Park Min Young is Dreamy in Peach for Marie Claire Korea May Edition

I feel like Park Min Young is back on the upswing of her career, whether it’s from changing agencies or finding her comfort zone again there is now something more substantial with her onscreen performances. Her next drama Why Secretary Kim sounds like a cute frothy workplace romance, and she gets to act opposite currently in demand male lead Park Seo Joon, not too shabby in the least. She also dropped a pretty in peach May pictorial for Marie Claire Korea that I liked for the odd color overlay that captures my eye. It’s a bit washed out yet has a nice symmetry that makes the pictures very pretty to look at.


Park Min Young is Dreamy in Peach for Marie Claire Korea May Edition — 5 Comments

  1. Pretty in peach. I’ve always had a soft spot for PMY, she’s so easily likable. I hope one of these days she’ll have a truly breakout performance so she gets her own spotlight to shine in. Fighting PMY!

  2. She is an excellent actress. I was very disappointed that Wook got all the attention for Healer, it wouldn’t have worked if PMY and the rest of the great cast, were not involved.

    I hope she hits, this next drama, out of the park.

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