The Doctors of MBC Drama Hospital Ship Looking Great in Beautifully Lit Character Stills

If good lighting led to a good drama then upcoming Hospital Ship is setting sail in the right direction. The first set of official drama stills are out showing lead Ha Ji Won and her four younger costars Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Seo Won, Kim In Shik, and Minah. I’ve liked Kang Min Hyuk in all his previous dramas but it’s really hard to put him on the same level as Ha Ji Won even if he’s her male lead and likely romantic interest in the drama. I’ll let his acting and the character get me over that hump once the drama starts, and he definitely is selling the plausible young actor vibe in his character stills. If this drama doesn’t work then I’ll consider it worth Ha Ji Won’s involvement so she can finally cosplay a doctor role after ten dramas and twenty movies under her belt.


The Doctors of MBC Drama Hospital Ship Looking Great in Beautifully Lit Character Stills — 12 Comments

  1. Okay but why does this production look so cheap? It’ as if they ran out of money. Maybe sponsors aren’t too excited about a acting-wise too disproportionate pair. Ha Ji Won is pretty though.

  2. I agree with your sentimwnts koala and I’ll definitely be watching to support HJW in any way I can.

    I hope the acting and writing is good and especially hope the characters are written to be believable.

  3. It might follow the same tune as I Heae Your Voice. Having a noona romance with a fellow physician is less icky than a high school teenager with an adult attorney.

    Kang Min Hyuk gives out a mature vibe here… probably the make up and hair styling. He might pass for late 20s and she can go for early to mid 30s.

    • IHYV was good if you ignore that aspect. But since you mentioned it, everyone would have screamed and shat on IHYV if the genders were reversed. If Park Soo Ha was a high school girl and Jang Hye Sung was a man with university degree and in working life. Remember when people started complaining how uncomfortable they felt when they watched Doctors because the protagonist was a high school girl and her man was almost ten years older graduate and a substitute teacher? Remember when that was the reason they dropped Doctors in the beginning yet these same people keep praising IHYV and loving that otp? That’s hypocrisy at finest… By the way, I’m talking about dramas where the leads were all adults in their late twenties and thirties, not Kim Sae Ron – Yoon Shi Yoon types of pairings.

      • i disagree like Doctors was a case where the male teacher actually had feelings for his female student while she was actually a student and did not develop feelings for her only after they met years later ( remember the first thing he asked her when they met was whether she had a boyfriend or was married). In IHYV the male lead likes the female lead one-sidedly when he is in high school (when he kisses her in the aquarium she is v. shocked like the fact that he liked her in a romantic way never occured to her.). the female lead does not show any interest in him from a romantic aspect. She only develops feelings for him a few years after he is an adult and has amnesia. DOctors was definitely 100X creepier and don’t think you can compare IHYV to it.

      • * i don’t think you can compare IHYV to it ( lol i don’t want to sound confrontational)

      • @checkers, yeah right. A female lawyer was crossing the boundaries and getting too close to a high school boy. Soo Ha might have developed feelings first, but when she saw how he was spending more time with her and even kissed her (which Hye Jung and Ji Hong never did) she should have distanced herself from him, which he initially did. But that made the viewers upset of course because they were loving that noona-donsaeng thing. Ji Hong had feelings for his student in Doctors, which is natural after all (but a taboo thing) but he did distance himself and pursued her when she was already an adult. So, hypocrisy at its finest

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Dilnaz. I do love IHYV… just trying to say that I can accept Ha Ji Won romancing KMY even though he is much younger coz I think they have the same down to earth looks…

        I didn’t watch Doctors. I am not so much into younger girl-much older man romance. Park Shin Hye is an awesome and lovely girl but I didn’t enjoy Heirs…

        Kim Sae Ron with Yoon Shi Yoon… the stations are trying so hard to make the child actors grow up faster than they should be ….

    • Checkers
      I love IHYH. About the icky thing I meant that I can accept any romance between adults. I can understand the circumstances were unique in IHYH… in fact I totally accept their age gap cos they shared so much losses and it was really lovely and unexpected that she reciprocated his feelings

  4. Snort. I am not a fan but cheap? It is on a ship. They are wearing medical coats. Plus standard outdoor shots. The stethoscopes are not the cheapest around actual hospital staff use. Army uniforms are standard.

    How in the world can someone deducec whether a set is cheap or not from that- requires a huge leap in imagination.

    And working ships paintwork ain’t like cruise ship decor. And that’s from real life experince.

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