Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Jin Pair Up Different Abilities to Solve Crime in OCN Drama Children of a Lesser God

The only dark thriller type drama I watched the entirety of last year was OCN‘s fantasy procedural Black. That was spurred by curiosity over whether Song Seung Heon improved and could hack it (he did!) but I stayed for the interesting and cool story mapped out by the screenwriter who also wrote God’s Gift: 14 Days. Interest in the leads had me checking out the teasers and preview for another OCN thriller Children of a Lesser God, not to be confused with the same name novel and Hollywood movie from decades ago. Starring Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Bin, he’s a hard headed detective and she a police officer with special vision supernatural ability, together they team up to solve crimes committed by children of the uber rich and powerful. The first set of teasers are so cool, with the two cops going to the same crime scene but using different styles and abilities to suss out the details. The drama will take over the Sat-Sun time slot in February about Bad Guys: Vile City.

Teasers for Children of a Lesser God:


Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Jin Pair Up Different Abilities to Solve Crime in OCN Drama Children of a Lesser God — 6 Comments

  1. Both Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Bin are reliable actors.

    Anyway @Ms.Koala, I would recommend “Save Me/Rescue Me”. This is my fave from last year OCN’s handful of good offerings. The young casts are stellar and the plot is so solid until the end. Totally worth my 16 hours investment.

    • @Alexa finally someone who thinks that “Save me” and all the cast was great. My fav from last year too. Please more quality dramas than dramas without substance.

  2. I think KJH is a good actor, I would love to see him in a mystery drama with YEH, not because I have any romantic aspirations for the two of them, but because they have acting chemistry and are two of Koreas’s finest actors. I wish KJH good luck. Just my opinion.

    • KJH and YEH were in Lie to Me in 2011, a rom-com… What is the chance of KJH reuniting with YEH in another drama? just wondering… When will YEH return to dramaland, anyone’s heard anything new??

  3. Being an interested viewer since 2001 Autumn Tale’s days … SSH has a special spot in my Kdrama heart.

    While his ‘acting’ has kinda been improving over the yrs, but imo he still fits Rom-Coms and action better. His range of angst has not improved much beyond the clenching of jaw + the agonized intense duo

    And fresh off the grapevine – Song Seung-heun and Crystal Liu have broken up. 🙁

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