Jang Nara for Star1 Magazine and Considering Offer as Blind Female Lead in Romance K-drama

I’ve heard good things of Jang Nara‘s last year K-drama Go Back Spouses and it’s one on my marathon when I have a chunk of free time. She’s so consistent these days with drama work, doing at least one a year and picking smartly in roles that suit her age, experience, and onscreen style. She’s now been offered the leading lady role in upcoming K-drama Dog, Witch, and Me where she will play a blind character. The last blind female lead in a K-drama that I remember was Song Hye Kyo in That Winter, the Wind Blows and she did a really solid job.

But that drama was a super melodrama and this one sounds like a rom-com, as Jang Nara is an arrogant character even being blind, a Julliard trained musician who lost her sight later in life in a car accident. Her seeing eye dog is loyal and guides her everywhere, but the veterinarian male lead who raised the dog becomes hell bent on separating her and the dog. That sounds awful but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, and also sounds like a comedy of errors and loads of bickering built in. She’s considering the offer for now and looking fantastic to start of 2018 in a new Star1 sophisticated spread.


Jang Nara for Star1 Magazine and Considering Offer as Blind Female Lead in Romance K-drama — 18 Comments

  1. She’s such a great actress made me cry buckets watching Go Back Spouses. And Mom too! Go Back Spouses’s popularity in Korea only made wish they had broadcasted it in a regular time slot instead of a late night slot. The drama was a little gem and deserves more love. I was kinda disappointed when she didn’t get the Daesang…I would watch anything for her at this point

  2. Now Jang Nara is an ACTRESS. I’ve watched a bunch of her dramas. She is always able to perform to her role no need to build a role around her. Some of her dramas I didn’t enjoy but more storyline than her but for the majority of her stuff she’s enjoyable. Hope she does this one a sassy Jang Nara would be fun.

  3. Anyone who hasn’t watched Go Back Couple needs to watch it. It was the best KBS drama by far of 2017 and it was a travesty that they brushed her off with just an Excellence Award (though she herself was very happy with it lol).

    • Went a little off topic.

      Anyway, I don’t think this drama can go anywhere near the level of GBC. But with JNR we can always expect electrifying chemistry even if the story is crap. I think the only male lead she didn’t have any spark with was Shin Ha-kyun. She was fantastic with everyone else: Jang Hyuk, Choi Daniel, Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun and all the 2nd male leads as well. She even had great chemistry with Lee Jong-seok in School too.

    • I so agree, I watched it b/c of her, but then she and SoHun were so magical together, in fact the whole cast was! One of the few nowadays dramas that I did NOT want to end, unlike most that drag on needlessly now.

  4. Yes yes yes! She’s the best. Loved her in everything I have seen her in. And I love that she takes such interesting roles. She may be my favorite Korean actress.

  5. Go back couple was good not great anyway jang Nara is always competent in all her dramas,this drama sound different and exciting and I wish her all the luck if she decides to do it.

  6. JNR alsways injects sensitivity into her characters- they become alive, relatable and she always gets u in the emotional scenes. I hope her stardom goes back up and higher in 2018. GBC reminded us how how she is and how much i’ve missed her in kdramas. I’m wondering who whould be the pd and writer of this drama. A prickly snooty female who might turn out to be a defensive mechanism.. i’m interested. Not sure why i tot of Choi jin hyuk to pair up with her again. but this time he gets the gal

  7. I’d love to see Jang Na Ra being paired to Choi Daniel again. But it would give a great feeling if Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk will have a reunion drama. We all love their chemistry for they act very well and make us feel that they are a couple in real life. Anyhow, I just hope that Jang Na Ra will be paired to a decent, cute leading man and have great chemistry again.

  8. I love every drama Jang Na Ra has starred with and every leading man and second male lead she worked with except for Shin Ha Kyun at Mr. Back. Damn! They don’t have any spark at all. That’s the only drama of hers that I didn’t watch. Maybe the story is good, but their team up isn’t.
    She’s great with Choi Daniel, Jang Hyuk, Seo In Guk, Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won, Son Ho Jun, Jang Ki Yong and Choi Jin Hyuk. Hay! A reunion drama with Choi Daniel or Jang Hyuk, please.

  9. Agree with all that’s said here. Will watch her in anything. LOVED Go Back Couple, along with Because This is My First Life, these and My Father is Strange are the only kdramas that I really enjoyed recently, I started and dropped a lot of them. JNR is so talented, really like her voice too, I just love Friend. I was so lucky that my very first drama was Fated to Love You, and it stayed in my top favorite dramas of all time.

    • and have to say, her thank you when she won her Excellence KBS award has to right up there with one of the most soulful and best acceptance speech I have ever heard, if she doesn’t make you tear up hearing it, there has to be something wrong. So deserving of it…and more. I hope she finds her lucky guy this year, me, I am going against certain fans who have said many negative things about their pairing, but I wish a certain younger guy for her, I think they make a fantastic match, I hope they don’t listen to most, all I will say.

  10. What a talented actress and singer this pretty girl is. I will watch anything she does.

    She needs to follow her soul and discard negative people, God knows we all seem to have gone this route a lot lately.

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