Christian Dior Shares the Making of Song Hye Kyo’s Couture Wedding Gown

I can get so excited about fashion and dissecting it deeper beyond whether it looks good or not. That’s the intrigue about K-actress Song Hye Kyo‘s polarizing wedding gown worn last week during her star-studded wedding to now husband Song Joong Ki. It was quickly revealed to be a Christian Dior creation and the reviews were mixed, some loving the traditional conservative style that was fitted well for Song Hye Kyo’s petite frame, others finding the gown dowdy and not fashionably fascinating enough befitting this wedding of the year.

My opinion is mixed, I thought Song Hye Kyo looked beautiful in her happiness and the gown fit her very well, hence overall it worked. But the design was a bit of a letdown considering she could have pulled off much more unique styles that would be worthy of gracing the cover of Vogue. Now Christian Dior has posted a series of Instagram updates revealing the making of Song Hye Kyo’s dress which was a couture creation by Dior head designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, adapted from a black velvet couture gown from her Spring 2017 collection.


Christian Dior Shares the Making of Song Hye Kyo’s Couture Wedding Gown — 117 Comments

  1. Honestly, that wedding dress looked matronly and only accentuated the notion that Song Hye Kyo looks like an aunt next to her husband.. But as long as the bride felt comfortable in that dress then it’s fine

      • yes I felt the same. From a certain distance, the dress looked pretty. I think that was due to the silhouette of the dress. But up close, the dress looked very matronly and plain. It also didn’t help that she paired that with an updo with a middle parting, which also aged her. She still looked gorgeous, I just think she could have easily looked even more gorgeous.

      • Yes, I agree as well. The bodice at times didn’t look quite right as well. However, the bride looked radiant and that is all that matters.

      • Oh get over yourself. People are allowed to express their opinions, especially since these two are public figures. Everyone does that. Just look at any similar article and you’ll see comments either criticising or praising celebs’ dress choices. Besides, it’s not like any of our opinions matter to Mrs Song Hye Kyo anyway lol

      • Yet most don’t leave sexist tacky ageist crappy comments like yours 😉 but you are right. She doesn’t care about your hatefulness lol she’s a happy newlywed while you…. Well

      • @Funny
        ’’Sexist’’ and ’’ageist’’ are just some big ole’ buzzwords you wrote down to appear witty. Nothing in my comment was even remotely sexist or ageist. Did I say it is a bad thing that a woman is older than her man? Now as for sexist, why have I not discussed Song Joong Ki’s attire; well, this article is about *Song Hye Kyo’s* marble white Christian Dior wedding dress. And all men have that standard tuxedo, nothing worth mentioning. Is now calling someone matronly and aunty looking due to certain styling being sexist and ageist now? Again, did I say it was a bad thing? Come up with something more creative, will you? 🙂

      • She’s always had bad taste in clothing. Not surprising she choose that dress and hairstyle. Actually the original dress is not bad, but it’s made with a different fabric that flows nicely. It also looks better because the model is tall and lanky.

      • I think she looked lovely. Forgive me, I am no fashion expert but I disagree. The bride looked beautiful. She wore what suited her personality.

      • the photo posted here may have not given justice to the gown that SHK wore. If anybody noticed the flow of the piece from Dior’s atelier, one may rethink and acknowledge that the gown is actually beautiful and comfy.

        the silhouette may look traditional and way plainer than the velvet black gown but people it is a wedding dress. the material used for the gown was not even described so who are we to say that it was a very poor choice for the bride’s part? does the bride have to show more curve and skin for us fans to say that the gown is outstanding?

        can’t we just be happy that the bride is glowing with happiness? she may have just march down the aisle with her character’s/doctor’s lab gown in DoTS while he sports his special forces black suit on the same drama and voila. they’re married!

  2. The original black dress is better. Maybe it’s because the white satin doesn’t look as good as the velvet. Miranda kerr also use the same designer with different but similar style but her wedding gown looks much more elegant i think.

  3. I don’t like nitpicking a woman’s makeup, hair or dress on her wedding day. Or It’s her choice. She looked pretty as always.

  4. She is not currently, never has been and most probably will never be a fashionista. That is not her forte. This wedding dress was their choice. There is more to life than being pretty. May they be happy.

  5. thank you @lede3957 for your wise comment.

    it looks nice to me and fitted her well.knowing shk i anticipated this kind of dress and she got it free anyway as a good gesture for their long association.May God bless this lovely couple

  6. We are on the same wavelength Mizuki i like the simplicity of SHK dress she doesn’t need a fashionable wedding gown her beauty is enough for a simple yet elegant wedding dress

  7. I’ve never like ANY wedding dress. People drool over princess Diana gigantic awful dress and Kate Middleton’s boring ass dress. The only wedding dress I’ve felt okay with is Grace Kelly’s. The biggest disappointment was Beyoncé’s wedding dress, the queen B in a simple and boring dress.
    With that being said I’ve learned to appreciate the personality and love story the choice in the dress makes. Because to me all wedding dresses are just big and white.
    But SHK’s personality is obviously exhibited through her dress, just like a hipster bride might have chosen a completely different look from her. It’s the beauty in choice and the story the dress tells that makes it special and beautiful.

    The one unfortunate thought that people is to think celebrities should always be on glam mode even in a personal moment. Like the horror of Mila Kunis buying her ring from Etsy or Kira Knightly getting married in court instead of having a lavish glamorous wedding. It’s just who they are when they are home.

  8. The dress was WTH, but her hair style made it worse. She centre parted and bunned low to give such a look of middle aged woman marrying a youngster. She wanted to go for classy minimal elegant but it didnt quite work..

    Her face was puffed , I thought she is preggers. But that hair style was really bad. It made here look older than she is and she already does look her age, beautiful, in normal photo shoots of her.

  9. SHK always goes for simple style so idk why some ppl seemed so surprised by her choice lol. Love the dress tbh..I think she looked extremely pretty that day.

  10. Omg OK u guys shk have never been a fashionista simplicity have always been her style. She is still very pretty no matter what she puts on

  11. SHK has pretty face but there is no denying that there is something not quite right with her body proportion. So wrong choice of dress made her looked stocky. And @Pretty Autumn is right…she looked like an aunt standing next to her hubby. And idk why she seems to look rounder too.

  12. Aww she looked so beautiful! I mean she paid with her money and that’s obviously what she love and wanted to wear on her wedding and hubby was touched and crying during the ceremony. So that’s all that matters.

  13. All these aunt-nephew comments again smh. Jsyk, she’s over 30..what’s wrong with looking her age? If SJK doesn’t care that his wife looks older than him, why should you?

  14. Agree with pretty autumn.

    1) My FIRST impression – the dress looked MATORNLY on her.
    SHK cannot take just ANY dress (this was evident in Full House, where half her short outfits plus super platform shoes looked cropped and made her farchunkier than she is. And yet she looked great in All In, where the clothing proportions were right for her).

    2) On close ups however … the detailed bodice was very sexy, esp when unbuttoned. Overall look though – not really – it was safe, it was classic but it didn’t really suit her. She’s looked FAR better in her fashion shoots = hair and clothes.

    3) she could have taken something simple but better suited for her height – the full skirt does not do her gorgeous looks justice.

    Let just say SHK’s gorgeous face looked far more prettier and more radiant than her dress which didn’t do much to enhance her body proportions. She has looked elegant and graceful in the right dress choices/proportions (as opposed to chunky stocky in wrong ones) … and this one was NOT one of the right choices.

    Also totally nodding to AWholeNewWorld’s comments on wedding dresses. I disliked the birthday cake that was Princess Di’s dress too, but felt Kate Middleton’s fared better.

  15. The gown is matronly in a Victorian Era way and I don’t love it but its SHK and she’s literally glowing so who cares about the dress! She’s beautiful and happy and so is SJK. They will have very beautiful babies.

  16. Very, very elegant and very, very conservative wedding gown. Every single detail from her hair style to the flowers to even the groom’s boutonierre match a very specific concept (a difficult task indeed). Maybe their status in entertainment business or the idea of what a “royal” wedding should look like made the result so extravaganza-free. And if that was their main goal, then this picture is absolutely perfect.
    Wishing them love and happiness on their special day!

  17. She’s so beautiful but its true I cannot unsee that she looks older than him.but this is not her fault, it’s SJG’s baby face to blame but then again who cares. They are a happy couple and congrats to them and lets move on from this marriage already.

  18. hahaha… so funny that some of you got so hung up on the term “aunt”. I am an aunt and my two nieces are 2 & 3 years older than me, my brother is over 20 years older than me. There are lots of young aunts out there. “Aunt” is not a hateful term, again some delulus are just being too sensitive… “Matronly” is actually quite suited to describe her wedding look. I guess marrying a guy with a baby face will always gather much comments either in written words or hidden thoughts… lol…

    • These people (read: fangirls) seem to get so butthurt so easily.. at least they aren’t as bad here as they were in that Suzy baseball article, talking about her having the right to ’’reach for her dreams and that it’s wrong for others to criticize her performance because there are apparently worse actresses and because Suzy is pretty and improved* a lot*’’ lol

      *improved a lot = turned from shitty to somewhat passable (at least Suzy is better than LJS)
      And SHK is both beauty and acting-wise leaps ahead of Suzy and the likes

      • @candycane : Auntie is okay , somebody will be calling me auntie one day ; however calling someone looks like auntie to her husband is another thing; obviously You are not SHK’s fan , to SHK’s fan , she is goddess , and I’m one of her avid fans, cannot deny that because my love for her is too much that I cannot stand any comments that is rude and offensive ; and I believe so do other SHK’s fan.
        @prettyautumn: its okay to give opinions , your comments are good until you put the term :” look like auntie to her husband ” ; that’s what make the fans work up ; if someone calls you that you look like auntie to your husband one day supposedly , i would be very delighted to see how you react.
        Some of the comments here don’t like her dress either but only your comment got them
        So defensive , there is a reason for that.

      • It’s your personal problem that you think that calling someone aunty-looking is a great insult

  19. I’m a conservative type of person and i liked her dress . However i think it would have suited her better if it was a little bit shorter just like the first drawing. Also, i would have chosen another style for the veil.

  20. I like the black one but not to the wedding dress. The design should have been better than this but if SHK likes it so why not. Its just diferrent opinions of what we likes between us. No hate ppl.

  21. owh Koala, i know you never liked SHK, but to write an article about her wedding dress just for attention. i know its your blog space whatever. this lady getting hate throughout her career. from actresses fans for being in many hits drama without being talented enough and overhyped beuty. From oppa fans because she openly dated 2 co stars in 20 years in showbiz, getting hate comments in drama casting articles if she to be paired with their oppa. getting hate from shipper fans, first the SEGA fans and then chaeki shippers. why her fans become defensive if people called her like an aunt next to him, thats because those chaeki shipper who like to bring out that .these reasons is enough for her fans to be so defensive of her

    • I just feel like this article was not necessarily because she surely knew how the outcome will be just my opinion anyways her blog so her choice I guess

    • There were auntie/nephew comments from Knets even before the drama started so I don’t particularly think you’re correct on who you’re pointing your fingers at. Also, the comments criticizing SHK could be from anyone. However, it seems that some of you are still insecure when SHK gets hate, you guys automatically assume its chaeki fans. Lastly. Both SongSong and Chaeki fans are cancerous to SHK and MCW fandom especially the shippers from a certain country that went back and fourth fighting over SJK. This dumb fan war wouldn’t even have ended if SJK didn’t announce his marriage and as childish as both were, what you SongSong fans did to MCW was so non human like, I almost vomitted blood from what I read/saw on Soompi/Instagram/Twitter etc.

      • @ruth u shld. mention what chaeki fans are saying abt shk lol, they are both victim not only mcw, u are saying only mcw got bad comments,dont pretend u dont know

      • @ruth when i read those nasty comments on kyo i sometimes hated sjk,if kyo will receive those nasty comments they can have sjk,convince him to marry mcw drag him to be with her, as long as they stop dragging shk name

      • @Llyanne Here is my two cents. Both are victims however, with the explosive popularity that Dots got some Song Hye Kyo or SongSong shippers whatever fans thought they were on top of the world and could say/drag whoever song joongki previous costar was. Unfortunately moon chaewon was his first female lead and they had amazing chemistry that’s it end of the story. Although both got hate, what songsong shippers did to moon chaewon was way worst and yes Ruth is right, they didn’t know when it stop and only did when Song joongki announced the wedding. Maybe SongSong shippers should look back from the SeGa days because from what I heard, Song Hye Kyo was treated the same way Moon Chaewon is being treated right now.

      • @kissy during sega days shk and hb was in a confirm rel. while mcw sjk.wasnt, although i admit that ssc is more popular hence 1 neg. post of chaeki u’ll see tons of ssc fans will comments thats why u’r thinking that mcw got it more worse ,but for a shk fanonly 1 nasty comment still hurt just like gazillion nasty comments it is still the same,

      • Are you talking about knetz before dots airing, because I remember when casting was announced. Many were against them. But post dots I never saw any single comments against their chemistry from knetz. Infact they were voted as 2 most loved otp of last year on Naver.

      • chaeki fans didnt stop even after the wedding, saying he married her not of love coz its obligation since they said she is pregnant, he propose last jan. she shld have given birth by now,

      • That must be pre dots when she had that tax scandal after the drama there wasn’t any negative comments about them.

      • @Llyanne Exactly! MCW never dated SJK like how SHK dated HB, so why is she getting dragged and trashed so bad when she has nothing to do with him? Insecurities? Even after marriage? I’m sure both MCW and SJK’s friendship is ruined now because of these shippers and it’s mainly from the hardcore ones from Indonesia. SongSong/Chaeki are filled with noxious folks that are an embarrassment to SHK and MCW’s fandom!

      • Lol predots from widen who wanted evil shk to stay away from their opponents. After they were re the most beloved couple of the year. And the only reason mcw and her fans get shit on is because you guys won’t go away and spread hate. Literally no ss fan has ever hated on park bo young and they had more chemistry tha

      • Lol autocorrect. Weifen and oppa ? point is we aren’t the jealous one lashing out. Just go away and keep shk out of your demented mind

      • @Funny no need to mention I already know what happened. Everybody knows what u and ur rabid fans did on soompi forum and then deleted minutes later so the moderators won’t catch y’all, yeah cowards indeed lol

      • Dear @Ruth nobodys bringing mcw name here until you mentioned her name. Stop with claims that the ss fans are insecure because duh what’s there to insecure lmao. Anyways mcw fans love to play victim they have the nerve to call out shk fans to live their bias alone but in twitter & ig they are everywhere calling shk’ acting bad & old. And then if ss bashed back their precious bias they will play victim. Typical hyproctites. The reason why mcw gets hates because of her fans so stop with the blaming here. Sjk is not the only guy in the world stop lusting over someones husband so despererate.

        And yes at first there are that kind of comments from knets but after that knets love them calling ss gangster visual. And as if mcw don’t get that kind of comments from knets they call her aunty next to njy lol.
        W/c is typical from pathetic knets when it comes to noona dongsaeng pairing in kdrama.

      • @Emerald the person I’m responding to mentioned “her” fans after talking about chaeki, who else is “her” fans? I already said I’m only defending mcw u idiot, u think the world revolves around SS? Just because SJK got famous in a very short time doesn’t mean you can devalue mcw as if she’s so below him or needs him. No, not all of us are those stupid chaeki shippers or want him for our actress so stop exaggerating on here. Alright I’m done no use in replying back to a bunch of psychopaths.

      • @Funny & insecured songsong shippers like u who always have to bring MCW name up on soompi forum/comment on her photos on instagram etc even after their marriage. Maybe u and ur gang should get out of that bullying mentality also. oh yeah btw not every MCW fan is a chaeki shipper. Get that straight, I’m only here to defend MCW! There are plenty of us that have to sit through this mess because of dumb rabid shippers like u!

      • Lol where?????? I am very active on soompi and we don’t mention that woman’s name. Sjk is not close to her. There is no reason to discuss a failed past costar when a couple just got married

      • You should take your own advice and grow up @Funny. SongSong shippers are one of the most annoying and delusional shippers (even if their ship came true), aside from Yonghwa-Shinhye shippers. Never have I seen more annoying shippers in my life

      • Delusional but our couple got married?????? Does not compute. And of course we annoy you. We got what you dreamed of. ?

  22. This dress isn’t simple or conservative. It’s straight up dowdy and matronly looking. Elegant is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Conservative is Grace Kelly.

    I can’t believe Dior Couture designed this. It looks like something you could find at some vintage store specializing in 80s bridal dresses, or a grandma’s closet.

    • I agree, the dress is ugly and awkward looking when the bride is not covering the bodice with her bouquet. Grandma’s closet would definitely have nicer vintage dresses than this.

    • Agree, the dress is plain ugly. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s classic and elegant. The neckline and two flaps looks awkward, as shown in the last two pictures.

  23. I like the dress on her. She looks like a bride, because she always wear flashy white gown ( most actress are) at least she doesn’t look like she is having a photoshoot here..

  24. to ruth sorry for bringing chaeki shipper.i meant to say she always has haters.and true this article is not necessary at all.Koala is known not liking SHK anyway

  25. Song Hye Kyo is the goddess of all goddesses in Korea. Her acting is not on par with her beauty but it’s miles ahead of Suzy and the likes.

    I really like the dress on her apart from the puffy shoulders. Her middle parting goes well with the overall vintage look of the dress. Yes she looks older than SJK but so what? SJK is head over heels in love with her. That’s what matters and it’s evident in the photos.

    Shippers are annoying af but I can understand the jealousy certain fans feel towards her. They all wish their bias will have a happily everafter with a husband who adores her. Most of the top actresses in their 30’s are still single with not even a dating rumor in sight. Let alone marriage. Fans are worried their biases will never marry.The fact that some of them choose to be single has never crossed their minds? Why the hate towards SHK because she seems to have it all?

  26. @Rosie. you said it all thank you.

    i also want all the gorgeous actresses for eg. han hyo joo,im soo jung,ha ji won,soo ae,choi kang hee,bae doona,choi ji woo,gong hyo jin,han ji min,son ye jin etc. there are soo many of them to settle down and have their own kid,money and fame is not everything and i pray that it really happens to them in near future.

      • @Funny you really need to get out of the habit in thinking that every bad comment towards Song Hye Gyo is a Moon Chae Won fan. Every actor and actress has haters dear. Like what others said stop the insecurities, your beloved couple is married already so continue on with the lovely stalking and findings that you guys do on daily basis.

      • Plus I don’t think @prettyautumn is a Mcw fan or shk hater I have actually seen some comments of her praising shk beauty it just some of her comments are worded strongly.
        @funny please stop mentioning mcw and am saying this as a shk fan it just childish and bring bad name to we shk fans

  27. Her dress is fine and looks classic. Her hair might have been stylized like that since she might have also performed the Korean ceremony with the traditional Korean dress and style…
    So many commenters sounds like they are jealous of Song Hye Kyo….way to make a lady’s wedding sound so awful….
    I think she looks lovely.

  28. As a long term , a veteran fan of SHK’ , I would say guys pls don’t bring other actresses into debate and argument , that would hurt SHK even more .
    Now , she is married and happy and that’s all we care about.
    And we should feel very proud that she is so popular and so famous that attract people who constantly criticizes her look and never be her fan to comment in every topic that she is in which really endearing.
    And I think the topic owner really knows who is famous to bring foot traffic to her blogs.
    In the end , SHK finally have its all : beauty , love , fame, so its pointless to argue with people.
    Cheer SHK’ fan.

  29. My fav wedding look goes to Eric wife. She looked heavenly stunning. Shk look is my second fav. Her dress nowhere close to ugly, dowdy or matronly. Her top of the gown is ill fitted but overall look of the gown is beautiful especially from the back. She looks so elegant.

  30. Her wedding dress is a Jane Austen inspired dress.
    So simple and beautiful. It also shows that she is taken in a nice way.
    I love her choice. She looked lovely.

  31. Ahaha…can I laugh at the auntie-nephew comments….it’s so obviously came from her haters or to be precise from some actress’s fans who want their bias dating/marrying Joong Ki…believe me, they were just hiding behind the discussion about Song Hye Kyo’s dress..
    As for the dress, would be nice for me if she choose another glamorous style but being her fans, I know her fashion preference is totally different from what we saw her in her dramas and photo shoot, she is really a simple person in daily life…
    She looked gorgeous anyway, glowing and happy…that’s enough for her real fans.Furthermore, her husband look so in love with her…nothing can be compared to that. Bye haters..
    I know I sound really childish but this is as much I can do, being her fans…defending her…even with the limitation of my english writing..

  32. @Ta I agree with everything you said.
    To SHK fans, pls stop mentioning anyone irrelevant to her and to us. No matter what she does there will always be someone criticising her so it’s pointless to argue. What matters the most is she’s found a husband who’s deeply in love with her. 🙂

  33. shk fans assuming everyone on here that is bad mouthing their goddess is mcw fans lol stop it with the insecurities already lol treating sjk like he’s some holy god that everyone wants ?

  34. Btw there’s someone here who always leaves comments abt SHK despite not being a fan (She said it herself). If I dislike a person, I won’t even waste my time reading or saying anything abt him/her. She probably loves her but too shy to admit. Lol

  35. Dear candycane when r u going to moved on from your hatred against shk just because he didn’t dated ur bias.? Every shk article here ur always beefing on shk. Dear someday ur bias will meet the one for her. Just move on sis. And don’t pretend ur not her fan because ur too obvious. & @Lee nobody’s mention mcw name here until @Ruth ranted & play victim again. And geez stop with that “insecure” claim because duh what’s there to insecure.

    • STOP ACCUSING ME!!! You are stupid and you are wrong! ? I like to comment wherever I want & I won’t lie about my likes & dislikes. I do not hate SHK. I don’t have any female bias. I just like to comment, so what?

      • And seriously, I don’t care who SJK dates or marries. I only like to chat & leave comments. Obviously you are not intelligent enough to understand me that’s why you read me wrong. Stop your nonsense, you only embarrass SHK here by saying you are her fan, trying to defend her while accusing other readers of this blog. Shame on you! ??

  36. ss fan shouldn’t drag anyone not everyone who comments against shk is chaewon fan. And mcw fan should stop saying ss fans are insecure because they have no reason to be insecure.
    Those aunty nephew comments from knetz are old chapter. post drama airing i haven’t saw any single comments against their chemistry by knetz. I have seen this comments only on koala by same person or in that trash site Allkpop, and lets be real if they didn’t had any chemistry then songsng wouldn’t be this popular among kdrama viewer.

  37. Holy! talk about comments gone wrong.
    Guys stop this childish nonsense! I hope all mcw fans & shk fans will just stop it stop accusing each other! So embarrassing! You guys are here while sjk & shk enjoying their honeymoon while mcw is prolly happy at home & u guys here fighting just stop smh.

  38. SHK has a lot of fans that love her so much, they’ll be anywhere to defend her from her antis…even this kind of stupid fan war over one article about her wedding dress. They shouldn’t started it first, then there is no reason for her fans to do that too.

      • Oh..I am so sorry about that..that was my sister who being a fan of Eric and got her heart break when he got married..and oh yes…she is not even a fan or anti fans of SHK…just like you..

      • Cool… explanation well taken, thanks! Good point that not all comments are from fans or anti fans of the artist. We are all readers of this blog, all are free to comment, freedom of speech until Ms Koala blocks us, so why point fingers at others while trying to defend for your bias…

  39. It’s the lace that made the dress matronly. If they didn’t tamper the structured low v-neck it would still be fine even with a different fabric. The skirt part was actually fine.

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