Seo In Guk Offered Male Lead in K-drama Remake of Dark J-dorama A Million Stars Falling From the Sky

I don’t know how K-netizens are going to react to this casting but I’m all for it though nervous in a different way. K-actor Seo In Guk has been cast as the male lead for the upcoming Korean remake of J-dorama A Million Stars Falling From the Sky (Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi or also known as The Smile Has Left Your Eyes). When the drama was announced I was concerned about the really dark nature of the story but since them K-drama have unveiled a slew of dark tales such as Save Me and Black. Seo In Guk’s casting could have some grumbles from netizens upset that he got exempt from military service – he enlisted in March of 2017 last year but withdrew after an ankle injury and thereafter was fully exempt when a physical exam concluded that he had a bone and cartilage condition. With his exemption of course he should be free to resume his entertainment career and I think he’s got the warmth and edge to play the male lead in A Million Stars that Kimura Takuya left an indelible mark on in the original.


Seo In Guk Offered Male Lead in K-drama Remake of Dark J-dorama A Million Stars Falling From the Sky — 20 Comments

  1. let OCN has this series. dont let other broadcast station have it. i dont have any ounce of trust with them except for OCN. and

  2. He should keep out of the radar for these two years. Going on to do the drama will get him more hates, not that I think its his fault s that he was exempted. K-netz can be scarily nasty. While I do think OCN can handle this remake/ adaptation, its hard to do justice or match the original which is already too brilliant. And Kimutaku’s performance in it was beyond outstanding.

  3. I love me some Seo In Guk’s but for his long term career benefit, he should stay off radar for awhile. I can already see the knetz comment saying how hes fit enough to act in a drama but not enough to complete his service. :/

    • why stay off?? it is a legit medical condition. I applaud him for not falling into those silly netizen comments on the internet, which mostly comes from jealous/salty Korean males who already done their military. This group of male do not even watch dramas lol. I love SIG to death he is one of my favourite actors so bring it on!!

  4. I’m curious why didn’t they let him do office work? Getting an exemption, despite him deserving it, is going to get him hate for a very long time. He should consider running off to the film industry like Yoo Ah-in to avoid being in the limelight for the time being.

    • Working in film is still acting and still in limelight. Plus you need to get offers first, the film industry is a lot more competitive than TV.

    • Exactly. I don’t know how Korea military service work but where I lived if one is deemed unfit for physically demanding military service then he would be posted for a desk bound position or less physically demanding role like clerical/administrative job, storekeeper, vehicle driver etc..Fulfil 2 years of service then return back to civilian life. I mean if one can’t even handle those positions then how to return to active acting?

    • If im not wrong even if he was to be assigned to a desk job or something he still has to do training for 6 months or something like everyone else? I think thats the main reason not just SIG but a lot of other celebs get exempted cause their injuries are deemed serious enough that they won’t be able to do the training.

      • The basic training is 5 weeks. All they have to do is exempt the unfit from basic training and send them straight to a desk job. If they can act, they can sit at a desk and work. But who knows how the Korean military work.

      • If that’s the case then its something wrong with their system.
        So the system is churning out so much unhappiness rather than the celebs/enlistees themselves.

        Like @anotherabc stated just exempt them from the basic training and assigned them to their desk jobs or whatever less physically demanding positions.

  5. Can wait, Seo In guk I looking forward your cast. I love everything he is doing. Dont caring with people who are in hate wrapped , International fan love you more since you keep quiet we love you more and more… Happy with thing as you want to do. Let’s caring with who are love you and do your life better for your fan who love you.

  6. I think it’s a bad idea, it’s better he hiatus than appear on drama or movie, he can make a song for the soundtrack. until now I still like the song he is in use for ost king of savvy, and tomorrow with you.

  7. For his own good, he’d better do what Choi Kin Hyuk did, and stay out of the limelight until the time for his military service has passed. When CJH injured his knee and was discharged from MS, he waited until his MS period was over before taking the drama Tunnel and the public was excited to have him back. Tunnel did very well ratings wise, too. I believe Seo In Guk’s MS ‘scandal’ will blow over. It’s certainly not his fault he has a disability on his foot, but he shouldn’t give the public something else to hold against him, especially after his dating news broke out recently.

  8. I liked this J-dorama. One of my favorites dark dramas. I hope the adaptation bring justice to the original and doesnt butcher it.

    • WOW, so excited and for the longest time I wanna see a K remake of this brilliant yet dark dorama, oh yes please let OCN made it!

  9. Choi Jin Hyuk was in a similar situation too when he had to leave his army service early due to some medical situation, but he did not act in anything for two years before returning in the OCN drama “Tunnel”. I think Seo In Guk needs to do the same, coming back too early with not earn him any points with the Korean audience and may do more harm to his career if they feel he “cheated” the system in some way by getting out of army service early.

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