Kim So Hyun Effortlessly Essays City Chic for Marie Claire Korea January 2018 Pictorial

Korea’s cadre of amazing child drama and movie actors and actresses are a testament against the culture’s predilection for one-size-fits-all plastic surgery. All the child actresses have grown up in front of the camera with each and every looking exactly the same in features as they have aged from child to young teens and finally young adult. Growing up doesn’t mean getting a brand new face and Kim So Hyun is especially a carbon copy of her young self down to the self-aware confidence. I loved that she played second fiddle child characters and even antagonists, it helped broaden her range and she’s all the more amazing for it. Her last drama Ruler: Master of the Mask didn’t work for me as I hoped it would, I loved her way more in the previous drama Let’s Fight Ghost and her cameo turns in Goblin and While You Were Sleeping. 2018 will hopefully be a great year for her career starting off with upcoming Radio Romance, and this classy chic January pictorial for Marie Claire.


Kim So Hyun Effortlessly Essays City Chic for Marie Claire Korea January 2018 Pictorial — 32 Comments

  1. Kim So Hyun looks completely stunning. Natural good looks and pure talent. Couldn’t have said it better myself Madam Koala. This is article is gold.

  2. She’s got a mature aura espite being so young and a child actress. i know her fans want her to star in light rom-coms but I think she needs to balance between rom-coms and heavier thrillers while leaning more into thrillers and movies and maybe even indies. Dramas, especially rom-coms have little to offer to actresses and it’s like a constant battle until you age too much to get leading roles. If you got acting skills and critical acclaim to back you up, it’s going to give you more appreciation.

    • Personally I want her to do a few light rom-coms because she becomes a brighter and happier person because of it and I just love seeing her smile and laugh freely but I do like your assessment. I’m also wanting to see her do more movies because she’s really good in them and also because like you said it has more variety. I trust kim sohyun will be able to find her balance between light rom-com dramas and dark thriller movies or even dramas. I’m interested in seeing what sort of characters she’ll chose for herself in the future. She has so much talent.

    • I agree with your assessment of her, prettyautumn. She’s someone who just has a lot of gravity, and it would be a pity if the only roles available to her were simplistic, underdeveloped roles that sometimes are found in rom com dramas. (I LOVE dramas–there is so much more room for plot and character development than in a 2 hour movie. But you have to pick them carefully, all the same, so you don’t waste that opportunity.)

  3. She has a great future ahead of her.If she just stays focused like she is now, not let fame get to her head.I can see her achieving even more great things.She has the potential to be o,ne of those leading actresses who are billed first in drama and movie production. Rather than just hallyu princess to be shipped with oppas.

    I am not her die hard fan but am rooting for her.

  4. I didn’t like the teaser for her drama Radio Romance. She looks so young, I mean she looks her age and her character has to be more mature. I think she’s a good actress but she should be careful, her lack of personal experience and her shyness could turn her like Park Shin Hye, a good actress lacking in the romance part.

    It must be hard to be a child actor, to grow up in front of everyone.

    • Park Shin Hye even with the lack in her romance department is still a huge star in Korea and abroad so it’s not a bad foot step to follow. I love the teaser for her new drama it has all the things a romcom should. She does look younger but it’s only in the teaser because in the still cuts they look perfect. They also looked perfect walking side by side during KBS Drama awards. I think Kim So Hyun is going to be a long long while before she has any real romance in her life and it’s not fair for her to wait till she’s 27 to do romcom. It’s better to keep bulldozing like Park Shin Hye did and eventually find the right fit in however long it takes. I think it’s a smart move and she’s a naturally mature person so she’ll be just fine either way.

  5. She cant stay looking the same forever..its a difficult transition from being a child star to a mature actress because its like starting again and having to break into the business as a new person…a lot dont make it as competition is fearce in s.korea with young ones getting roles ..The need to establish good contacts and acting skills at an early age is crucial in order to stay relevant as well as staying young as long as possible to better your chances seems to ne the absolute norm in this highly competitive country.

    • I just love those outfits on her and she looks fabulous in them! Now I wish I could have some of them but it’s hoping for too much. Haha

  6. She looks great here. In a few years, the three Kim’s will take over the lead roles currently offered to idol actresses despite their lack of acting chops. Excited to see this new generation of lead actresses.

    • I am not as optimistic… idol “cannot-act-tress” will still be getting drama awards (ie. popularity awards), while the talented Kim’s should be focusing in movies where real actresses should be…. The only way to breakthrough the depressing K-drama world is to gain exposure in movies & gain recognition in international film industry. I wish KSH won’t stay with rom-com for too long even though I enjoy watching her, she should pick more edgy movie roles & aim higher

      • I actually don’t think KSH has much rom-com in her resume. Its mostly melos or thriller so I don’t mind if she does a few rom-coms for the first few years of her 20 and then moves to thriller or indie when she’s about 24. I enjoy watching her everything so I don’t mind eiher way.

  7. KSH is totally one hell of an actor and so pretty as well as mature to boot. I love her so much and I’m excited to see her future.

  8. Seeing this girl turning into a lady gives me hope for KDrama future. She should also work with Park Bo Gum to produce massive Asian drama hits. though her dramas alone are in demand outside of SK.

    • Would love to see her act with park bo gum right away but I want her to stay far away from him coz park bo gum is already being shipped wit a rival actress and it will cause nothing but useless fan war just like the moon that embraces the sun/I miss you era with yeo jin goo.

      • fan shipping wars are so dumb… I’d rather her acting with cool manly veteran actors like So Ji Sub (…there is no need for any romance if it’s of thriller/medical/legal themes)… being in young cutesy rom-com dramas won’t get her anywhere (just look at PSH) except rumors & headaches… hmmm…

    • It’s only a matter of when with ksh. Her dramas are already popular but she still needs that one big drama that becomes a syndrome. I don’t know if it’ll happen soon but I’m enjoying everything she’s doing till now. I’m rooting for her because of her immense talent & kindness. She’s very beautiful here.

  9. Kim Sohyun can certainly do anything and everything. She gives justice to her roles / characters. I ship her with all her leading men most especially YSH. My love and admiration for baby Sohyunnie is huge and unconditional. 2018 is another banner year for her!

  10. I love that green coat, so beautiful! Aside from that, Ksh might be my favourite child-young actress. I don’t care about her beauty, but she has amazing charisma, gravitas and of course acting talent, which are musts for successful actors/actresses, and something lots of pretty faced k-actresses lack (including some of the most famous ones).

    • My thoughts exactly. More power to Ksh for putting herself out there & doing what she loves. Don’t be bowed by the haters. Keep it up.

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