K-actor Lee Seo Won Pleads Guilty to Sexual Harassment and Threatened Assault

It’s a proper conclusion to a K-ent scandal case for once. This week K-actor Lee Seo Won plead guilty in court to charges of sexual harassment and threatened assault of a female K-star. He faced the media outside the court and apologized for his behavior, accepted responsibility, but then said he didn’t remember what happened since he drank too much. Oh wells, can’t expect full penance but pleading guilty is the least he can do and avoids wasting taxpayer money in trial. He’s only a rising young actor, with mainly supporting roles, having gotten his big break playing the younger brother to Suzy in Uncontrollably Fond two years ago. If he hasn’t done his military service I suggest he sign up tomorrow, and if he has then good luck in navigating a comeback which we all know is going to happen. Continue reading