femme fatale shoots too, but in this magazine issue, the first picture here is the prettiest of her.

  3. @Kimster
    It has always been a rumor apparently.. and in my opinion, what Dispatch did was incredibly shitty. They have both denied it and only stated that they’re friends. You can choose to believe or not though. I’m neither a shipper nor have I anything against it if they were dating. I’m neutral on this, as long as people don’t post rumors and opinions as facts.

    It’s not like PSH hasn’t dated before. She has herself said in her past interviews that she has dated before in private, and she would prefer to reveal it only when she is like announcing her marriage. it’s completely understandable though why she would keep that aspect of her life private, just look what kind of comments people write to for example Song Hye Kyo..
    Hope this time Koalasplayground isn’t gonna eat this comment..

    • Huh? Why Song Hye Kyo? You mean she and Song Joong Ki dating news?

      Its ok if both are single and like each other go ahead and date shouldn’t worry what people are going to comment especially in these days and age there are bound to be comments everywhere. Live and let live.

      I hope PSH finds love soon.

      • Her past relationships; on how the comments turned so nasty they basically were slutshaming her.

    • No, the slutshaming comments Song Hye Kyo has been receiving for years only because she has had two public relationships during his 20+ years of career. All those sexually harassing comments are not worth it and PSH must know it after being in this industry for years. And they are not obligated to tell fans anything. If they want to keep some things in their lives private then let it be. I wish all these celebrities happiness though.
      Also, I don’t get why in every article there has to be this conversation? If it’s related to dating then it’s ok but this article has nothing to do dating so why even bother commenting about dating? Well anyway, that’s it and hopefully PSH and SHK both comeback soon.

  4. she’s doing a lot of mag pictorial lately and so far my fav is her Vogue pictorial, i love her heiress look on that pictorial, then this one-allure mag pictorial. i saw other pics on twitter and i love all of them..she’s so pretty in that rapunzel look.
    I like her Instyle pictorial in maldives too, while i don’t like her marie claire’s pictorial that much.

  5. park shin hye is beautiful in all her recent pictorials.she has grown even more beautiful and confident over the years and i like personal fav is allure the last pic.

    psh has definitely learnt from the industry that it is never a good idea to date publicly and i agree wholeheartily with her.

  6. the topic become more about shin hye’s dating. lol. yes, her love life is interesting.She has a lot lot group of shippers, she’s been link with a lot lot of hot male celebrities, and she denied all her dating rumors.I’m interested with who she will end up with. lol. But i guess it wont happen too soon.

    She’s a lovely girl, smart, talented and bubbly plus with her lovely personality, a lot admire and adore her, somehow, with her fame and status in the industry it is difficult to date at this point.She’s doing fine if she will keep it in private.Never admit shin hye, enjoy your private life. hehe.

    btw, koala mentioned about shin hye’s support to her friends. One thing i admire about shin hye is her loyalty and how she take time to meet up with her friends and support them.

    I’m used to her public support to hongki (fti island) and jun hyung (beast/highlight), and now, happy she publicly support cnblue too, she’s been a long time friends with yong and she adore min hyuk and now she’s openly close with jong hyun too (with them attending cold play concert and same love for cats).She attended one of 2pm concert to support taecyeon too.

    she’s a sweet friend.Her recent bonding with her Doctor co-star, is so adorable too.

    • Yes.. many of her fans are really curious about her dating life lol. Many are directly commenting that if she isn’t doing drama at the moment then she should get a boyfriend instead of playing with her cats lol rude much??
      She does have many personality traits that draw people in and I guess that’s why she has so many shippers from so many ships, each of them thinking that their own ship is legit lmao.
      I agree with your comment 100% though, especially the part ’’with her fame and status in the industry it it difficult to date at this point’’. She’s got so many kiddie fans who would start to write malicious things if she started publicly dating at this point of her life. Maybe when she’s in her thirties and doing more serious and adult roles and these kiddie fans find a new obsession, she would finally be more free?? Anyways, let her date in private. Her fans/shippers can remain forever curious! Oh and when their ships sink.. I don’t even want to think how some immature people will react…

  7. She’s indeed alluring. There’s something about her aura.. the older she gets and the more different roles she plays, the better she becomes. Looking forward to her upcoming dramas and films

  8. She has gotten so pretty. And each of her pictorial is stunning yet bring out totally different vibe. I’m excited to see what she will bring into her next project

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