Oh Yeon Seo Sheds the Somber of Hwayugi for the Brightness of Cheese in the Trap

If I were Oh Yeon Seo I would be counting my lucky stars that the movie filmed last year happens to be premiering this week in South Korea, just in time to completely shift all discussion from Hwayugi to Cheese in the Trap. She’s in the news this week promoting the movie adaptation of the webtoon with her stepping into the role played by Kim Go Eun in the drama, opposite same leading man Park Hae Jin. I actually liked the idea of Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Seol when she was cast but the sheer disappointment of her performance in Hwayugi will take time to shake off. But even a week out it’s much clearer for me just how awful the character of Jin Seon Mi/Samjang was written, way worse than even Oh Yeon Seo’s stiff performance contributed to the failure of that role. I hope movie Cheese turns out great for the cast and delivers the clamored for proper telling of the webtoon story that fans deserve and long for. And if Oh Yeon Seo has her mojos working then Hwayugi will hopefully be just a blip on her radar.


Oh Yeon Seo Sheds the Somber of Hwayugi for the Brightness of Cheese in the Trap — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah, she’s capable of so much more. I loved her in “Come back, Ahjusshi” so she can definitely act. Her character in “A Korean Oddysey” was just abysmal. I mean I wouldn’t even have minding it if she had a proper character arc or growth but we got nada from the writers. I will be staying far away from future projects of the Hong sisters in the future after getting burnt with this drama.

  2. She’s gorgeous. ♥♥
    When ASN possessed Samjang, OYS’s acting was amazing, she litteraly killed the psycho character, and her chemistry with Seung Gi when she was tempting him was soooo hot.
    Even if her character in Hwayugi was dull and passive, I think any actress would want to be lead in a popular drama. It’s very successful and save for the olympics periods, its ratings were way more than it deserved so..

  3. First time seeing her act in Hwayugi. Very impress with her acting. This girl act with her eyes. So Samjung may not be a expressive character, but in many scenes her eyes and micro expression convey what the character is feeling.

  4. Lady, nothing was wrong with her performance just her character. You’re in the minority whining about her performance in Hwayugi, when in the majorities opinion, she was quite good judging by her upbringing and what she was to portray. The issue was the writing, not her!

    • Completely agree. It’s hard to find a k-drama scriptwriter who treats the female lead well by providing a decently written character.

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