Wed-Thurs Dramas Majorly Slip in Ratings Due to Chuseok Holidays

This is a weird second week for SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping in that it got caught up during Chuseok, the Mid-Autumn holiday which is also known as Zhong Qiu in Chinese-speaking countries. Work gives days off and people head home, so television watching patterns are disrupted. The ratings show for that as Wednesday’s episode 5 and 6 of While You Were Sleeping got 5.1% and 6.1% ratings, a huge drop from last week’s episodes which got close to 10%. But then time slot leader Hospital Ship also got jammed up by Chuseok with its Wednesday episodes getting 5.6% and 6.6% respectively. KBS smartly decided not to premiere its new Wed-Thurs drama Mad Dog this week after Manhole crawled into infamy last week as one of the lowest rated prime time K-dramas of all time.


Wed-Thurs Dramas Majorly Slip in Ratings Due to Chuseok Holidays — 15 Comments

  1. Just curious, aren’t ratings supposed to hike up during holidays because family is free and they can watch the TV together? That’s a drastic drop…

    • actually women work a lot on chuseok to make so much food for all the family is coming, no time to watch tv! the guys then relax drinking beer and watching some sport game… ugh

      • Poor women! As if they already aren’t in charge of preparing the food every single day.
        Lilac and filmi, that makes sense.

    • Prettyautumn, Yeah women prepare food everyday. But Chuseok is different, the family usually gather together and it tiring.

      Now, go fuck yourself off being so condescending. Thanks!

      • I really think you misunderstood my words. I said that as if women already wasn’t in charge of cooking, they have to cook for the relatives too; on a holiday at that. Calm down bitch lol

  2. Mad dog will be released next week? As much as i hate the female lead but i love yoo jitae. His acting is awesome! Need to check the drama later.

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