Park Shin Hye to Make Cameo in SBS Mon-Tues Drama Temperature of Love

The somnambulant progress of SBS Mon-Tues drama Temperature of Love is about to get a much needed but likely too brief sizzle shot. Actress Park Shin Hye will be making a cameo appearance in the drama as a favor to screenwriter Ha Myung Hee after they worked on the highly rated Doctors together last year. Park Shin Hye will be rearranging her schedule for the cameo filming taking place next week, which means her scene will likely not be shown until the week thereafter.

The problem for me on Temperature is neither leads are all that interesting as characters, and frankly not terribly likable as well. Seo Hyun Jin is wound up too tight and too self-absorbed, Yang Se Jong is like a wet rag both the character and his acting, Jo Boa is just annoying and shrill, and Kim Jae Wook is the most engaging presence but can’t pull everything up to his level. This leaves Park Shin Hye’s cameo hopefully one that is worth her involvement in an interesting scene or interaction because the drama has a whole is even more boring than screenwriter Ha’s last misfire High Society which at least had two interesting second leads and their own romance.


Park Shin Hye to Make Cameo in SBS Mon-Tues Drama Temperature of Love — 46 Comments

    • Of course she has been offered, behind the scenes. She gets scripts and she reads them through, just like many on demand actors out there. A lot of the casting shenanigans happen behind the doors, and we regular people will only get to see the snippets

    • I never questioned if she gets offered. She is one of the biggest actresses of her generation and has big demand internationally too.
      My question would be if she is done with her break yet

  1. I used to enjoy reading your blog but it’s like you have an agenda..which seems to be to take the opposite position to whatever dramabeans likes…your blog has become so negative and unpleasant to read..sort yourself out…I will no longer to be coming here…

    • Just because Dramabeans been giving positive reviews on Temperature of Love while AKP not, that does not mean Mdm Koala has an agenda against DB.

      Both DB and AKP appreciates WYWS and LUTYN.

      Temperature of Love is BORINGGGGGGGGG
      And basically most dramas airing right now are boring. Nothing interesting. Period.

    • Drama beans makes very negative reviews about Hospital Ship and Koala isn’t praising the show either. Convenient of you to forget that. If you’re an anti of this blog just leave. No one will miss you here.

      • I am not an anti of anything nor have I ever felt the need to comment on a blog post but when ockoala describes the acting of the male lead as “like a wet rag” it’s frankly so ridiculous and incongruous with what any sane person can see on screen and I say that as a casual watcher of kdramas not as a yang sejong stan which I am not…it’s ok to not like certain kdramas as we all have different tastes but this feels like a hit piece and it’s just so negative and unpleasant to read…

      • @sheryl: I don’t often agree with Koala but she is allowed to have her opinion, especially on her own blog. She came around a few times before for some actors when the right project hit her. It’s just not this one for JSY

    • Koala and DB agree on plenty of dramas, but even if they didn’t, why is that a problem?

      There’s been plenty of times when I’ve seen DB go crazy over what were pretty mediocre dramas, and it’s refreshing to see Koala offer an opinion more in line with my own. And if she likes dramas DB dislikes, well I don’t see anything negative about that.

      If you disagree with Koala’s opinion on a drama, you’re free to express why. Even for shows with positive review with WYWS, there’s still plenty of people vehemently expressing their dislike in the comments section and no one stops them. You could throw a tantrum like you are now, but you’re not important enough for people to care that you’re not coming back.

  2. With or without PSH coming in for a visit … I LIKE and am still enjoying Temperature of Love.

    Different strokes for diff folks. I am also enjoying “wet-rag Yang Se-jong, while NOT ever enjoying Ha Ji-won too much in anything (esp NOT in current Hospital Ship)

    He’s portrayal is not glitzy and showy, thankfully. Low profile sincere and genuinely serious about whatever he undertakes, and WITHOUT Ego (how refreshing).

    I like how he’s portraying the character – consistent. He doesn’t send out mixed signals, nor goes overboard trying to be charming or smarmy. Somewhat disillusioned and cynical by the farce of his parents’ relationships (including mom’s current), hoping to rise above it and trying to remain unscathed by it all.

    • He’s certainly not a wet rag in terms of acting. It’s just disappointing that his acting is being targeted so harshly. And those who haven’t watched the show will be put off by how it’s described so badly.

      • It’s because he’s acting with SHJ as a lead so people will have certain standards and expectations

      • Why can’t he be targeted? All female actress who can’t act often judged pretty harshly and often people act as if that’s okayl. Why can’t we critized a male counterpart with the same cinisme? The fact is he is really really bad. Especially when he act stand next to a superior actress it’s become too apparent.

    • For me, a cameo doesn’t make or break a drama.
      I’m also one of the minority here who like TOL. It’s more slice of life with characters written in a genuine manner. However those who prefer fantasy or loud dramas may find that boring. To each his or her own.
      As I commented in an earlier post, those who were prejudiced about the casting from the start would continue to find faults, those of us with an open mind would keep watching #hatersgonnahate

      • @missjb, who is that superior actress? Seo Hyun Jin? Well, she’s good but not superior. Just typical korean actress. Sorry but I think she’s too overrated by her fans. That’s why I feel bland to watch this drama and leave it.

  3. Nice of PSH to cameo for this writer but, truthfully I don’t think it will be long enough to help this script move along much.

    • A cameo mostly is just a blink or you’ll miss it scene. The most disappointing one’s are scenes as a bank teller. So it’s quite rare for a cameo to even help the script move along. Unless one can call Kim So Hyun’s special guest appearance in WYWS as a cameo.

      • All the cameos in Doctors were at least 2 episodes long just to remind you. NGM was in 3 episodes just like KSH in WYWS. Most cameos are not blink and miss if they’ve been pre planned and written into the script with special meaning.

      • Didn’t watch Doctors so I had no idea about NGM’s 3 episode cameo. If that would be the case with PSH’s cameo, I’m all for it.

      • I don’t think PSH will have much screentime since she’s doing a cameo, not a longer guest appearance. If her appearance is longer then she should just marry kim jae wook abd save him from ToL

  4. Wow! Such harsh criticism! Are we being harsh just to sound cool? I enjoy constructive negative criticism as much as the next person. But criticism that sounds redundant just leaves me shaking my head.

  5. I dropped the drama after 2nd episode. Too old fashioned lol. Seo Hyun Jin’s acting is so similar for how many times already. And the lead guy is too stoic remind me Lee Jin Wook who is handsome but lack of acting skill.

  6. ToL has it’s charms and it really does feel like an indie romance movie which is quite refreshing for a kdrama (it reminds me of Bubblegum in that aspect) so I get why it has a loyal group of watchers. The ratings so far aren’t that surprising to me. Also, the main leads act more realistically and have down to earth conversations but unfortunately, the second leads are more “typical” kdrama characters. It’s definitely a drama that would appeal to people with particular viewing tastes but that doesn’t mean it’s a masterpiece or a trainwreck!

    For me, it’s enjoyable but it’s not a must watch which is fine and better than most dramas I’ve tried to watch this year. I say all this as someone who was not impressed by the promos with the leads. Hopefully it doesn’t lose it’s footing towards the end.

  7. Did none of you watch Duel? I think YSJ was amazing in his double role. As for TOL I am enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. I am suffering from a drama slump like many others.

    • Apparently not or they might want to reconsider their opinion about his acting skills. Yang Se Jong is one of the most promising actor of his generation with Woo Do Hwan. I’m completely astonished by the hate he’s getting on this blog. He was just amazing in ‘Duel’! Count me in for TOL, I also enjoy the drama.

      • I read an article about them in naver last week which was full of praise and netizen comments were also good. Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan were definitely seen as up and coming young actors in the media. To understand YSJ better as an actor , I recommend watching Duel.By the way , I like ToL.

      • Think Koala is probably the only site where YSJ is getting dragged for his acting?
        Certainly his acting is not on par with the beloved Suzy who is heavily promoted here, lol

    • We are talking about Yang Se Jong in TOL and why should I care about his performancces in other project? His performances in TOL it’s all that matter. And he is really bad. I don’t know maybe my standard is pretty high I just wondering why alot of people doesn’t see it?

      Maybe I will consider change my view once i see duel. But i doubt i will.

  8. I love yang se Jung acting. in my eyes he is far better than seo hyun jin and they have sizzling chemistary and I am not excited about cameo never able to see park shin hye dramas.I am glad she is not Gona stay in drama for so long.

    • Hahaha thanks for the laughs. Seo Hyun Jin with her baeksang award and critical praise and hits under her belt is laughing crying when some irrelevant fangirl thinks a newbie Yang Se Jung is even near to SHJ’s acting lol. And PSH just might raisse the ratings of your favorite Yang Se Jung’s dramas ratings so you should thank her in advance for giving your fave some visibility 🙂

      • i dont care about rating or awards i only care about how i feel about drama i am watching i enjoyed “dear my friends”, “signal”,”bad guys” without knowing their actors and actress, and dont care if you have good laugh or not.its your little mind that link everything to fangirling.

      • I won’t say he’s better than SHJ but I think he’s holding his own quite well opposite to her. May I recommend you to watch ‘Duel’ before criticizing the poor guy then (and only then) let’s discuss the matter again. As for PSH, I’m one of those who think she’s overrated (still I can appreciate some of her works).

      • @lili How is she overrated when she doesn’t have many big acting awards or praised for her acting? But her dramas sell because she is in demand whether you appreciate her work or not

    • Overrated or not is subjective. PSH works hard in her project. She keep improving, so pls give her space for further improvement. The cameo show her loyalty/good relationship with the writer. Just happy she takes it.

      • To people who think awards don’t matter, do you honestly think your fav gets casted in dramas because of their ‘amazing’ talents or because the PD was feeling charitable. No awards = No appreciation = No good drama offers. Why is that so hard to understand? Also, little to no pay if you don’t have enough awards and hit dramas under your belt.

    • Ikr? Their acting and chemistry are so great that their ratings falling behind.
      I’m glad PSH doesn’t stay long in a flopped drama where viewers don’t appreciate her either.
      She should get her own leading dramas because her fans miss her

  9. I stop watched this drama after the second episode but since my Hallyu Queen PSH will do some appearance next week I will give this drama a second chance and pick up where I left off.

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