Kim So Hyun Heads to Pyeongchang as New Tourism Smile Ambassador for the Olympic City

Pyeongchang is the place to be in South Korea right now as the country ramps up for the 2018 Winter Olympics starting on February 8th and going for two weeks. Recent Olympic star ambassadors Jang Geun Seok and Lee Dong Wook didn’t look their best when doing promo events but newly minted Smile Ambassador for the city tourism push Kim So Hyun certainly is looking her best albeit more adorable elevator girl than talented young actress. She’s got a lot on her plate to start off the new year with new office drama Radio Romance with Yoo Doo Joon premiering at the end of the month. The drama styled her with a poufy perm messily pulled into a ponytail look but I’m glad it’s just lots of curling iron action and she still has her gorgeous healthy locks in real life.

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Kim So Hyun Heads to Pyeongchang as New Tourism Smile Ambassador for the Olympic City — 17 Comments

  1. She looks great here… no ugly thick puffy jacket & clumsy scarf 😆. A younger fresh face can hopefully help sell more tickets… I heard the tickets are not selling… lol…

  2. Pretty girl slay! Love her for her humility, kindness & of course talent. Best child turner adult actor. Olympics has chosen good.

  3. Thanks for writing an article without a subtext of hidden digs and negativity. It’s just that I’ve been used to reading that kind of write-ups, but then again maybe that’s just exclusive to young actresses you don’t really like but can’t hate publicly. Coz then you’ll be showing your “objectivity”

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