Drama Poster and Second Teaser for While You Were Sleeping with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok

There’s going to be lots of dreaming or narrative reality moments in upcoming SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, with a leading lady who can see the future in her dreams and needs the help of the leading man to stop tragedies from happening. Just don’t make a romantic breakthrough moment a dream feint and I’ll be happy, I hate those fan toying fakeouts. The first drama poster to drop overly emphasizes the romance between leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy, which remains to be seem how engaging the writer will craft it not to mention how successful the couple can sell the onscreen chemistry, if any. Suzy does seem pretty engaged in the latest teaser, more energized and expressive than her usual deadpan delivery and Lee Jong Seok as always is on point with whatever he’s asked to emote from goofy to sincere.

Second teaser for While You Were Sleeping:


Drama Poster and Second Teaser for While You Were Sleeping with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok — 61 Comments

  1. Posting here before that troll prettyautumn makes a bad comment about LJS. Like it is obsessed with him, every thread of his I am visiting, it has written downright horrible comments, such a pathetic person, and people don’t even reply but it is always triggered.

    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LJS! Hope you have a nice time today 😀

    • i am quite amused by prettyautumn actually. she sometimes has some very good insights and comments. please don’t call someone a troll because you are trying to become one as well… examine yourself!

      • @candycane aka prettyautumn stop this delusional nonsense show ur self somewhere outside here will give my opinion after i see u. self proclaimed u know it all

      • @bachabacha, we are not the same person. You can see it from our ip addresses. People have suspected I’m someone else (missjb) before too. I write with my username prettyautumn only. Accept that there are other people with different opinions.

      • @bachabacha – your intelligence is definitely revealed by calling me aka prettyautumn. You are so stupid. We are not at the same level. You are the delulu one! lol…

      • don’t care until u show ur faces u r just a cyber bullies existing in one body with 2 user name ?

      • @bachabacha – you are so funny and you have made so many grammatical mistakes… go back to your #%%{}]]}#%*^#{]#%€£#xyz … ???

      • off topic prettyautumn candycane @ master of english. what do u do if u encounter bullies? stay away from them u’ll get infected

      • @bachabacha – yes I agree, you should shut up immediately. And you should realize that you shouldn’t have started provoking first, stupid ?

      • don’t care ur the one rotting alive ???

        i can smell ur bitterness here enjoy ur lame life have fun commenting everywhere. adios

      • @bachabacha – why do you keep on replying? Do you have better things to say? Read all your comments again, you are the bitter one… ?

    • In before some haters come and badmouth him and her. This site seems to be full of immature pathetic people circle jerking and hating on popular, succesful celebs. Its a shame since the writer is good.people seem especially trigerred about JS here,sadly calling him disgusting names. Tells a lot about them.

      • Prettyautumn this writer has written four full length dramas so far that i know of(including this one). Three of them has LJS as a lead while two has suzy so what exactly do you mean by ‘this’ time.

      • @Amber
        This time, none of the lead actors are great. The best has been IHYV with Lee Bo Young, although the script had its faults. Dream High was a fun idol drama and Suzy wasn’t out of place there since the rest of the cast was good. Pinocchio had a winsome female lead character and very interesting hyung Yoon Kyun Sang. Page Turner had fresh faces and the best acting from Ji Soo so far. And as I’ve said before, Lee Ddochi was okay in IHYV, so I didn’t mind him. Now it’s too repetitive.

      • Prettyautumn excuse me please, but it is so absurd to describe this cast as a failure when the drama has not even been released…
        How do you know it is going to be a failure? Or can you see the future in your dreams???.
        Plesae, it is good if you can enjoy a good conversation, even if you do not all have the same opinions.
        Well all have the right to freedom of expression, but one thing is the use and another is the abuse of that freedom.
        If one always uses derogaty name to refer to another, tramples with his words the dignity of one or more people or makes comments denigrating his physical appearance, do not you think that this is abuse?

      • @Prettyautumn i agree with @vera you cant just compare this drama with other finished ones when it hasnt even started yet. And anyways whats all the fuss about if you dont like it then simply dont watch it. There are a lot of other people actually excited about this “repititive” drama so i assure you no one will miss you, dont worry over this one and enjoy other dramas.

  2. I just realised it is the international version of NATE. Well, NATE hates JS like it hates most other celebs, but after W and VIP, many of them praised him, it was a warm moment. Hope y’all see the light as well ^.^

    • Sorry I accidentally used my Dramabeans name here so next time I changed it to my koala name. I am too embarrassed to use my koala username on DB coz people make fun of koala commenters there which is fair enough since some people here are very immature.
      Not all tho.I realised later. Does it even matter? As you can see my comments are a continuation of each other. Why nitpick on such minor stuff? i even have the same DP.

      • I usually keep this name only for koala.But damned phone :/
        Now I have to find a new name for DB *sigh*

      • Totally agree with you, so many trolls and haters here for some reason. I read the comments to a similar LJS post on dramabeans and the response was so much more positive and mature compared to here and then there were quite a few who stated that they didn’t really like his looks but were won over by his acting. Visual aka beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and if one likes the looks it is a big plus in viewing experience but it is most definitely not mandatory in regards to acting. You don’t have to like his looks in order to like someone’s acting. Charisma, screen presence and ability to immerse in a role are key, but I guess some just people can’t get past the visual which says more about them than the actual actor/actress 😛

      • @Rene – why use two different names? Are you the immature one who cannot bear responsibility for your own comments? If you are embarrassed, then don’t say such comments! Call yourself “Anonymous” for goodness sake… LOLOL… you call someone immature but yet cannot stand being making fun by other commenters? What a hypocrite!! Now we all know you, it is time to change to another name… lololol… smh…

    • Dramabeans commenters are full of shit too and very delusional. They think they have better and more sophisticated taste, they think they are some film connoiseurs, when in fact their comments are super delusional. Half of the comments are how ’’lovely and swooooony’’ oppar is.

      • There are a lot of criticizers and haters in dramabeans too but the language used there is a LOT better than here so i guess they are more sophisticated

      • There is a herd mentality on Dramabeans which rather contradicts their self-proclaimed “sophistication”.

      • @prettyautumn god bless your soul for saying this. I bet 90% of DB commenters haven’t even watch any good movie outside of kdrama or some soap operas platfroms but they tend to act like acting or movie critics, but mention they go high on super silly shows like weightlifting fairy or goblin lol
        its ok to watch and enjoy fluffy shows but acting all snobby and elite is hilarious.

      • @soli, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking like this. As Sganarel pointed out, they have a serious case of herd mentality. The way I saw DB commenters gush with fangirling over Weightliftingfairy Kim Bok Joo, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Goblin etc. and then they act like they are some valid criticizers of what’s a good drama and what’s good acting. These people there also think that W is ’’incredibly’’ innovative and Jang Hyuk is some sort of acting god when I’ve seen better. The only female actresses which get no bashing are Kim Seul Gi and Park Bo Young (and they are good), but even the most mediocre oppars get many positive comments whereas an actress has to be near perfect to be called a good actress.

  3. Hmm… Still not feeling it. It looks too much like one of those season dramas like winter sonata. Maybe they should have gone for a more mysterious darker theme than sappy romance.

  4. Suzy looks cute in those glasses and tracksuit. And a b-day present for Lee Ddochi is just not saying anything negative about these (lackluster) new posters/teaser 🙂

  5. if u read comments here from candycane and prettyautumn think first before u reply, they want to talk to someone to spread their hate virus. thou shall not believe and trust people who are insulting physical appearance because in reality they r the most coward outside this cyber world.

    • Dunno, I have seen their comments from way back. At least they can see beyond whats just fed by the media. They use critical thinking than just be spoon fed. They may add some colorful comments but mostly to strike ire back from original comment poster.

      I use to follow DB too but that site is afraid to offend. Lost respect.
      They allow it though on that general open thread just no direct comment by the blogger/s.

      I’d rather see comments from crazy people than sheeple because that means they put some thought into it. Even its far out.

      • Thank you for your insightful comment here my friend! My pet peeve is reading idiots replying to my comments continuously with nonsense, like a mad dog that won’t go away… I appreciate people who can express their opinions with spunk even though I may not agree. I never intend to spread hate (btw hate is not a virus) although some stupid fools will never understand… lolol…

      • Thank you @Jae, it means a lot to me. I might sometimes go overboard, but I’d rather criticize than kiss some oppar ass like the fangirl zombies.

      • @candycane *You’re stupid. If you’re going to call someone stupid, might want to not look stupid yourself. Or, better yet, you could just not call people you don’t know names.

      • @bachabacha – you should not use the same word twice in one sentence. You can use dumb, idiotic, foolish, moronic, insane, lunatic, pea-brained, empty, hollow… get it? ?

      • I actually don’t need to work yet… are you jobless also? How can you not see your wordiness mistakes? Please don’t expose your ignorance anymore, this is embarrassing ??‍♀️

  6. I’m really liking the humor aspect. I think it is a good match for Suzy. Also, I’m looking forward to Lee Jong Suk in a more comedic role (though I’m sure he has serious parts, too). I think this one will do well. I’m certainly looking forward to it!

  7. Thanks to haters n bad media, i found out that LJS is good a person, instead of making me hate him, i like him more, my favorite actor who continues to improve n overcome his shortcomings. What a person writes is a reflection of one inner being ~ beit sweet or bitter.

    • I like his acting a LOT–he’s the best actor I know of for going deep into a character and showing his heart to the viewer. But what sealed the deal for me is his attitude. Always trying to learn, not caring about his ego, and also his ability to treat other people kindly are all standout character traits to me. I can enjoy anyone’s acting as long as it’s good. But I’ll follow someone’s career if they are able to treat other people well.

      • I loved your GLR review. I have the same feeling as you. Loved LJS in Pinocchio. And I sincerely liked the other dramas of him too. But what makes LJS bigger for me is he pleasant personality, sweet, sincere and humble.

  8. Looking forward to this drama hoping it takes me out of my kdrama slump. I agree with most commenters this site has become troll central at least with db and soompi the people are decent. In a world full of different shows and actors I can never understand people who think writing nasty comments about an actor looks will make others hate that actor. One of my favorite actors is William H Macy not that great looking but an awesome actor.

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