TW Stars Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Welcome Second Child to Join Big Sister Hathaway

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou went from maybe bachelor for life to husband and now daddy of two in what feels like breakneck pace. As long as he shares more adorable family pictures like above then it’s more cuteness for all to partake in. Jay and his model-actress wife Hannah Qiuinlivan welcomed their second child on June 21st, a baby boy to join 1 year old big sister Hawthaway. Happiness radiates from the Chou family in all the shared pictures on their SNS accounts, from their wedding to Hannah’s first pregnancy to the family’s first year with Hathaway and then Hannah’s second pregnancy, despite the big age and career gap the couple really seem content and cherish their family. Jay posted the above picture showing Hannah kisses both their babies, explaining that he had to miss the Golden Disc Awards because he was welcoming a new arrival to the family. Awwww and congrats to the family!


TW Stars Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Welcome Second Child to Join Big Sister Hathaway — 4 Comments

  1. According to Jay Chou’s friends from his wife’s church, his wife was an ideal wife candidate in his mom’s mind who’s also a Christian. Jay later converted himself to Christianity because of his then-girlfriend. Career and fame do not play any factor in their courtship and marriage. He seemed to truly fall in love with this young lady even though he had several rumored affairs with other big names before. I’ve never been his fan and thought eventually his music would be buried among the rising tide of new trends in mandopop. But dang, his recent comeback have been doing so great that his status appears unattainable by other peer pop singers in the foreseeable future.d

    Congrats to the sweet family!

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