MBC Confirmed to Hold 2017 Year End Drama Awards with Jang Hyuk Getting Most Buzz for Daesang

Turns out there’s been a reversal in holding year end network drama awards, with MBC deciding to hold it after initially considering cancellation, and KBS wanting to hold theirs but now confirming that it will be cancelled this year. KBS hasn’t a hit in the prime time slot with only Chief Kim and Witch’s Court doing okay well, but it has dominated the weekend slots with My Golden Life, and earlier Father is Strange and Laurel Tree Tailors so if it held the drama awards all the winners would be from the weekend. As for MBC, it did better overall in the prime time slots than KBS but the talk of the Daesang for MBC is far and away Jang Hyuk for his performance in the currently airing Money Flower.

Viewers are saying it’s his best character and performance synergy since Chuno (The Slave Hunters) which netted him a Daesang. The other two names in serious contention are Choi Min Soo for The Man Who Dies to Live and Kim Sang Joong in Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People, the former having some controversy with the drama depiction of the Middle East and the latter a concern since he was not the male lead of that drama. I’m all for Jang Hyuk taking more hardware and it’ll be the renaissance of the 40 year old male actors if he wins at MBC and Ji Sung takes the Daesang at SBS.

Unfortunately the female lead dramas didn’t do well at MBC, Uhm Jung Hwa will get recognition for You’re Too Much but not seriously in contention for Daesang. And it’s telling just how disappointing Hospital Ship was that Ha Ji Won isn’t even mentioned for the Daesang despite winning a few years ago for Empress Ki.


MBC Confirmed to Hold 2017 Year End Drama Awards with Jang Hyuk Getting Most Buzz for Daesang — 26 Comments

  1. Jang Hyuk deserve every award with his performance in MF. Pretty pleaaasee. Agreed wholeheartedly that this character is his best. I’m in with 40’s actor for Daesang.

    • It would have been great if KBS was also holding end of the year entertainment awards. He also deserves KBS entertainment Daesang this year.???

      • Oh! I was waiting for you to grace this article.
        MBC’s awards are certainly absurd but this year they are not going to be fan voted. There are not strong contenders of awards this year to begin with.
        But you can’t deny JH deserves KBS entertainment Daesang. Even Cha Tae Hyun feels same way. ???

      • @Female, Jang Hyuk is one charismatic actor. And there were no other mbc dramas that were good enough to be honest so it’s probable that Jang Hyuk will get the daesang. I just don’t find him phenomenal, especially if we compare his acting to, say, Han Suk Kyu’s acting

      • I was joking about KBS entertainment awards. And I’ve already mentioned in my previous comment that there are not strong contenders.
        But comparing him to Han Suk Kyu is unreasonable.JH never worked with the decent directors who could help him polish his talent. JH’s movie career busted due to his controversy and he lost some high profile roles at that time. After that he primarily worked in the dramas and a lot of them were lackluster. His characters are generally very unlikable and he has tendency of exaggerating but still there are times when I can see how great he could become if he was given good material and direction.
        I mainly like him for his elegant attitude and easy going nature. But he has the ability of portraying complex emotions and he doesn’t lack ability of acting subtly. He has a natural charm and warm aura which was never shown on the screen. Lets not forget his physical prowess too though he is aging now. He was always directionless in his role choices but I see him as someone who has much more to offer and I think his career will last long.

      • @Female, I actually agree with your analysis on Jang Hyuk’s acting. It’s not overly biased. It’s true that he uses a lot of exaggeration but when he has to portray emotions like pain or passion, he’s actually good in those.

      • I’m not being biased at all. Since I’ve seen some of his obscure work so I know he can act the humanised characters in a natural way too. They were not great works though. Don’t you think good direction and chracterization is also necessary for an actor to shine. Exaggerated acting is also not necessarily bad thing if you can make it convincing like great actors Choi Min Shik and Song Kang Ho do time to time while Han Suk Kyu prefers subtle style which is also very affective.
        JH is not preternaturally talented but he is a very hard worker and always wants to improve. If the stops being reckless with choices and get lucky enough to get great work he will shine.

    • mbc was on strike too, in fact they are the 1 who started it 1st, and it affect even der drama dept. while kbs only der variety shows,

  2. koala,what r u random talk about? overall kbs drama is more popular than mbc.they have wide for daesang choice.n they’ll holding drama awards.

  3. Maybe MBC need the publicity.I suspect the reason is to put themselves on air to promote what they have for next year. It certainly cant be for what they had to show us this year lol.She

  4. MBC awards are ludicrous and they’ve lost their prestige a long, long time ago. I stopped taking them seriously after Suzy won an excellent actress award from Gu family Book, the same year she blew up with Architecture 101. Also, Lee Ddochi, the mediocrity, won daesang last year. Even from his speech you can see how lowly he viewed his daesang lol

      • Probably got too much backlash from k-netz, the audience because of Lee Ddochi’s winning. That’s why they needed to change the system 🙂

  5. Jang Hyuk is truly mesmerising in Money Flower. His aura is such that he makes a makjang plot look sexy and non makjang. I hope Kang Pil Joo doesn’t go too dark into makjang territory. The man just oozes charisma on screen. It is definitely his best performance since Chuno!

  6. It’s going to be Kim Sang-joong.

    KBS already confirmed that they will be holding drama awards a month ago. It wouldn’t make sense for them not to, because they are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Grand Prize. Also, KBS dramas as a whole are much more popular both ratings wise and buzz wise.

  7. I agree that he deserves the Daedang, He’s absolutely spectacular in Money Flower, I don’t even know when to start. I’ve taken screen shots of his face during scenes where he ACCURATELY conveys what his mysterious character is thinking and feeling without saying a word. I’m honestly so fascinated by him in this.

    Anyway, I’m really loving the drama, every moment is deliberate and riveting so far. The OST and directing is on point too. If it keeps up or stays close to its current quality, it’ll be one of my favorites this year. I’m so happy I finally have a crack drama after so long!

  8. Jang Hyuk is RIVETING in Money Flower. He pulls you in deeper and deeper with each episode and I agree that this is one of his best! This show has not had as much attention as some others, but it’s a must see for this year.

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